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Heena is the Demigoddess of all things canine. After courting, then eating, an earthen, she bore into the world Srshyeth and Fraage, the first Gnolls. Upon finding Prshanth and Bruuge, her grandchildren, restarining their now insane mother in a place with three Gnoll bodies, she stated that a Grandchild of Heena had killed them. Prshanth and Bruuge] explained that two of the bodies had been dead when they found them, causing Srshyeth to go mad and eat Fraage. The sympathetic Heena, knowing that a punishment must come, cursed the descendants of her other grandchildren with a lack of females, and called them the Gnolls, or murderers. To her daughter, on the other hand, she gave sanity and the position of being her agent, and to Prshanth and Bruuge she gave the task of founding a nation. She currently resides in the capital city of Fraage.

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