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Borgen is a Forsaken Lich known for his volatile temper as well as his excessive cruelty towards the living. In addition to being an evil megalomaniac, he is a surprisingly good cook and enjoys fishing.

Physical Appearance

Borgen is about 5'11", although he often floats several inches off the ground, making him appear taller. He sports a pair of long claws, has sharp teeth, and a gaunt body encased in icy armour. His eyes glow cold blue, and he emits a faint vapour like dry ice. He wears regal purple Kirin Tor robes, complete with the cliché pointed wizard hat. Those who laugh at his antiquated choice of garments quickly find themselves very uncomfortable.


Living borgen

Borgen, alive and sporting a stylish moustache, goes for an afternoon stroll in nearby Hillsbrad.


Archmage Borgen Alectus was a teacher and scholar of some repute before the third war. He was a kind man with a fierce passion for the acquisition of knowledge. He taught Advanced Scrying and Deceptive Magicks, although he privately studied frost magic and secretly researched Necromancy.

During the Scourge attack on Dalaran, he helped relay Lord Antonidas' orders to the troops and their reports to him, communicating through a mental sensor. The battle turned against the forces of Dalaran, Borgen was forced to watch his colleagues die one after another, while he continue to report the Scourge’s movements.

When Prince Arthas and the Scourge finally broke through Dalaran's defences, and into the Violet Citadel, where Antonidas was maintaining the final protective barrier, all of the captured magi were dragged out so they could witness the leader of the Kirin Tor be defeated and destroyed by Arthas. As Borgen was brought closer to Antonidas, the intense subjective magic that suffused the room intensified the link between them, eventually causing their very minds to make contact with each other, and when Frostmourne was driven through Antonidas's heart, Borgen's mind was, in turn, assaulted by the dark power of the blade. That one instant of contact killed Borgen, and would leave him, even after death, a profoundly changed man.



After his death, Borgen wasn't such a nice guy anymore.


Years later, when freed from the control of the Lich King, Borgen found himself to be very different person. The affection he had once felt for his students, his colleagues, or anyone for that matter, was gone. In its place was extreme hatred and a desire to inflict suffering upon others.

In an effort to integrate himself into Horde society he joined the Earthmother Protectorate and for a while, things looked good. He was able to keep a tight rein on his sadistic urges, sometimes even showing a lingering sense of his former self, which manifested in occasional uncharacteristic kindness. But as time passed, however, though, the negative side of his personality shone through through more and more. He was permanently in a bad mood, deriving enjoyment only from making others miserable, verbally lashing others with his sharp and caustic tongue. Sarcastic and judgemental, he delighted in verbally and emotionally harassing those around him, as shown by his tenuous friendship with the Blood Elf, Tenyoilir, who at times he treated like a ward, and at others like a punching bag.



Yep, that's a powerful spell all right.

As time advanced, his hunger for power grew, as did the lengths he was willing to go to to achieve it. He began to research lichdom, and more specifically, free lichdom. He journeyed around the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Outland, acquiring the knowledge, materials and experience for his upcoming rise to power, slaughtering hundreds of innocents in the process.

After several months of this, he joined in an excursion into Karazhan, and while the rest of his party was busy fighting the great automaton "Curator", Borgen faded into invisibility and made his way down into the bowels of the great tower. There, he completed the ritual he had been working on, and turned himself into a Lich, losing the last shred of his humanity.

After his transformation, his sadism continued to develop, causing him to commit more and more depraved acts upon his victims. No longer content with the occasional burst of homicidal frenzy, he began to prey off the weak, capturing peasants in Elwynn Forest and bringing them back to his lair to torture, keeping them alive for several days with the use of necromantic magic.

After a long period of time spent in the company of the Earthmother Protectorate, he was finally ejected for his crimes, after murdering a guild mate and wounding several others. For a while he was without affiliation, completely free to do whatever he pleased, a frightening thought for any who had dealt with him.

He retreated to his lair after that incident and was biding his time, spending time researching and plotting, occasionally venturing out to Uther's Tomb to murder a mourner or two.

Wrath of the Lich King


The Lich King communicates with Borgen, which obviously forces him to kneel.

A few days before the beginning of the devastating Scourge Invasion, Borgen began to hear the voice of the Lich King in his head, urging him to return to the fold. Soon the whispers turned to demands, and then the demands to deafening roars. As Scourge Zombies ravaged Orgrimmar, Borgen wandered through the city, watching people die and be devoured as he had once been forced to watch, in Dalaran. However, this time he felt himself wanting to join in the wanton destruction. It was normal for him to hate the trolls, orcs, blood elves and tauren that composed the Horde, and in the back of his mind entertained notions of snuffing out their lives, but this was something far greater. He walked into the nearest orc burrow and massacred the family of four that lived inside. He then moved on to the next burrow, and then to the next, and to the next, blasting through boarded up windows and doors, scouring every room in every house, until he had killed at least thirty people. And then, quite suddenly, he came to his senses. Horrified by his loss of control (not because he had killed thirty innocent people, of course) he quickly made a portal to his lair and began frantically preparing for what would clearly be a very trying time for him.

New Allies


Borgen speaks with High Executor Lupus of the Deathguard in a ruined building in Alterac, after getting rid of its inhabitants.

Desperate not to lose his free will once again, Borgen tried to find a solution before he was completely overwhelmed by Arthas' power. He joined the Deathguard, aiding Undercity's defenders with his extensive magical knowledge and in turn gained some valuable allies. In addition, he found an unlikely ally in Niami Morgan, a young human who after the disappearance of her brother on the front lines of battle in the Plaguelands and the death of her parents at the hands of a corrupt Stormwind noble, took a very different outlook on life than most members of the Grand Alliance. During the Scourge attacks, he slipped into Stormwind unnoticed and paid her a visit. While he was there, she outlined a plan to allow him to escape the Lich King's attacks on his mind. The somewhat questionable plan involved his phylactery, a plagued rat gorged with butter, a bucket of ale and a bullet to the head. He took her up on his offer, and was, for all intents and purposed, killed.

Where in the world is Borgen Alectus?

Niami's plan worked. She successfully made Borgen disappear from the Lich King's radar. Being a busy man, the Lich King soon moved on to other pursuits, the location of one wayward Lich hardly being the most pressing issue of someone with a lot of angry jousters hanging out on his front lawn. Following the success of his plan, however, he disappeared without a trace and for a long time was missing, absent from the goings on in the world.

A Triumphant Return!

Recently, Borgen seems to have returned to the world of the (un)living, and has been sighted around Silvermoon, the Undercity, Orgrimmar, as well as in a gaggle of miscellaneous places, evidently having grown bored of hiding in his lair, deviously scheming and twirling an imaginary moustache. It seems that he is still in contact with Niami Morgan, as has seen a lot more traffic than he is used to in and out of his lair than he is used to in the past couple weeks, (as of June 9th). He remains in good spirits, though, and is bound to be active in the world once more!

Borgen's back baby.



Isn't he adorable?


By Tahamine of Wyrmrest Accord

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