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The Magnol Family crest. In one way or another, this symbol is worn by all members of the Magnol family.

The Magnol Edit

The Magnol are a family and clan of magic users that hold physical beauty above all else. They believe this to be the key to true power, feeling that the "powers" (omnipresent beings that command the elements of Fire, Frost, Shadow, the Arcane and the Light) favor attractive people over all else. Obviously, for this reason, they are mostly obnoxiously vain, and deem themselves to be better than all others, both in ability and in looks.

Their credo, "Xanthe ma'gnal dol kurinsill" translates to, "Power favors the beautiful."

Magnol Mages Edit

The basic core, and the majority of the Magnol. Magnol Mages are taught from ages as low as 4 years in the basics of the Arcane arts. Magnol Mages learn to effectively use all forms of magic but have the choice of specializing in any specific element of magic once the basics are learned, and they have graduated from the Academy, achieving the rank of Acolyte. Once their studies and powers improve, they can be promoted to Arcanists. Arcanists are expected to keep order within the Manor, and oftentimes end up as professors within the Academy. Very few Magnol get promoted to the rank of Archmage as Magnol Archmages not only specialize exclusively in a certain element of magic, but are considered to be representatives of the Magnol in affairs both inside and out of the Manor. Many Magnol Archmages act as diplomats, as well as guardians of the Magnol.

One well-known Magnol Frost Archmage is Ciann Magnol. She is the youngest Magnol ever to recieve such an honor.

Magnol Priests Edit

Like Mages, Magnol Priests are taught from a very young age, some as young as 3 years old. Although they occasionally attend the Academy to learn the very basic elements of magic, they spend most of their time within the Holy Sanctuary, learning the ways of the Light. Starting off with the very essential healing spells, they later learn more advanced holy spells and finally, control over the shadow. The Magnol believe that the Light cannot exist without Darkness, and feel that a priest of true power should be able to control the power of Shadow, as well as the Light, without letting the darkness consume their minds. Magnol Priests are governed by the Magnol High Priests, who are all led by one "Grand Priest or Priestess" chosen by the Magnol Elders.

The current Magnol Grand Priestess is Milori Magnol.

Magnol Warlocks Edit

There are very few Magnol Warlocks, as they are even more reclusive than the already reclusive family is. The Magnol realize the potential of this kind of magic, but they do not approach it without the greatest of caution.

In order for any Magnol to become a warlock, they must first spend many years training as a priest in order to strengthen their affinity to the Light as well and their dominance and resistance to the shadow. They must also master the basic mage skills, as well as the more advanced lessons and skills of fire magic. No Magnol is permitted to even enter the Forbidden Sanctum without accomplishing all these tasks, as well as being no younger than the age of 25.

Magnol Warlocks only receive orders and directives from the Elders, and the Grand Priestess.

The Elder Council Edit

As the name would suggest, this is often a council of the eldest living, and most knowledgeable of the Magnol, consisting entirely of Magnol Archmages. Although it's most likely that mere seniority would appoint one to the council, the rules only state that a Magnol Archmage be extremely knowledgable and show great skill in leadership and preserving the ways of the Magnol. It is due to this fact that Ciann was appointed to the Elder Council, despite her incredibly young age. Magnol Elders are often referred to as "Elder", "Lord" or "Lady" despite lacking any true noble blood.

Malic Xanthe Edit


Liberal use of Malic Xanthe often catches many of Azeroth's citizens off guard.

Malic Xanthe (Loosely translated as "The Voice of Power") is an ancient tongue now used exclusively by the Magnol. The Magnol believe that speaking with this language greatly increases their favor among the omnipotent powers that control the flows of magic.

Little is known about the origin of this language. It seems to sound like an odd mix of a few different languages. (Mostly Common and Thalassian) Normally reserved for spell incantations and prayers, some Magnol actually speak the language more often than Common, especially when speaking around outsiders.

Oft used Malic Xanthe words and phrases Edit

  • Buruc'nara: Greetings, or Hello.
  • Tsun: Yes
  • Nian: No
  • Liat: Light, or more specifically, the Light
  • Syannxanthe: Literally, "Frost Power" but used to refer to the omnipotent power that controls Ice magic.
  • Ilorxanthe: Same as above, but pertaining to the power of Fire.
  • Xylusxanthe: Same as above, but pertaining to the power of the Arcane.
  • Xylus Xandai!: "Arcane Forces!" This phrase is usually used before incanting many arcane based spells, such as teleportation or invisibility.

Symbols of the Magnol Edit

  • Family Crest
    • A red shield bordered by two Mageroyal buds with a staff in the center. The name "Magnol" is clearly printed on a banner underneath. (See image.)
  • The Mageroyal
    • Similar to a rose while in bud form, the flower is regarded as a symbol of the Magnol for its beauty as well as it's innate magical properties.

Physical Traits Edit

  • Eternal Beauty/Youthful Looks
    • Once reaching maturity, every member of the Magnol ceases to physically age. While they are not immortal, at no time does any member of the Magnol, regardless of their actual age, look any older than a human in their mid-twenties. While the body does appear young and spry, an older Magnol will exhibit signs of old age, such as slower movement, decreased stamina, or a heavy labored tone in their voice. This is most notably seen in Elder Nios Magnol, who walks with a cane despite looking no older than 17.
  • Red Hair
    • Every member of the Magnol family has red hair. It is unknown exactly as to why this is. No matter the physical traits of a Magnol child's non-Magnol parent, the child will ALWAYS end up with red hair.

Mental Traits Edit

  • Extreme confidence
    • In time, every Magnol becomes completely full of themselves. This can be in a reserved way, where they keep rather quiet and only get vocal about their abilities when questioned, or it can be much more obvious, when some Magnol will gladly inform you how skilled they are.
  • Arrogance
    • Due to their innate power and confidence, many Magnol let this go to their heads. It's not out of the ordinary for a Magnol to speak greatly of their own power or even make others feel inferior to them. To outsiders, many of the Magnol can be downright obnoxious.
  • Vanity
    • Generally, the Magnol are obsessed with physical beauty. They are constantly concerned with their looks, style, and manner of dress. It's not unusual to see a Magnol fixing their hair, or adjusting the fit of their clothing instead of concentrating on the task at hand.

History Edit

The history of the Magnol is shrouded in mystery. Although the people of Azeroth seem to know nothing about them, and have no official records of their existence, the Magnol believe they have been around for centuries. The only known document of Magnol history is an old tome contained in the Magnol Athenaeum. Translated from Malic Xanthe, a key passage reads as follows:

"Mortality is our sole curse. Many seek its power, and fall short... but they do not approach it correctly. The essence of life is youth. Within youth is beauty. Power favors the beautiful. Those who seek perfection must first achieve physical perfection. We have achieved this, and in time, the powers will grant us everything we desire."

The tome goes on to explain that through various spells, and experiments, the founders of the Magnol family were able to obtain a look of eternal youth and beauty in their quest, but immortality remained out of reach. Many ideals that the Magnol still practice and believe in today are all found within its pages. The author of the tome is unknown.

For the most part, the Magnol stayed reclusive on their island, studying to improve their skill, and the ways of magic. Over the years they've only been known to visit the mainland in order to study it, assist the armies of Lordaeron when asked, and gather the most beautiful and skilled magic users to become suitors to further the Magnol bloodline. The Magnol fear the stagnation of their bloodline, and do not allow Magnol to court other Magnol, regardless of the distance of their actual relation.

Shortly before the fall of Dalaran, the Elder Nios Magnol warned of a great calamity that would befall the human race. In order to protect themselves, the elders of the Magnol family used their powers to hide the island from this plane of existence. The Magnol, since then, have become even more reclusive, and most everyone on Azeroth no longer knows of their existence. The Magnol, however, still believe they are well renowned legends in Azeroth.

There is rumor that Magnol who were expelled from the clan and family also wander Azeroth. Some deny their heritage, others are plainly unaware of it.

Magnol Manor Edit

The area in which the entire family and clan of the Magnol reside. Magnol Manor is located on an island formerly off the coast of Silverpine Forest. Now that the island has been shifted from this plane of existence, the island is only accessible by waypoints created by the Magnol. Finding the island without a Magnol to transport anyone there is an impossibility.

Although Magnol Manor is only technically one area of the entire island the Magnol live on, the entire area itself is referred to as Magnol Manor, or more simply, "The Manor".

Magnol Academy Edit

The largest, and most populous area of the island, Magnol Academy is a massive garish collection of buildings, mostly consisting of classrooms, the dormitories, and the library, known as the Athenaeum. Students studying in the Arcane arts start learning here as young as age four, and do not officially graduate until they've passed all tests, and challenges. The average age for a graduate is twenty-four. Oftentimes after graduation, the former students eventually return to the Academy to become professors.

The Magnol AthenaeumEdit

Withing the walls of the Academy, lies a grand library, containing all the knowledge of the Magnol. There are many rare tomes here, but one will notice that most books found in the Athenaeum contain rather biased views of Azeroth, and the ways of magic. Many students spend a lot of their freetime here.

Magnol Manor Edit

Magnol Manor itself is a large spacious mansion with numerous rooms. Many Magnol not currently enrolled in the Academy, or sworn to the Sanctuary live here. The Manor consists mostly of the Magnol Elders and Archmages.

In front of the Manor lies the courtyard, which serves as the central hub to the other areas of the island. The Santuary lies to the east, while the Academy is located due west. The courtyard contains an extravagant fountain powered by arcane and frost energies, in which a large sphere of water is held aloft, and orbited by several smaller water spheres. The spheres break apart and spray upward at timed intervals. Near the fountain are several benches and tall, thin trees. Those who have been to Outland would notice, if gazing upon the courtyard, that the layout bears an eerie resemblance to the Scryer's Tier in Shattrath City.

South of the courtyard lies a flat stone floor, surrounded by strange glowing runes and obelisks. This is the Magnol Waypoint, where all Magnol and guests traveling to the island will appear. It's the only connection to the plane of existence where Azeroth is located.

The Holy Sanctuary Edit

A large cathedral located east of the courtyard. The Sanctuary serves as a place of worship, study as well as living quarters for the Magnol Priests and Adepts in training. The area is lush and lined with flowers and trees. A vast herb and flower garden lies to the left of the Sanctuary and is often tended to by the Adepts.

The Forbidden Sanctum Edit

To the rear of the Sanctuary, lies a heavily guarded enclosure. At all times, two Magnol stand guard on either end of the doorway leading to the corridor. Within this area lies the Forbidden Sanctum, where the Magnol Warlocks study and summon various demons and dark arts. The inside of the Sanctum is unlike the dusty, decrepit crypts and cellars where most Warlocks of Azeroth dwell. The Sanctum is lined with candles, and ornate floors and walls of polished marble. A large chandelier hangs above the floor where various symbols are carved and rituals are performed. One may mistake the Sanctum as a ballroom of sorts.

Known Members of the Magnol in Azeroth Edit


Four of the Azerothian Magnol. Pictured left to right: Vaias, Ciann, Liatania, Milori. (Art by Chad Rocco)

Ciann Magnol

Falah Magnol

Felah Magnol

Liatania Cilnos Magnol

Milori Magnol

Vaias Magnol

Zylus Magnol

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