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==About Me==
==About Me==

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Server: Defias Brotherhood
Gender: Male
Level: 58
Race: Human IconSmall Human Male
Class: Rogue IconSmall Rogue
Home Town: Stormwind City
Guild: Lazschy Oak
Professions: Skinning (300)
Leatherworking (195)
Class Skills: Lockpicking (155)
Poisons (235)
Character: Ilnaith's Talents
Ilnaith's Inventory
Occupation: Thumbnailer, RC Patroller
Addons: LevelRange Addon
Status: Inactive
Links: Bull3t's Portfolio
Bull3t's Blog
2500Club seal
This user is a venerable member of
the 2500 club!

About Me

I am a WoWWiki User, who joined on the 17th October 2006, am currently a 2500 contributions club member and have made the following addons; LevelRange. I have an account on the Defias Brotherhood, Europe server, with a Warrior called Falthain who currently co-owns (with Koranith) an Alliance guild, named The Stormwind Rangers. Also I have a Rogue called Ilnaith who I use as my main character, even though he was created after Falthain.

I accumulated ...


  • Name: Bull3t
  • Age: 14
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Industry: Student
  • Slogan: The past is indestructable, the future is inevitable.
  • Xfire: englishsniper
  • Steam: Silver_Bull3t
  • Website:
  • Blog:

To Do List

This is my custom, things to do list, which I will add to when I find something to do, feel free to complete these for me, if you can be bothered.

Quick Links

These, I just cannot be bothered to add to the nifty favourite list on my browser.

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