The very mask of death greets those who gaze upon this particular Forsaken. Once lively and delicate flesh has been striped bare to the bone, leaving bare a skeletal mask that greets all with a cold and harrowing grin. Her boney face is laid bare back to the edges of hair, where her flesh tapers in, and giving way to her wild mane of dark plum hair. Her ears are seemingly clipped; cutting short what might have once been the very ears of an elf.

Banshih's armor is fine, some of the finest of her trade .However as is the nature of her duties, her armor bares the scars and marks of many fights. What parts of her delicate and lithe frame are visible out from under her armor bare humbling scars, and marks from the ravages of foes. It is obvious that Banshih is a war vet who's seen far too many long nights and battles to recount them all. Upon her left shoulder pad are number tick marks, no doubt a score count for kills.

A betraying and out of character aspect of Banshih's persona is her voice - if any part of her were to ever be pleasent it would be such. Her voice is otherworldly, etheral in quality. Perhaps her voice betrays a vastly unknown aspect to the rogue.

There is not much publically disclosed information concerning Banshih. Even her closest of companions cite minimal knowledge as to who she is, and who she was.

  • This is an RP character on the SteamWheedle (US) server.


  • Stub "Good and evil, is subjective."
  • Stub "In the end, time slays the wise and foolish alike - at such a time you must question which one are you?"
  • Stub "Anyone can follow the actions of the popular opinion. Few can cope with the burden of doing what must be done without needing the approval of others."

Current WeaponsEdit

Banshih wields the following:
Inv sword 85
Inv sword 87

OOC Special thanks and infoEdit

  • Banshih is more known for her involvement in the rp community as an rp events cordinator. Her events have been featured on and even WoW Radio. A special thanks goes out to all the players who make these events possible and help out. In no special order (and no doubt missing some folks) a special thanks goes out to - Traumateam, Tazdangor, the SWCRP crew, Mathadris, Mooth, Juralek, Crolan, Bdullah/Fox, Charam, and her supportive raid guild. Most of all, a special thanks to her real life husband, who is understanding and supportive through the worst of times, as well as the best.
  • Banshih's most renown event is 'Dance of the Dead' an annual server rp Halloween party. This event first was hosted Oct 19th, 2007. The first 'Dance of the Dead' event commanded an attendance of over 120 players from both factions.

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