Arcaena Sunvolant was a member of the Magisters of Quel'Thalas, appointed Magistrix Regal who served the Kingdom in matters of foreign relations.
She was also a member of the Kirin Tor, and the Tirisgarde.

History Edit


Arcaena Sunvolant was born in Silvermoon City, Quel'Thalas to Magister Celadrion Sunvolant and Elraviel Morningsong. His father was one of the seven elf lords making up the Convocation of Silvermoon. She was raised to become a mage to one day grow up to the responsibilities to become a Magistrix of the Convocation herself. The Third War and the eventual Fall of Quel'Talas however ultimately interfered with this plan. At the point when the Scourge invaded her homeland Arcaena was spending her training in Dalaran under the supervison of Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider. Along her mentor, she too only left the city when the shocking news reached them.

The Third WarEdit

Remaining next to Kael'thas' side she returned to Quel'Talas only to see it in ruins and its people either dead or dying because of the massive destruction and facing the lack of the arcane provision of the now desecrated Sunwell - to wich energies the high elves developed a strong addiction during millennia. She has found her family seat along the Grand Promenade blighted as the Dead Scar run through it. The only thing that left standing was a tower abode at the Walk of Elders - empty and in disrepair.

Following the Scourge attack, the death of the monarch, Anasterian Sunstrider, the corruption of the Sunwell and the near-destruction of Quel'Thalas, Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider rushed home to rally the survivors. Grand magister Belo'vir Salonar had also fallen during the battle, and the prince's advisor, Rommath, was named his successor. The last remaining elven magi reunited with the prince teleported to Falconwing Square and fought their way through hordes of undead to rescue elven survivors in the wreckage of Silvermoon City. At family holding in Feth's Way which lie in ruins at the time Arcaena dicovered a cousin of hers, Olué, who hoped to flee to Stormwind where elder relatives of her supposedly would shelter her.

Arcaena volunteered to became part of Kael's company of powerful sin'dorei magisters who would traveled to serve the Alliance resistance in Lordaeron. She was at first denied asbeing inexperienced, but after reasouning that "Seemigly there is little left to defend but there is still so much to fight for." she was welcomed to join. Kael'thas' contingent was ordeded to carry impossible tasks in the resistance and the price enlisted the help of unseemly allies in order to not allow themselves to persish as intended casualty they were forced to become. They then were coming under the scrutiny of the human commander Grand Marshal Garithos. The elves were eventually sentenced to death on the grounds of treason for conspiring with the Naga within the Dungeons of Dalaran, though the imprisoned blood elves were freed by Lady Vashj.

After Prince Kael'thas joined with Vashj's new master, Illidan Stormrage, Arcaena too traveled with the prince and and his new allies into Outland, part of a contingent that included some of Quel'Thalas' most powerful individuals like Rommath. While Kael'thas sought to secure a new homeland for his people, the majority of them had remained behind on Azeroth. Under the tutelage of Illidan, Kael'thas acquired radical new methods by which to sate the elves' ever-present magical addiction -- including the siphoning of magic from external sources, including demons. Heartened by their swift recovery, most of Kael'thas' group chose to stay in Outland and further their studies. Arcaena felt adverse to the use of Fel energy to sate her magical hunger but found it nevertheless more reilable than any other source they have found so far. Rommath was sent back to Azeroth, bearing a message of hope for the blood elves still in Quel'Thalas.

Blood of the HighborneEdit

Right before the invasion of Outland began, Khadgar and Velen reached out to the naaru independently, both seeking aid against the dark forces amassing on Outland. The Army of the Light heard their pleas but the Army's battles with the Legion were costly and ceaseless, so they could not spare soldiers to protect Outland. Instead A'dal, M'uru, and O'ros volunteered to help the people of Outland and arrived with Tempest Keep.

With Outland serving as the strategic battlefront in the ongoing Burning Crusade, the Naaru used Tempest Keep to reach the shattered land. However, when the Naaru set out from their stronghold, Prince Kael'thas and his blood elves quickly raided the dimensional fortress and assumed control over it and its satellite structures. Kael'thas and his manipulates the keep’s otherworldly technologies, using them to harness the chaotic energies of the Netherstorm itself. Pieces of Tempest Keep were harvested and reused to create the manaforges.

Soon after Tempest Keep was taken the resident naaru, M'uru, was subdued. While in the presence of the light entity Arcaena "had an epiphany" that provided her with a "sense of the strands of fate". She was not the only one of  Kael'thas' magisters to receive a vision in the vicinity of the naaru. Voren'thal, perhaps one of the most potent subordinates of the prince, deserted him as he was sent to deal with A'dal in Shattrath City, and remained there, thwarting the Sunfury agenda. Appaently on the contrary, Araena seemed to support it, and offered her newfound capacity to understand how to synchronize Light energy with Arcane - not unlike the way the blood elves already mastered the use of Fel energy to sate their arcane addiction. Her eyes started to glow with a golden light on the inner rim of her pupils while some of the verdant fel-glow has vanished from it at the edges and appeared instead blue.

She accompanied the Mu'ru on the journey back home to Quel'Talas, where he was to be leeched to imbue the order of the Blood Knights with Light powers. Magister Astalor Bloodsworn and his wizards were not content with the original idea of syphoning Mu'ru of his Light, and with the help of Aracaena's insight instead learned to manipulate the naaru's energy in a more sophisticated manner.

Bc iconBurning CrusadeEdit

Arcaena was recalled to Tempest Keep to provide assistance in syynchronizing raw Nether energy the way she demonstrated with Light energy, but she seemed to lack the ability to do so, and was somewhat marginalized. After she learned that her former mentor attacked his former allies at Kirin'Var Village in Netherstorm it beacme apparent, that something's indeed got very wrong, but apparently still stood next to her prince.

Following Kael'thas's defeat at The Eye, but surviving the "mere setback" the prince and his still loyal Sunblades  attacked Silvermoon and kidnapped M'uru, thus robbing the Blood Knights of their power source. Arcaena was tasked to oversee the naaru's accomodation at Sunwell Plateau. Buy this time M'uru was sufficiently drained of his energies to enter a darkened state what deeply concerned Arcaena as her own affinity with Light energy seemed to be failing.

During the very same time, without M'uru, Lady Liadrin was forced to seek out another source of power for the Blood Knights. She spoke with A'dal in Shattrath City, asking for forgiveness for M'uru's imprisonment, and renounced her loyalties to the blood elves' twisted prince. A'dal revealed that M'uru's imprisonment was foretold by Prophet Velen of the draenei. M'uru willingly accepted his role in the events that unfolded, knowing that it would lead to the elves' redemption and lead them away from the dark fate awaiting Kael'thas and his minions, many of whom were now twisted by the Burning Legion. Arcanena too was in the know of this since she was reached out by Mu'ru at the first time they met.

As Lady Liadrin and the Blood Knights pledged to fight alongside the Shattered Sun Offensive in defeating Kael'thas and his demonic master Kil'jaeden, Sunblade Magistrix Arcaena saw the hosts of demons marching and being stationed on the Plateau and Mu'ru being copletely drained, she felt the time is right to contact the Scryers. She disclosed her own premonitions with Voren'thal and was working together closely with Dathris Sunstriker. While her duties bound her to assist the charging of the Sunwell with the Nether- and Fel ernergies imported to the Isle of Quel'Danas she secretley cooperated with the Sattered Sun Offensive orchestrating carfully balanced procastinatios to perform her Sunblade duties on shedule she inactively -yet mindfully- allowed the 'Offensive to the Isle to oppose Kael'thas' minions and the demons of the Burning Legion that arrived there in the meantime. She apparently 'went missing' during the time when adventurers assaulted Kael'thas in his Asylum, and only appeared upon Kil'jaeden's defeat in the Sunwell Plateau, stepping forth after Velen takes Mu'ru's darkened spark from were his Void antitesis, Entropius, was defeated. As the cristalline heart dissolved in to the dormant Sunwell, which is reignited by it with a blinding light Lady Liadrin stands humbled next to it, regaining her faith, and Arcaena on the balcony ragaining her resolve and sense of destiny.

After these happenings she returned to Silvermoon City where she revealed herself as a Sunblade Magistrix who betrayed her prince seemingly in the last and moment - who in turn appatently betrayed his people and his whole homeworld. After the governors of Quel'Thalas learned of her part in the events she was given pardon and even deemed to be an asset of the Kingdom. Lor'themar Theron, the Regent Lord of Quel'Thalas learning of her background as a former Mage of Kirin Tor, who unlike Grand Magister Rommath has not so deep resentment with the magocracy of which former leaders left them rot in the dungeouns of Dalaran appointed her as the Thalassian Envoy Extraordinary to Dalaran.

Magistix RegalEdit

After numerous diplomatic missions there she was appointed as Magistrix Regal of the Kindom of Quel'Thalas, which meant she received credetials to oversee the foreign relation affairs of her homeland with the special focus to unite High elf splinter populations with the Thalassian Blood elves under the blessed rays of the purified Sunwell. Her research on the related field of the ablutional dynamics of Fel-Arcane- to Arcane-Light synchretic energy in the high- and blood elves earned her considerable respect with the Kirin Tor as well.

In the Shadow of the SunEdit

When Archmage Aethas Sunreaver, member of the Council of Six of the Kirin Tor requested Lor'Themar, Halduron Brightwing, and Grand Magister Rommath to allow the blood elf mages to join the ranks of the Kirin Tor. The leaders of Quel'Thalas gave no answer to Aethas' letters. Arcaena was asked to survey and monitor how Blood elves are treated in the city of magi. She was a mage herself in training with the Kirin Tor before the Third War. She had a great and reciprocated respect for Aethas Sunreaver. Reasons were fair enough to incite plain and friendly communication. During one her inspecting missions Arcaena was shocked to learn that an undeniable amount of their Sin'dorei brethren and sisters were executed in the dungeons of Dalaran, where the Kirin Tor did nothing to intervene. This knowledge was used and referenced during the negotioations when Archmage Aethas personally travelled to see the leaders of Quel'Talass in Silvermoon City. Aethas informed them of Malygos the Spellweaver's intention to wipe out all mortal magic users, and that as such, the Kirin Tor had become the crazed Dragon Aspect's chief target. He asked for his people's aid in the matter. This proposition of the Archmage then was officially rejected.

A little later than this, Arcaena arranged a meeting with Aurora Skycaller for Lor'themar and Ranger Lord Hawkspear at Quel'Lithien Lodge to negotiate if people under his command would possibly support Quel'Talas. The negotiation ended without success as Hawkspear refused the assistance of the sin'dorei, choosing to retain his "quel'dorei ethics". Right after they returned from this misson to the Sunfury Spire, where Archmage Aethas, being still there, revealed that several high elven members of the Kirin Tor under Vereesa Windrunner share a similar attitude.

Arcaena later arranged the diplomatic travel of Sylvanas Windrunner to the Sunfury Spire with Silvermoon City's Horde Emissary of Undercity, Kristine Denny, and the Thalassian Ambassador to Undercity, Ambassador Sunsorrow. The negotiation was to enlist the Blood elf aid against the Lich King, reasoning that as members of the Horde they are obligated to commit support. Despite Lor'themar's apprehension to commit troops so soon after the battle on Quel'Danas Sylvanas were able to twist his arm enough to warrant co-operation, citing that their refusal to battle the Lich King would likely lead to further death in Quel'Thalas - and the loss of Horde support.

Wrath-Logo-SmallWrath of the Lich KingEdit

With the sin'dorei's presence in Northrend being to be realized either way, Lor'themar finally agreed to support Arcmage Aethas Sunreavers' endeavor as well. As a result Arcaena's task was to cooperate with Aethas to achieve a proper representation for the people of Quel'Thalas and the sin'dorei at large to the Kirin'Tor. Her deeds cemented also the acceptance of the Horde in to Dalaran, as the city was declared a sanctuary amid the ongoing Alliance-Horde war. Her help was vital in the casting of the staff and members of the Sunreavers which faction acted as the Horde Embassy in Dalaran. Consequenty Vereesa Windrunner and the members of her Silver Covenant were less than thankful for her efforts, yet they did nothing to oppose her directly. In Dalaran she represented the government of Quel'Thalas, the ancestral homeland of both quel'dorei and sin'dorei. As being the Ambassador at Large, she was given diplomatic immunity in her affairs. She was higly honoured by the Sunreavers, hovever she deliberatley played no part in their generally militant actions, nor was she herself part of the faction proper.

Being quite the pacifist spirit, Magistrix Arcaena volunteered for the co-organization of the Argent Tournament and in the effort of achieving the Armistice that came into effect on the tournament grounds.

Arcaena went even so far that since the reignition of the Sunwell she occasionally travelled to Theramore Isle and Stormwind City to visit the former citizens of Quel'Thalas, basically high elves to inquire if they would consider to settle back in to the recalimed and healing kingdom. These "offbeat diplomatic missions" were rarely done without attrocities - seeing a blood elf diplomat spreading "lies" in broad daylight - and her actions and words parted the quel'dorei's opinion on both her and Quel'Thalas very much, while the other races of the Alliance were plainly offended by them for the most part. Despite King Varian Wrynn of Stormwind was basically enfuriated by her presence, an unofficial "Thalassian Consulate" was set up in Stormwind City with the help of Countess Olué Erlgadin - Aracena's cousin, who after fleeing from Silvermoon in the wake of its Scourge invasion in the Third War eventually married the elderly widower, Count Erlgadin, a member of Stormwind House of Nobles much to the populace's shock then. She admitted to many that she got into the marriage for status and money, but also told that in the end she felt truly caring for her husbend - altough only too late, as he soon was laid to rest, after what Oule has spent years in earnest mourning and visited the cemetery daily. She used whatever influence she could pull together to protect the unofficial consulate which provided aid to the high elves of the city who whish to make the journey back to their old homeland and were outfitted with a one-way Portal service to Silvermoon City. Many say that Prince Anduin Wrynn may have lent a helping hand in this too, as he appeared to be less rejecting with the Magistrix Regal than the rest of the court.


As the tensions rose later between the Alliance and the Horde and consequently or additionally between the quel'dorei and sin'dorei her work became harder by the day. She named Ambassador Ardalan the most understanding diplomat to carry out her policy, but recongnized the hard work of all of her subordinates on a regular basis.

Magistrix Arcaena povided considerable social, financial and political aid to organize the Reliquary and is a firm believer of the effort that the relics of the past, especially those of high elven origin are deserving to being held in Thalassian posession once again.

Tides of WarEdit

The Mana-bomb incident in which Theramore got devastated came as a great blow to the credibility and reputation of both the Sunreavers and by association the general Thalassian embassy.

Despite apparent odds both Archmage Aethas and Magistrix Regal Arcaena supported Jaina Proudmore to be neamed as the leader of the Kirin Tor. Arcaena proclaimed to disengage all diplomatic ties with Garrosh Hellscream's administration and revoked Ambassador Dawnsinger from Orgrimmar while proposed orcish Horde emissary Cheneta to suspend attedance to the Silvermoon Court indefinetely.

Mists-Logo-SmallMists of PandariaEdit

Magistrix Regal Acaena made a short consular trip to Pandaria only to return to face with the fiasco of the Sunreavers being expelled from the Kirin Tor by Jaina Proudmore, as the Archmage learned that there were a number of Warchief Garrosh's spies among their ranks. After discovering also that certain Sunreavers helped Hellscream steal the Divine Bell by using Dalaran portals to infiltrate Darnassus, Jaina mobilized the Kirin Tor, the Alliance forces, and the the Silver Covenant to purge everyone in association with the Sunreavers and the Horde from Dalaran. Though Aethas Sunreaver claimed he knew nothing of Garrosh's scheme, Jaina nonetheless chose to incarcerate him and his Sunreavers after Aethas refused to order his people to leave the city peacefully, pronouncing that it was their city too. Those that surrendered were imprisoned in the Violet Hold while those that resisted were put to the sword, after which Jaina pledged the Kirin Tor to King Varian's war cause, effectively bringing Dalaran back into the Alliance. The purge - single handedly ordered by Jaina - brought a series of diplomatic meetings and effort between King Varian Wrynn and Lord Lor'themar Theron to an end and apparent ruin and aslo thwarted the possibility of Quel'Thalas to leave the Horde and rejoin the Alliance. Thalassian forces were mobilized to rescue Sunreavers from the retaliation at Dalaran. Archmage Aethas Sunreaver was rescued by Grand Magister Rommath himself. The purge also put an end to Dalaran's alliance with Silvermoon, which had stood for over 2,000 years.

By the time of the mobilization of the Sunreaver Onslaught, Arcaena as a "civil" mage was officially expelled from the Kirin Tor and as a "public" officeholder as her former misson as Emissary to the magocracy was terminated. The Magistrix Regal published in an official statment ditributed magically throughout Dalaran and in major faction capitals that said "It is much to Quel'Thalas' pity to realize that it is fruitless to give place to negotiations if Archmage Jaina, the greatest proponent of peace of the last century heself, has clearly lost interest in its facilitation." Following shortly the forces of Quel'Thalas and the Kirin Tor Offensive were technically at war, where on the other had having no affiliation with either the Horde or the Alliance. The blood elves got hold on numerous titanic artifacts by the end of the onsaught and those were taken under study by Thalassian magi.

By another twist of events her diplomatic arrangements and itelligence service gave a great deal of preparation for the Thalassian forces in assisting both the Darkspear Rebellion and the Siege of Orgrimmar. This is considered a statement of Quel'Thalas being opposed to Garrosh's Horde, and the Talassian army did not stop until defeating the Warchief, bringing them finally to a semi-neutral and highly unstable position amid the two great warring factions of Azeroth. Arcaena proved to maintain a network of diplomats -never before that wide and varied- all in order to respond to the delicate status quo of the state's foreign affairs.

War CrimesEdit

While Lor'themar Theron was accompanied by Halduron Brighwing to Garrosh Hellscream's trial on Pandaria, along with the other leaders of the Horde and Alliance, Arcaena - lacking a formal request to do so - decided not to attend personally. The Regent Lord took an issue with the August Celestials serving as Garrosh's sole judges, jury, and executioners, though Taran Zhu assured his friend that would not be the case. Lor'themar agreed with Vol'jin's proposition to seat Baine as Garrosh's defender, thinking him suitable for the role, though believed it was a mistake to veto Varian as their former leader's accuser. Theron and Vereesa exchanged positive courtesies during the trial, to Sylvanas' surprise. In a conversation, the regent lord and the dark lady discussed the day's outcomes; acknowledging Lor'themar's lingering resentment towards her from their past conflict, The Banshee Queen again tried to foster a "partnership" between them, to no avail.


Believing that the Kirin Tor needed the help of both the Alliance and the Horde, Khadgar called the Council of Six to vote on letting the Horde back into the city. The vote passed, and Jaina, outraged, teleported out of Dalaran. Learning of the news of Lady Poudmoore's departure Arcaena exchanged a small mental celebratory gesture with Aethas. Khadgar was left effectively in charge of the Kirin Tor. Kalecgos and Vargoth filled out the Council of Six's membership.

Magistrix Regal Arcaena, along with Grand Magister Rommath and Lady Liadrin, was present in Durotar during Vol'jin's funeral ceremony and Sylvanas Windrunner's inauguration as Warchief of the Horde.

It was largely due to Arcaena's counsel and urging that Rommath named the magistrix Esara Verrinde the Magisters' Seeker of Wisdom, a position held by an individual who travels beyond Quel'Thalas to seek out knowledge and power for the order. This appointment was a relief to both of them, as Esara was somewhat atypical for her kin and was not content to spend her days confined in Silvermoon. Rommath sent her to deal with the Empyrean Society, a group of renegade mages who have turned to fel magics. Esara is later invited to join the Tirisgarde, operating out of Dalaran.

Since the Archmage Aethas Sunsreaver's expulsion from the Kirin Tor, Arcana has sought to regain influence on the Council of Six, however some of its current members were still unwilling to overlook his own betrayal during the Divine Bell incident. Working secretly with his old friend Archmage Modera, Aethas revealed his friendship with Lyandra Sunstrider, a distant relative of King Anasterian who became obsessed with recovering the runeblade Felo'melorn following Prince Kael'thas' death. Arcaena instigated the search for the blade through the Reliquary when news of the Burning Legion's return came. Although it was initially unsuccessful, Aethas claimed to have seen visions of Lyandra in an icy land resembling Icecrown, and decided to use this opportunity to reclaim the lost blade for use against the Legion, and with it, the Sunreavers' place in the Kirin Tor. Lyandra was indeed found to wield Felo'melorn but also turned out to be an undead servant of the Lich King. The archmage did not acknowledge the creature she'd become as the friend he once knew. After an ensuing battle, Aethas returned to the Violet Citadel to present the new bearer of Felo'melorn and put his request before the new Council of Six. Archmage Khadgar led the council in a vote to decide Aethas' readmission. Ansirem Runeweaver questioned whether he would betray the Kirin Tor again, but Karlain and Modera vouched for his trustworthiness in light of his role in Felo'melorn's recovery - particularly him bequeathing it to the champion rather than one of his own Sunreavers. Ansirem conceded; Vargoth also gave his approval; and finally Kalecgos gave his support. With a unanimous vote, Aethas was welcomed back into the Kirin Tor, although not as a member of the council, only urged not to misuse this chance to make things right. Arcaena was received once again as Ambassador of the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas. Her status as member of the Kirin Tor was restored as well.

Later Grand Magister Rommath, accompanied by Lady Liadrin's Blood Knights, led his Magisters to Suramar to support The Nightfallen rebels in their attempt to seize the Burning Legion-aligned city. Rommath and Liadrin meet with Khadgar and First Arcanist Thalyssra in their outpost. Magistrix Regal Aracaena commuted the elven camps and made sure that the Thalassian arms can expect fair treatment in the event that the Kaldorei might provoke some trouble with them. Rommath stated that this alliance between the sin'dorei and their long-lost kin is a momentous occasion, and that this battle will determine the fate of all elf-kind, to wich Araena expressed her profound agreement.

After yet another betrayal to the Kirin Tor from the ranks of the Sunreavers ensued, as one of their numbers turned to the Legion, Archmage Aethas traveled to the Hall of the Guardian to seek the aid of the Tirisgarde in setting the matter right. Arcaena accompanied him in aiding the re-powering Dalaran's defensive weapon atop the Violet Citadel by syphoning the power of Kathra'natir, the dreadlord imprisoned inside the Nightborne Soulstone. Aethas, and his apprentice Ryanna became members of the Tirisgarde.

The Magistrix Regal paid a diplomatic visit  to Suramar were First Arcanist Talyssra introduced her to the ruling noble houses of the Nightborne. Aurel Astravar  expressed interest in joining on her way back with the intent of studying magecraft at Dalaran. Arcaena admitted him to the Kirin Tor and eventually both herself and Aurel became members of the Tirisgarde. She plotted to sponsor Aurelien through a rise within the Kirin Tor ranks, and had in effect taken extensive measures to have a great deal of covert influence in Council affairs.

Battle-Logo-SmallBattle for AzerothEdit

Arcaena is present in Sunfury Spire during  Lor'themar Theron's negotiations with the nightborne leaders and Alleria Windrunner. Having served extensively next to and conducting exhaustive research on the energies of the Sunvell, Arcaena provided insight on how poorly the Void is aligned with the sacred font of power. Grand Magister Rommath counselled against allowing Alleria to visit the Sunwell, suspicious of her intentions and consumption of the void, but Lor'themar overruled him. Despite Arcaena's recommendation of a slow procession in carful approch with multiple lines of security set up along the way Rommath conjures a portal directly to the heart of the Sunwell and accompanies the regent lord and his retinue of guests to its holy waters. During the pilgrimage, Alleria's presence attracts a horde of void beasts led by Nether-Prince Durzaan, who had stalked Alleria's steps and summoned forth a powerful void horror intent on corrupting the Sunwell. Rommath fought the void's agents back and added his strength to Alleria and Thalyssra's to close Durzaan's rift portal, saving the Sunwell. After the battle, Rommath attempts to have Alleria taken prisoner as a saboteur, but Lor'themar again intercedes and has her banished instead, reasoning that her presence poses a threat to the Sunwell and Quel'Thalas itself. The Magistix Regal welcomes the shal'dorei as Silvermoon's allies and members of the Horde. She expressed multiple times that she seeks to reach an accord among the elven peoples. She looks out positively even for the kaldorei whom she believes "a goodly people pushed around by questionable role models (i.e. Malfurion and Tyrande). The only exception is being the ren'dorei, whom she belives their sanity hanging by a hair and "a volatile walk of existence". She has put forward two edicts backed by the Magisters that the magical wards of Quel'Thalas should be updated to repel Void creatures - including Void-elves, and that a gateway just outside the wards, dubbed "Ban'Malanore", supposed to be established to receive travelers, traders and esentially all foreigners who are not registered sin'dorei citizens to serve as the designated location to conduct any sort of exchage - be that commercial or cultural - and would permit further entry into the Kingdom proper as a mesure of security unless a letter of hospitality is issued that warrants temporary admittance.

In the wake of the War of the Thorns the Magistrix Regal has reacted on Warchief Sylvanas' order to burn down Teldrassil as being "a very crass measure". With the Banshee Queen's intent of crushing hope, Magistrix Arcaena endeavoured to capitalize on the unmercyful act and took measures to ensure that the covert "Thalassian Consulate" inside Stormwind City conducts social engineering from what she expected both some high elves whom confidence in the Alliance might have been crushed fleeing for the safety of Quel'Thalas and circulating rumors and warnings to deter them from seeking out contact with Void-elves and epecially from venturing to the Telogrus Rift.

Just before the ensuing Battle for Lodaeron the Magistrix Arcaena decommissioned the link between the Orb of Translocation in the Sunfury Spire and that in the Ruins of Lordaeron. She later proposed to install an Orb in Orgrimmar and another in Suramar, and expressed that their paired Orb should not be inside the Sunfury Spire but rather one installed outside in the Court of the Sun.

While working hard to prevent Void-elves from ever setting foot ion Thalassian ground, the Magistris Regal understands that it was the interpay of the light and darkness that created magic in all its diverse forms. Seeing the analogue in light suffused power the sin'dorei now derive from the Sunwell and the dark power evoked by the ren'dorei from the Void she does not deny the potetial that lies in possible cooperation - however the current volatile political situation and world-wide social upheaveal such endeavous apparently need to stand dormant until an era of cooperation and greater mutual understanding can be achieved.

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