Size Modifiers

Modifier Change in size Duration Requirements Notes
Gigantic Feast +30% 1 hour Level 70 Crafted by Cooks with a skill level of 425. Does not stack with Winterfall Firewater.
Winterfall Firewater +20% 20 minutes none Battle Elixir dropped by Winterfall Ursas in eastern Winterspring.
Winterfall Firewater (spell-stolen) +20% 2 minutes Mage casting spellsteal Stacks with the Winterfall Firewater buff that you get when drinking it. The mage has two "Winterfall Firewater" buffs, for up to 2 minutes, and is very large.
Pygmy Oil -2% to -10% 10 minutes none Crafted with Alchemy (375); often found in found inside the [Bag of Fishing Treasures]. Stacks with itself when drunk repeatedly.
Small Feast -30% 1 hour Level 70 Crafted by Cooks with a skill level of 425.
Noggenfogger Elixir -60% 10 minutes Level 35, quest BoP; can be purchased from Marin Noggenfogger in Gadgetzan after completing Neutral 15 [49] Noggenfogger Elixir.
Transportation Malfunction: You feel larger somehow ca. +20% 1 hour Goblin Engineering (350), luck Does not stack with Winterfall Firewater; in fact, drinking firewater cancels the effect, and you return to your normal size, while under the effects of Winterfal Firewater. In other words, you have the firewater buff, but are at 100% size. This appears to be some sort of bug. Canceling the firewater buff did not result in a change in size (the test subject remained at 100% size).


  • Find out how many times pygmy oil will stack. Estimate the size change better. Verify whether you will really be transformed into a gnome (that looks like vandalism...).
  • Estimate change of Noggenfogger Elixir better.
  • Try stacking combinations (note that Gigantic Feast, Winterfall Firewater, and Pygmy Oil do not stack, except that pygmy oil will stack with itself to an extent).
  • Try combining other effects with Transporter Malfunction.
  • Create category for size-changing items.
  • Create article for this subject.


  • Since Winterfall Firewater (potion) is classified as a Battle Elixir, and its effect doesn't stack with Gigantic Feast, it may be that the Gigantic Feast's enlargement effect is classified as a battle elixir. Please test this hypothesis by using Gigantic Feast along with certain battle elixirs, such as a Strength potion and Elixir of Giant Growth.
  • Also see whether Elixir of Giant Growth stacks with Winterfall Firewater (potion). Since they're both battle elixirs, they should not stack, but it's good to double-check.


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