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Introduction and History

Heena, Demigoddess of all things canine, took the form of a seductive hyena and courted with an earthen, whom she then gnawed to the bone. For a month, nothing happened. Then, on a night when the Blue Child was full and the White Lady a mere crescent, she felt a strange pain, and soon her offspring twins came into existence. Srshyeth, the elder, was female, and Fraage, the younger, was male. They themselves had children whose names, in order from eldest to youngest, were Prshanth, Bruuge, Lrshosth, Krshbith, Hraage, Criige, Lreege and Srooge.

For a time, there was peace.

The next part of Gnoll history is vague and undated. What is known is that while Prshanth and Bruuge remained with their parents, the other six children went exploring. In popular Gnoll mythology, a voice cried from the rocks, causing the two eldest to go into a temporary madness and eat Lreege and Srooge before Hraage and Criige managed to restrain them. It is typically believed that this voice was that of their grandfather, but recently scholars have pointed to the Great Sundering as the cause of the voice. In support of this theory, the legends speak of how the mounts parted and allowed the wayward children to escape. Lrshosth later courted Hraage and Krshbith courted, then ate, Criige.

The final part of Gnoll history has only recently come to light. Srshyeth, Fraage, Prshanth, and Bruuge ran to see what had caused the commotion, but found only the remains of that gory meal. Srshyeth went mad and ate Fraage, so it was that when Heena found them, Prshanth and Bruuge were restraining their insane mother. Sniffing, the Demigoddess told her grandchildren that a Grandchild of Heena had killed them. The restrainers explained the situation, and Heena, in her pity, granted Srshyeth her sanity and made her her own personal agent. But to punish her other grandchildren, she cursed their descendants with a rarity in females and called them Gnolls, or murderers.

The playable Gnoll race is that of the Servitors, the descendants of Prshanth and Bruuge. Their capital is named after Fraage, and they have finally overcome their fear of their brethren to come out into the world.

Racial Traits

Heena's Frenzy

Plus 10% attack damage, speed, and health points for ten seconds


Plus 9-11 damage to weaponless attack.

Undeath Resistance

No spells of any type can be used on a dead Gnoll.

Heena's Stare

Passivly reduces aggro of canine beasts.

Starting Attributes

Strength 16
Agility 24
Stamina 18
Intellect 21
Spirit 17


The Gnolls can start as Priests, Warriors, Mages, and Hunters.

The Servitors

Although most Gnolls are hunched over from starvation and stupidity, the Servitors stand tall, being only a little shorter then humans snout forward, and can easily surpass the humans in height by merely looking up. Females, though hardly as rare as in their cousins, are respected more then males. Though the majority of the race has forgotten the naming code, it is nearly completely dominant in those still loyal to Heena.

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