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Basic Information Edit


Liatania Cilnos Magnol, in her casual outfit.

Full Name: Liatania Cilnos Magnol
Nickname: Lia
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Height: 5' 11"
Age: 24
Hair: Red. Long, tied in a loose ponytail.
Eyes: Blue

Guild and Associations:

Physical Appearance Edit

Although, quite curvy, Lia's body is rather muscular for her size, especially her legs, arms, and abdomen. She seems particularly fond of showing off her stomach. When not wearing her armor, Lia often wears the midriff-bearing Neophyte's shirt she wore as a priestess in training, although it seems a bit too small on her. The Magnol family crest can be seen embossed onto her right bracer.

Personality Edit


Liatania as drawn by Chad Rocco.

Liatania's personality can be easily described, in few words. Bubbly. Ditzy. Cheerful. In many ways, Lia, herself, seems to be a rather simple girl... but she's not as dumb as she lets on.

To be more precise, Liatania is a bubbly, cheery, and extremely sweet girl who is constantly happy. She's always greeting strangers with a sing-song "Hi~!" and referring to people she doesn't know as "Mr. ____" or "_____ Lady". Lia loves life, and everything about it. She's also highly impressionable, easily persuaded, and very trusting. Liatania is extremely strong, and isn't really aware of just how strong she is. She occasionally has to apologize to her friends for causing them unintentional harm, often during one of her "death-grip" hugs.

However, if she ever falls in battle she becomes rage-fueled and violently attacks whatever harmed her until it has been destroyed. Once the enemy has been defeated, Liatania comes to her senses, and doesn't remember anything about what happened.

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