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Bricklethumb & Ari

General Info

Name: Bricklethumb Prayerhunter
Nicknames: Brick
Current Occupation: Master Hunter and Guild Master
Professions: Master Skinner & Enchanter
Race: Dwarf
Age: 110
Class: Hunter (0/31/20)
Sex: Male
Skin: Cream
Hair: platinum
Height: Roughly 5 feet 2 inches
Guild: Guild Awakened

Physical Description: Bricklethumb stands no taller nor shorter than his fellow brothers and sisters. His long platinum hair and beard are always kept trimmed and looking nice. His mother would be very disappointed if his hair was a mess. Brick walks with a slight limp on the right side thanks to a climbing accident when he was young. If you look on his left arm you will find a scar that runs from his elbow to his wrist, thanks to a nasty run in with a angered Blood Seeker bat. His eyes are a piercing blue, that seem to change intensity with the time of day.

Personality Description: Initially unsure of himself Bricklethumb has managed to step into the line of leadership. His personal motto is Carpe Diem, "seize the day". He loves making new friends but has a very short tolerance for rude and unhelpful people. Brick will go out of his way to help someone in need. Some words that would describe Brick are: Compassionate, passionate, loving, jolly, stern, unsure, rash and discerning.


Bricklethumbs own words, taken from Why I Hunt

"I was born in a small house dug part way into the side of a mountain just outside of our capital city Iron Forge. My father was a mighty warrior of the Bronzebeard Clan, while my mother was a delicate and beautiful priest from the Wildhammer Clan. The tension between my mum and dad's families was very great. Because of this we lived fairly isolated from my grandparents for most of my early life. My memories of them are not always the fondest. And more than likely has had something to do with my spending most of my young adulthood alone.

My dad spent a lot of time away. There was always something happening that he needed to be present at. Someone was invading, or the orcs where out of control in one of the camps that the humans set up, it did not matter, he had a duty to serve. Many nights my mum and I would sit by the fire eating our stew and hopping we would hear the sound of ram's hooves clamoring up the path ushering in the early return of my dad. As much as I missed my dad during these campaigns though I cherished the time as well. It was at these moments, sitting around the fire with my mum, that she would tell me grand stories. We would talk for hours, my curiosity of the outside world was almost more than she could take, for she knew, that one day, that very curiosity would take me away. "

Little Known Info
Brick has two grown daughters that he sees as often as he can, but not nearly often enough. Anatevka and Moonspear mother is no longer alive. Bricklethumb met her when both of them where very young and he was hunting for owl's near Darnasus. Anatevka took after her mother and is well along in her studies to become a great druid. Moonspear is following in the footsteps of her father and has taken the path of a hunter. Bricklethumb does not speak of his deceased wife as the memories are more than he can handle at times, but he is immensely proud of his two daughters and prays that the society will accept them. He is very proud that in appearance they take after there mother.

The Saga Of The Knights of the Way!

Friends and Enemies


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Bricklethumb lives on the Steamwheedle Cartel server.

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