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Basic Information

Vaias Magnol in her "ritual" outfit, as she appears in-game.

Full Name: Vaias Magnol
Race: Human
Class: Warlock
Height: 5' 6"
Age: 52 (appears to be in her late 20's)
Hair: Red. Fairly long and covering much of her face.
Eyes: Blue-Green.
Measurements: 44-26-40



Guild and Associations:

Physical Description

Vaias's face and expression convey that of someone who's annoyed with the world around her, but it sharply contrasts to a sultry look when she's attempting to seduce or persuade someone rather than intimidate them. Her eyes are piercing, always giving sharp angry glances to those who'd speak to her. She's extremely curvy, with a thin, toned waist, wide hips, and a very well-endowed chest that most would consider excessive or unnatural. Her manner of dress reflects this as well, often showing as much cleavage as possible in order to lure in the more easily persuaded and shallow.





No one word to describe Vaias's demeanor has ever been positive. She's spiteful, wicked, and downright evil. She'll be the first to give out insults, and let people know just how worthless she thinks they are. Well, at least she's honest...

She hates dwarves, gnomes, Kaldorei, trolls, the Forsaken, orcs, the tauren and nearly all humans that aren't the Magnol. Even among the Magnol there are exceptions. She harbors quite a bit of hatred for Ciann and a frothing psychotic rage for Milori. She does hold a bit of curious interest in (exploiting) both the Draenei and the Blood Elves.... if she could just find one she could tolerate.

Vaias's goals are unclear, as they seem to change on a whim. Hatred seems to be her only driving force, and the lack of empathy in her actions seem inhuman.

More shallow minded people often look past that... and straight at her overly-developed chest. Those would be the first to fall in her trap.


A portrait of a younger Vaias in her ritual outfit.

Originally trained as a Magnol Priestess, Vaias showed great promise in her understanding and use of the Light. Years later, her power was greatly surpassed by the young adept, Milori, and Vaias's own promise was all but shunned. Her jealousy for Milori turned to outright hatred as she found herself unable to compete with her skill. Vaias suddenly shifted her focus toward the ways of shadow hoping to find a way to gain recognition once again. Around this time, her body grew to be much more well-endowed than usual, and her personality changed drastically. Upon reaching the age of twenty-five, Vaias immediately set out to become a Magnol Warlock, and was able to pass the initiation tests with ease.

Up until a few years ago, Vaias was married to a suitor whom she had met at a party. He was a lecherous man named Thanol Mindwell, who spent many evenings in Goldshire with his friend Zylus Magnol, looking for a "stiff drink, and a soft chest". Vaias knew of these exploits, yet did nothing about them. Thanol suddenly met with an untimely disappearence, and his body was found in the depths of Fargodeep Mine. Charred nearly beyond recognition, with three of his fingers removed, it is believed that the murder was committed by brigands, looking for payment for the various debts Thanol aquired. Once the news of the murder reached Vaias, she acted calm and unfazed, as if this was not unexpected.

She arrived in Azeroth after hearing of Milori's departure, as well as looking for a rogue Magnol. Her current motives are unclear.

Ongoing Chronicles

Vaias' Arrival

Vaias' foray into Azeroth wasn't pleasant for the people she encountered. Immediately she began demanding answers to the whereabouts of Milori, and a girl named Ahri, whom she claimed was betraying the Magnol ideals. Often she picked fights with the denizens of Northshire Abbey, and Goldshire, referring to the Kaldorei she encountered as "rats" and escapees from the Darkmoon Faire. Although she was unable to locate Milori, she heard stories of a red-haired young girl giving out gifts to people she'd met, and telling them to call upon the Magnol for assistance. This stuck Vaias as odd, but useless information. It is unknown what happened after that, but some note that Ahri has not been seen since.

Disbanding the Chapter

Once Vaias got a fix onto Milori's wherabouts, she was able to be instilled into her Azerothian chapter of the House of Magnol. Vaias was appalled that Milori had allowed the membership of Kaldorei, and non-arcane members. Immediately Vaias returned to the Manor to inform the Elders. Although not wishing to upset Milori, they did believe that in order to preserve the name of the Magnol, the chapter should only include family members, or spouses of the Magnol. After a meeting with the Grand Priestess, the elders ordered the immediate explusion of all non-arcane and non-human members of Milori's chapter. Milori was crushed, but obedient to the elders order.

Vaias had won a small victory against Milori.

The Dark Reunion

Image of Vaias drawn by Chad Rocco.

A blind warlock named Roe encountered Vaias a day after meeting with Ciann. Roe was drawn to Vaias after noticing the Magnol crest, but immediately saw that she was the polar opposite of Ciann. Vaias although for outmatched by Roe's power, was not intimidated in the least, on ordered Roe around, speaking to him harshly.

Vaias spoke of performing a summoning ritual, and wanted Roe to be present. Heading into the Slaughtered Lamb, Roe watch as Vaias began to perform the ritual, but noticed that she performed one step further than what is usually required. Vaias placed three objects around the summoning circle, mumbling an incantation as she set each one down. Roe, being blind, was unable to see what was placed with his own eyes, but his imp described the objects as resembling human fingers.

Once the voidwalker was subdued, Vaias brought it back, muttered something in demonic, and then said, "So, they call you Thannos, now? It seems fitting. Did you miss me, darling?" At that time, the voidwalker gazed in horror and helplessness at Roe as it followed Vaias out of the tavern as she cackled in delight.

Roe informed Ciann of the incident later that day, but was unable to give clear details.

A New Chance for Revenge

In searching Azeroth, Vaias heard of a book that would help her gain control over her enemies. The Magnol called it the "Tsunre Nanmalic Kuntaireis" or "Tome of Controlled Thoughts." The Magnol Athenaeum gave no insight as to where it was, but Vaias was able to uncover the whereabouts of a copy... Tyr's Hand.

Vaias, was unable to head into that area, being both unfamiliar with Azeroth, as well as lacking the strength and experience to venture into such a dangerous stronghold. It would take the (possibly unintentional) assistance of another Magnol.

This is when Vaias ran into Ciann, frantically searching the Magnol Athenaeum.

Broken Deals

Once Vaias inquired as to what exactly Ciann was looking for in the Athenaeum, she used this opportunity to inform Ciann of the tome. Vaias made a deal with Ciann. As long as Ciann retrieved the tome and brought it to Vaias, Vaias would divulge the tome's location and assist Ciann with whatever information from the tome that she required. Satisfied with the result, but reluctant to her true intentions, Ciann set out to Tyr's Hand to find and retrieve this book.

When Ciann did not return that evening, Vaias knew something was amiss. She was not concerned with Ciann's safety but with the safety of the book. Once Ciann returned a few days later, Vaias confronted her and asked for the tome. Ciann admitted to giving the book to the leader of Argent Exodus, Craft Ramsay but would not explain why. Vaias was enraged by this, and immediately set out to find Craft. Ciann, however, would be dealt with later...

A Bargaining Chip

Vaias sketch by Pat Rodriguez.

A few weeks later, Vaias had found Craft in the bank of Stormwind. Craft, unable to utilize the book to fix his current problem, probably would have given the book to Vaias if she hadn't been her usual self. Craft was not one to respond to threats, and warned Vaias to not only stay away from him, but to leave Ciann alone. Vaias was not willing to comply. In the conversation Craft left a few key points slip, particularly one about Ciann taking a few notes from the book before handing it to him. Vaias was given enough information to make her next move.

A rough night of fighting in Blackrock Mountain left Ciann frustrated and tired. As she headed into her bed in the Manor, she left her journal out on her desk. Vaias saw this, and seized the opportunity to read the notes she had written. The notes pertained to a certain style of mind-control... one where an object was enchanted with a suggestion, and placed upon the victim, giving to creator of the item control of their thoughts and actions. The first step was removing the person's free will... and Vaias had the perfect practice subject. Ciann sleepily looked over at Vaias, gasped and asked "Hey, what are you doing in my-" Ciann was silenced, shortly afterward, and Vaias began her work.

Ciann did not return to the Argent Exodus guild hall, instead Craft found a note sealed with the Magnol crest. Addressed to no one in particular, the note informed the members of Argent Exodus that Ciann had been "changed", and the only way to return her to normal was to give the tome to Vaias.


The members of Argent Exodus were less than pleased with the "new Ciann" Vaias had created, and many sought ways to restore her... the biggest issue was knowing that first, they would have to go through Vaias.

Craft's attempts at threating Vaias proved unfruitful, and Vaias knew she had the upper hand. Arguments between Vaias and Craft often went nowhere. It would take the intervention of another warrior named Bratac to make any progress.

Bratac was new to the Argent Exodus, and didn't really know Ciann, but still felt it his duty to do what he can. While Vaias spent half the time threatening him, and the other half trying to seduce him, Bratac remained devoted to his personal mission. He'd spent many nights in Stormwind's Trade center speaking with Vaias, and while there was very few times any real progress was made, Vaias let a few clues slip. It was through Vaias that Bratac was able to learn more about the Magnol, and of Milori. He knew that if anyone would be able to help Ciann, he'd have to speak with her.

One night in frustration, Craft spoke with a soulless Ciann, and asked her to bring Vaias to him. After a short argument, Craft reluctantly gave the book to Vaias. Vaias handed over a crude necklace that glowed with a blue light, and instructed Craft to have Ciann wear it, warning that it wouldn't have an effect right away, and would take time. She left for the Manor cackling madly, finally receiving the one thing she needed to enter the next phase of her plan.

Missing Gems and New Hobbies

For a few months, Vaias wasn't seen around the Manor or Azeroth, and the newly recovered Ciann was beginning to suspect something was wrong. Her suspicion would come later at a Winter Veil Party thrown by Craft and Maia, where after heading back to the Manor to retrieve more snacks, Vaias arrived at the party to mock Craft. She informed him that soon everything would be complete, and insultingly thanked him for his cooperation. Vaias, after receiving several snowballs to the face, from Craft, left the area quietly once again. Ciann returned later to find that the bag of gems she was carrying as a present for Liatania were missing.

Vaias had heard of the crash of the Exodar, and finding out the Draenei brought the knowledge of making wearable enchanted trinkets and jewelry, she headed out to Azuremyst Isle. Ciann has found several people wearing items made by Vaias, but so far no ill-effects to the wearer have been discovered.

For Vaias, that would be too easy, too crude... she has much more precise plans in store.

Vaias' Minions

The Imp, Quznip

Quznip, the Desolate.

Quznip is rarely seen near Vaias, as she, like many warlocks, deem the Imp to be a lowly creature. Vaias is often seen being especially abusive to Quznip, and he seems fearful of her... a behavior quite unlike demon minions.

The Voidwalker, Thannos

Thannos, the "Beloved".

Vaias is most often seen with her Voidwalker, Thannos. Upon summoning the demon, Vaias often refers to him as "My beloved" and "Darling", often in a somewhat mocking tone. While near Vaias, the Voidwalker seems melancholy and regretful, often looking toward people nearby with a look that seems to say, "Please, help me."

The Succubus, Sarlia

Sarlia, the Mistress.

Unlike her last two minions, Sarlia seems to act of her own whim, while Vaias, who's normally harsh and demanding, seems withdrawn and submissive when the succubus is present. Sarlia, when summoned, seems to phase out of Vaias herself, and phases back into Vaias once defeated or "dismissed".

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