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Father's Legacy

Sid'nas Dawnflight was one of the elite Rangers lead by Alleria Windrunner during the Second War. While serving the Alliance, he began to notice the strengths the elves had while working with the "lesser races." Before he left on his final mission, he left a message to his two sons; encouraging them to find bonds with their new allies. He felt that the elves greatest weakness was their self-seclusion, which would leave them stranded if there was another war. Shortly afterwards he disappeared with Alleria and the rest of the Alliance Expedition.

The Wary Student

The disappearance of Alleria and her rangers took a great toll on the elves of Silvermoon and it was not long afterwards that the high elves formally withdrew from the Alliance. In keeping with their fathers wishes, Blad'nas and Solus'kad decided to travel to the Alliance capital of Lordaeron.

Upon arriving at the city, the two brothers first decided to check the nearby barracks to see if any had met their lost father. While there, they witnessed a demonstration of a paladins great healing abilities. Solus (who was very devout for an elf) was entranced and began to inquire about the paladins abilities. He eventually left with the paladin to learn more of his ways. Blad'nas, while also curious, found the whole city to be stifling, and said farewell to his brother.

He eventually decided to return to the familiar forests of Quel'thelas (which were far more comfortable) where he joined the Ranger Corps under Ranger-General Sylvanas Windrunner. He had ventured into the woods many times with his father, and vowed to return to human lands after he had received proper training as a ranger. The path of the ranger was easy for him, as he felt closer to nature than most(he claimed that he could feel his father with him.) He became well known and liked by the rangers and hunters of the farstriders, whom shared an equal love of nature. Over time he became an extremely skilled marksman, gifted in swordsmanship, and an excellent tracker.

Trouble in Lordaeron

Years later, Blad'nas had become an esteemed ranger and ventured to Lordaeron to fufill his fathers wishes. During his travel, he began hearing rumors of a plague blighting the countryside. Witnessing (to his horror) the effects of the curse, he was caught in a fierce battle and was delayed from delivering his warning. He arrived too late to warn his allies, and became a scout for the soldiers fighting the minions of the necromancer Kel'Thuzad. To his surprise, he reunited with his brother whom had become a student of the renowned Uther the Lightbringer.

He fought in several battles and continued to aid the Lordaeron army until Prince Arthas disbanded the Knights of the Silver Hand at Stratholme. Witnessing the atrocities committed by the young prince, he began to wonder if his father really believed in these people. Frustrated at the young prince's actions, he left with Uther and the Jaina Proudmoore (who seemed much more sensible). However, Solus'kad was badly demoralized, and not knowing what to do with himself, returned to Silvermoon.

Leaving the Known World

Shortly afterwards, the young Jaina began assembling what people she could to sail across the seas to a new land. Blad'nas had heard of a prophet speaking similar messages across the land and encouraged as many of his people as he could to follow her.

As they sailed across the great sea, Blad'nas whom had never sailed in his life, got seasick to the amusement of his companions. He enjoyed travel, but routinely got sick on every sea voyage he participated in afterwards. His companions began to claim it was a symbol of good luck. (rarely did anyone else get seasick, much to his annoyance)

Upon arrival on the coast of the new continent, he began to feel a strange sense of familiarity, as if he had tread through the forests before. (Which he knew was impossible) He also couldn't shake the feeling he was being watched, and felt an ill intent towards towards he and his fellow high elves.

Blad'nas was surprised and angered when he saw the presence of orcs in the new country, and went many lengths to drive them away from the land they were protecting. Eventually he discovered that they seemed different from other orcs he had encountered, and was surprised at the truce that was placed between the two forces. Jaina convinced her people of the Prophets message, and Blad'nas was forced to (begrudgingly) accept his place. Upon working with the new Horde, he realized the true differences between the orcs of old and the new generation, and his views of the people changed greatly.

The Brutal Truths

Whilst working with their new allies, they were ambushed by a troop of dark skinned elves and were forced to retreat from their joint settlement. Blad'nas overheard other high elves talking about how "the legends were true," and realized these feral looking elves were their descendants, and had exiled them from their lands long, long ago. In the skirmish he recalled one of the female warriors calling him a "wretched spawn."

After several more skirmishes, the prophet Medivh revealed himself and convinced the night elf leaders to cooperate with the allied forces to fight a greater evil. Putting there differences aside, the three forces fought against the onslaught of the undead and demon forces and eventually crushed the forces of the Burning Legion.

Afterwards, the three nations split and went their separate ways. Blad'nas helped with the construction of the island city of Theramore, but was distracted by the presence of night elves in the lands. After hearing both sides of the arguments made (which were common between the two elven people) he decided to try and make amends with his relatives. While met with open hostility, he proceeded to try and prove his worth to the night elves. After several beatings, abuses, and various other outbreaks in violence, he eventually earned the begrudging respect of some of the night elves, and proved to be the equal of any of their finest archers and swordsman. He admired their sentinels, druids and dedication to nature, as they were similar to his own beliefs.

An Unexpected Ally

After a few months passed, news from the eastern kingdoms came. Blad'nas was shocked to hear of the scourge's conquering of Lordaeron, as well as the destruction of his home in Quel'thelas. He feared for his family in Silvermoon and wished to travel back to find out if they survived. His present duties prevented him, and he became quite irritable until, nearly a year later, he was allowed to leave Theramore (as an ambassador) to see what happened whilst he was gone. The crew of the ferry welcomed him, and proceeded to show him "appropriate" places to "be sick", and food to settle the stomach. (he was not amused, but used both the locations directed and the food well)

He arrived at Menethil Harbor and proceeded to scout the remains of the great city of Lordaeron(now reduced to ruins). Grieving for his fallen comrades, he continued to Quel'thelas and saw with horror how his home had been reduced to a wasteland. As he looked for survivors of the calamity he heard the sounds of a battle and rushed to see what was happening. He saw an elven warrior fighting a loosing battle against the scourge. He rushed to his aid, and escorted the young warrior to safety. To his surprise, the elf he rescued was not a high elf, but a night elf. The elf was grateful and introduced himself as Blayaden Duskwatcher. The two had met at an earlier time, but were not introduced. He heard of the calamity that had annihilated his new allies and came to check it out.

He told Blad'nas of the fate of his people. The survivors had united under their prince, Kael'thas, and renamed their race the Blood Elves. He also said that they had left the Alliance and allied themselves with the naga and were using fell energies to cure their addiction. It suddenly occurred to Blad'nas that the great power of his people, the Sunwell, must have been destroyed or corrupted for the elves to do this. He did not tell his acquaintance, but he also was starving from an unknown hunger, and guessed that the sunwell's destruction must be related. He was not a magic user, so he couldn't be certain.

Blad'nas dispaired at the news, and decided to return to his new home in Theramore. He was certain his family was gone, and wondered if any of these events could have been avoided. He remembered what his father had said, and departed. The young night elf followed him, and began to engage in conversation. Blad'nas was increasingly surprised by his actions, and the two began to talk.

Blayaden was part of an oddball family; his older sister was a renegade sentinel, and while he greatly enjoyed being in the presence of nature, he didn't have the ability to become a druid or the patience to become a priest. He chose to be a warrior, and his wanderlust encouraged him to journey to the lands of his new allies. Blad'nas questioned him about why he wasn't hostile to him like other night elves, and he replied that it didn't matter to him. He was young for a night elf (between 25 and 30 Blad'nas guessed) and said that he didn't choose to be born in a society of magic hating elves, and that the current generation of high elves didn't choose to be consumed by their own magic. He didn't like magic (he couldn't use it), but he didn't hate it either.

As the two traveled through the woodlands, they became good friends, and Blad'nas agreed to help Blayaden with his swordsmanship.

Current Appearance, Personality, and Traits

Blad'nas wmv

Current Appearance

Blad'nas is normal size and build for a high elf, and has the normal pale skin with glowing blue eyes. He has long dark brown hair, which is usually hidden behind his hood. Like most rangers, he dresses in the green of his native forests, and avoids wearing bright colors (like red). He has red stripes on his cheeks, similar to the ones seen on the rangers seen in the Second War. He would probably be around 40 by the events taking place in World of Warcraft. Like all high elves, he is addicted to arcane magic, (probably to a lesser extent compared to other elves due to his lifestyle) and meditates often.

He has a very aloof personality (typical of elves) and prefers the forests to "humanoid" contact. His experiences has made him cynical of the world, (as he has suffered and lost much in his young life) and could be described easily as a pessimist. He does not drink alcohol (he claims that he blacked out after his first drink, and came to in his underwear at the top of a tree two miles away), and gets seasick every time he steps on a boat. He thinks often of his brother and father, and is usually quite moody and irritable. When he is at peace (usually in nature or with good friends) he is generally nicer to be around, and can occasionally make jokes if the situation is appropriate.

He is an extremely skilled archer, and prides himself with his marksmanship. He is also gifted with swordsmanship, as well as ambidextrous, and attacks with a flurry of blades in hand-to-hand combat. (Usually with two swords) He is skilled with a handful of rogue type abilities as well, and can move silently without being seen. To keep agile, he only wears cloth and leather armor, while increasing his stealth and dexterity, it leaves him vulnerable to critical blows. He does not use a pet, and sticks with hit-and-run tactics to wear his enemies down. (He occasionally remarks that Blayaden has become his pet, to which his friend usually responds with a "woof!")

Blayaden is in many ways a ying to Blad'nas's yang. Blad'nas is aloof and moody, while his friend is outgoing and cheerful. Blayaden has also gotten into the habit of correcting his friend whenever he makes an unusually sarcastic remark, and tries to help him relate to other people more.

While Blad'nas's loyalties are first with Theramore and the Alliance, he is not openly hostile with the horde; but rather, avoids contact in order not to be confused as an enemy. He has yet to truly settle down, and is in a constant state of wanderlust. He spends much of his time scouting the forests of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. He has affiliated himself with a group of high elves called the Silvermoon Remnant and marks any sites that could be of use. He spends much of his time with his friend Blayaden, whom also shares his wanderlust, and assists him in his training. He views his friend as having great potential, and is willing to aid him in any way he can.

In his travels he has also discovered that his brother Solus'kad is alive, but has become a blood elf and allied himself with the Horde. With the tensions rising between the Horde and the Alliance, as well as tensions between night, high, and blood elves; he has yet to make contact with his once close brother. He wonders what will happen on the day they meet again. Will he become another obstacle in his way? Will the elves overcome their differences by then?

Only time will tell...

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