This page contains information about Swordbreakers, an alliance guild on the Uldum server.


This document is very verbose. If you get bored easily, here is the bare minimum of what you must do. Drill down into the rest of the document to learn the details.

  • Install the GroupCalendar and Omen addons.
  • Kara time is every Tuesday at 6pm. Be on time and be ready (repair, buy reagents, etc).
  • For other raids (Magtheridon, Gruul's Lair), see the guild calendar.
  • Sign up for every event you want to attend, or you will not be guaranteed a spot.
  • Show up (and stay) for every event you signed up for.
  • Do not raid Karazhan, Gruul's Lair or Magtheridon outside the guild without permission from a guild officer.
  • The guild bank can help you, but it's not an infinite supply of gold (whereas the dailies are, hint, hint).
  • Do not disappear for days with no warning if you are expected to raid. Real life happens, but please send a whisper or in-game mail to let us know of your whereabouts.
  • Guild officers keep your specialization and professions in your guild notes. Whisper them whenever you have updates.

Required Addons

  • GroupCalendar Please install this addon (version of 4.0 or newer) as we use it for event scheduling. Once you install it, it replaces your sun/moon icon with a nifty clock. To configure the addon:
    • Click on the clock;
    • Go to the Setup tab;
    • Set Configuration to Manual;
    • Check the Use Guild data channel
    • Set the Minimum rank to the lowest possible rank, so you can see events created by everybody;
    • Click Connect;
    • Wait for the addon to complete synchronizing. You can close the calendar in the mean time.
  • Omen is a threat meter. Even if you're not in the habit of watching your threat, your tank probably is. You can run it without a visible window so it won't clutter your UI, but your tank will still get warnings if you're about to draw aggro.

Bank Practices

  • If you see anything in the bank that you like, don't be shy to ask for it!
  • Please donate to the bank! Anything you can spare is welcome. In the end, it will come back to you in the form of better healers, tanks and DPS for our raids.
  • We recommend that you not deposit items that have a stable Auction House market (for example, [Netherweave Cloth]). Instead, sell those items and deposit the cash. Bank space is rather valuable and we want to save it for rarer items or items that have a fluctuating Auction House market.
  • The general guild philosophy is that, if you need an item and you have farmed or purchased 75% of the materials, the guild bank will help you with the remaining 25%.
  • Do not expect the bank to be an infinite supply of gold. You are still responsible for your own wealth through quests, instances, professions etc.

Raid Practices

  • Be on time! If the raid is scheduled for 6pm, you should be there, and be ready, at 6pm.
  • Come prepared!
    • Repair your gear.
    • Get food. It's an extra boon, don't turn it down. You know best what food works well for you. Do the daily cooking quest as often as possible.
    • Get water. It's wonderful to have a mage in your party, but it won't always be the case.
    • Get consumables, whether they are bullets, arrows or reagents.
  • Wrap up your heroic instance or whatever else you are doing prior to the raid. It is discourteous to keep an entire raid waiting. Of course, it is also discourteous to ditch your heroic group and tell them "my guild needs me", since it projects a bad image about the guild. It is best to plan ahead and, if you must run a heroic before the raid, tell that party how much time you have.
  • If you agree to raid Karazhan, please save at least 3-4 hours. If you show up, but have to leave in an hour, you're making the raid find a replacement, which can be time-consuming.
  • Never roll on Bind on Pickup items, Rare or Epic items unless instructed to do so by the raid leader. Looting should be set to Master looter, but if the raid leader forgets to do so, you should pass on all items except Green Bind on Equip items and let the raid leader assign loot.

Guild Etiquette

Swordbreakers started out as a guild of friends and we want to keep it that way. The last thing we want to be is one of those guilds where nobody knows anybody. Please make an effort to get know your guild mates! We vouch for every one of them and they are all good players and good people, just like you. :)

  • If you're planning to run an instance, always ask in the guild channel before joining a pick-up group.
  • Never ask for payment for crafting an item for someone in our guild. It's always free with their mats!
  • Make time to help your guild mates. Run that instance with them so they can get attuned, or just answer their questions.
  • Use the NotesUNeed addon to keep notes on people. There is nothing wrong with that, nobody can remember a hundred guildmates and their play styles.
  • If your guild notes are empty, please whisper Cluj or Ahieater with your specialization and profession levels. We try to keep that information in everyone's notes.

Information for Bank Officers

Cluj would like to keep track of significant withdrawals from the guild bank. The intention is not to spy on people, but to get an idea of how much we can help people without bankrupting the bank.

  • If you withdraw any cash or items from the bank that exceed 10g in value, please send mail to Cluj with the items and the person for whom they were withdrawn.
  • Even better, get a Google acount and tell Cluj to share his Google Spreadsheet with you, so you can keep tabs yourself.

Guild Recipes

If you have maxed out any crafting skill, please start linking your high-level items here. If you are looking for an item, check WowWiki's respective trade page, then come back here and see if anyone can craft the item for you.


The gems are grouped by gem color and sorted alphabetically. Make sure to visit the Gem page, which is wonderfully organized.

Tips for healadins

Following are random details about how Cluj plays the game. Your mileage may vary.

Addons I recommend

  • Curse Client is an addon manager that makes it trivial to maintain your addons. It includes update notifications, although they don't always work. Other people recommend other addon managers.
  • Archaeologist tweaks your UI in various ways. The one thing I need is to replace party members' mug shots with class icons, which makes it easier to apply the correct buffs.
  • Atlas and AtlasLoot Enhanced are vital for any class, period. They show you the instance maps and loots. They include other collections like reputation rewards and [Badge of Justice] rewards.
  • Healbot Continued has major advantages over the built-in party and raid interfaces. You can heal one character while targetting another, you can see incoming heals from other healers in the raid, you can customize the levels of the healing spells you want to cast in order to minimize overhealing. When you join a raid, Healbot already works without you having to drag each player's icon from the raid interface. One big drawback is that it doesn't display debuff icons, which are vital in fights like Moroes (Garrote) or Rokmar the Crackler (Grievous Wound).
  • NotesUNeed allows you to keep notes on almost everything in the game. In particular, I set it to automatically keep tabs on everyone I've ever grouped with. Then at the end of the instance I go and jot down a few words about them. You can also give ratings to other players. Whenever I run an instance with a poor tank, I rate him or her as "Avoid" so I don't group with them again in the future. A must for me, since I have poor memory.
  • Omen is a threat meter. Get it, use it.
  • PallyPower is a blessing monitor. It allows you to assign a blessing to each class, then reminds you when someone in your raid is in need of a blessing. More importantly, it synchronizes with other players' addon, so if every paladin in the raid has PallyPower, then it becomes trivial to assign blessings so you don't step on one another's toes. Non-paladins (i.e. your raid leader) can also use this feature.
  • Recount (preservation) is a damage/healing meter.

Items I recommend

Mana potions

Yes, mana potions are expensive. If you're lucky, you can find them in the auction house for 1g 40s each. If you're unlucky, they can cost over 2g a piece. Nevertheless, you will need them and you will need them often. Think about that moment right before you wipe. Wouldn't you give 2g for 3000 mana at that moment?

  • Make a habit of scanning the auction house often and buy mana potions when they are low, so you don't have to buy them on short notice when the price might be high. I normally keep a supply of 30, with room for 5 more if I really find a bargain in the auction house. I never run low (never under 10 potions).
  • Alternatively, make a deal for bulk purchase with your alchemist friend.
  • Keep an eye out for other kinds of mana potions:

General advice

  • Take the time to determine the mana efficiency of your various healing spells and ranks. Just heal yourself with and without Blessing of Light, with and without your trinkets. Most likely, your Flash of Light will be more mana-efficient than your Holy Light, which makes it your preferred healing spell. In my case, lower levels of Flash of Light are more mana-efficient than higher levels, hence my play style is to try to keep people topped off rather than heal in bursts.
  • Use Flash of Light in preference to Holy Light whenever feasible.
  • Monitor your overheal percent using addons like Recount (Preservation) and try to reduce it (without endangering the group, of course).
  • For long fights, drink mana potions early! Do not wait until you're out of mana to drink. Drink one as soon as you have used 3000 of your mana, then drink again every 2 minutes.
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