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Bhiggo Rottingbum, is a Forsaken Shadow Priest and a Gnomish Engineer. He has been exiled from the Dark Horde for his failure to take Duskwood. He is now in Northrend.

The Living Bhiggo Edit

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Bhiggo Rottingbum was once a gnome warlock at the pinnacle of his power. He had approached the sudden end of his life having accomplished all he wanted: Exacting revenge on Thermaplugg and Thaurissan for the Gnomeregan disaster, where he lost all of his precious doomsday weapons, including a large atomic bomb, an over sized Gnomish Death Ray and other ridiculous weapons.

In life Bhiggo was very hateful toward the Tauren of Thunder Bluff and the entire race of Tauren as a whole since they destroyed his 10,000 gold pieces worth of assets in Kalimdor, believing this was an act of hate against the gnomish people, when it was really due to the pollution and ecological damage these lumber mills, mines, and oil rigs were causing. Not knowing this, the living Bhiggo hated the tauren until his last days.

Bhiggo was infamous for his unfathomable cruelty and horrific anger problems. All of his hate, anger, and sorrow stuck with him for 60 seasons, taking it out on anything that got in his way, even things that couldn't feel ( i.e mechanical beings, undead, etc.) He has been known to fly into a terrifying rage over even the slightest things. This was a lesson learned by the Scarlet Crusade whom Bhiggo gassed with a special toxin, while shaking his fist at the poisoned Scarlet Monastery shouting "Nobody interrupts my vacation in Desolace! Nobody!!"

Like all villains, Bhiggo began to develop perversions and addictions. These went from harmless attractions to female trolls, to perverted lusts for female undead, to an unhealthy addiction to Bone dust (ground up bones of his enemies that are snorted up) The stronger he became, the worse these things got.

Execution Edit

The Living Bhiggo's dark rituals often lead to such horrific practices as Human Sacrifice. One such sacrifice involved the sacrifice of five slave girls to the Dread General, Griff Battlebaron, to allow him to inseminate them, making them give birth to five separate half-fiends that would carry out his will. Unfortunately for Bhiggo, the dwarf paladin Morok Firebelch put a stop to his plans and had him arrested. After Bhiggo's court hearing, he was executed by order of High Priest Gymner Icewrath. Just before the silver hammer crushed Bhiggo's little gnomish skull, he shouted his last words, "I regret nothing! Hail the war machine!"

Reanimation Edit

It turns out that he was re-animated by the telekinetic abilities of Thangardt Vatdweller. All of this was merely an illusion...

As his soul descended into Phlegethos, the realm of these Dark Iron Devils, Bhiggo pleaded with his Deity, the Dread General, to allow him to walk the earth again. Granting his request, Battlebaron had his servant Gulzar (a forsaken warrior) Exhume Bhiggo's Remains from his tomb in Gnomeregan and then brought them to Shadowcog in Kharanos who attached Copper Mechanical Arms and legs onto him and fitted him with a Felguard's heart. With the completed Bhiggo, now an abomination, Gulzar picked him up and dumped him off in the Shadow Grave in Deathknell where Bhiggo came back to life, arose, and began his new unlife.

The Undead Bhiggo Edit

"Bhiggo has become pretty much everything I hate. In a word, he's pretty much just a parasite."

Bhiggo is nothing like he was a few years ago. Back then, he was respected by some of the Horde and feared by some of the Alliance. He actually had a seductive charm, but then somewhere along the line he lost it all.

Somewhere around the release of The Burning Crusade, Bhiggo took a small, unmemorable insult from a Blood Elf and treated it like an act of war. Building up an army in the Burning Steppes to wipe the Blood Elves out. But when he couldn't even take Redridge, or Duskwood, he was immediately thrown out of the Dark Horde.

Bhiggo's Religion Edit

For reasons yet to be determined, the Burning Legion stripped Bhiggo of his power and left him unable to summon demons. Drained of all power, he had to find a new source. Little did he expect the source would find him. Griff Battlebaron, one of many devils once revered by the Dark Iron Clan, gave Bhiggo his power back, intent on using the gnome as his instrument of destruction on Azeroth.

Griff Battlebaron, Bjurn, Khlag Hellhammer, and Burtha the Hag are the Dark Iron Devils. In the War of the Ancients, there was an Ancient of Lore named Great Leafbeard and a powerful Eredar named Beleth. Tasked with demoralizing the Ancient Leafbeard, Beleth foretold the future of Great Leafbeard's home forest, which is now Felwood. Having sent Great Leafbeard into a flying rage, he killed Beleth and shoved him over the hills that are now the Fire Scar Shrine. His blood gathered around the very spot where the altar now stands, and from that diabolic blood emerged the first Dark Iron Devils: Griff Battlebaron, the Dread General. Bjurn, the keeper of unholy secrets. Khlag Hellhammer the Destroyer. Burtha, the Hag.

These four devils, looking vaguely like Dark Iron Dwarves, only with wings and horns, flew off into the corners of the world, seeking a mortal race to corrupt. After centuries of searching, Griff Battlebaron found Shadowforge City, home to the Dark Iron Dwarves. Immediately he summoned his compatriots over, and they began to enter the minds of prominent Dark Irons. Among them, the Dark Runelord Thangardt Vatdweller.

Using the dwarf Thangardt, Griff Battlebaron made the Dark Iron Lands into a massive religious state, where he and the other Dark Iron Devils reigned until the war of the three hammers when they abandoned the Dark Iron Devils, turned to Ragnaros and then killed the worshipers of Griff Battlebaron, including Thangardt Vatdweller himself.

Ages later, the Burning Legion would abandon Bhiggo Rottingbum, leaving this hate-filled shell of a gnome in Battlebaron's hands. As Bhiggo learned the ways of Devil Magics, he became much more vain, hateful, bigoted, and tyrannical. Now Bhiggo is a black-hearted zealot, who cares only about himself and the will of his unholy deities.

Bhiggo's Deities call on him to be strong, unfathomably cruel, heartless, and manipulative. They also expect him to recognize that Guilt by Association is very real, and credible, and because of the Cenarion Circle's association with Great Leafbeard, the Barag Kron (the "holy" tome of Bhiggo's religion) demands the slaughter of Druids, Dryads, ancients, treants, Keepers of the Grove, and other Cenarion Creatures.

The Dark Iron Devils that Bhiggo follows believe that the Burning Legion is weak, since Archimonde was destroyed by the Cenarion Circle. Believing that nature magic is inferior, the Dark Iron Devils shun the burning legion and encourage their followers to "never let them forget their inferiority."

It turns out that all of this is an illusion by the telekinetic powers of Thangardt Vatdweller, a powerful psychic Dark Iron Dwarf brainwashed by the Black Dragonflight.

Bhiggo's RelationsEdit

Bhiggo's list of Admired Groups/Individuals Edit

It should be noted that Bhiggo only *admires* the Undead Scourge, but he would not lift a finger to save them from anyone save the Scarlet Crusade.

  • the Steamwheedle Cartel, for allowing him to get back on his feet after the Gnomeregan disaster.
  • Goblins "Why all the rivalry? Let's work together and blast the Troggs and Dark Irons off Azeroth!"

Bhiggo's list of "betrayers."Edit

  • Black Dragonflight: for being "a bunch of worthless ingrates..." Nefarian was never grateful for Bhiggo's vendetta against the Dark Iron Race, nor were any of the Dark Horde. They used him, whether he realizes it or not.
  • Dark Horde: Same as above.
  • New Horde: For "accepting the Blood Elves and rejecting Bhiggo."
  • Kargrim Gro-Hogwash. Another "Ingrate" that removed Bhiggo from his seat of power as an Ogre King.

Bhiggo's list of Enemies Edit

"Cooled Off"Edit

There are times when Bhiggo either forgets about a hated group, or simply stops caring about them. This does not necessarily let them off the hook, however. If encountered again, Bhiggo does not think twice about killing them (or worse.)

Some, however, are left alone because Bhiggo is done with them... which is rare.

Due to InferiorityEdit

These groups are left alone simply because Bhiggo feels he is better than them and does not want to waste his time. This is usually because of a perceived "racial inferiority" ("Humans are nothing more than monkeys with swords and spells...")

No Longer (or never were) a ThreatEdit

Bhiggo occasionally realizes that he has either pounded an enemy into submission, or that they were never a threat to him or his cause to start with.

  • Cenarion Circle: Given that Bhiggo's Religion is nothing more than an elaborate illusion, Bhiggo sees no reason to go after the Cenarion Circle anymore. He will never apologize due to his pride.
  • The Silverwing Sentinels: Seeing as Bhiggo no longer considers himself a part of any horde, the Silverwing Sentinels are no longer a problem. "They can cut the Warsong Outriders to ribbons for all I care."

Nothing PersonalEdit

Sometimes Bhiggo takes up arms against a group because he feels that he owes someone something. He harbors no true malice to the group in question, but he must do what he must do. He will not apologize to them, though.

  • Southsea Freeboaters: Bhiggo spent his living years in Ratchet. To earn his keep, he would repeatedly attack the Southsea Pirates along the Merchant Coast. After a while, he moved on, only encountering them in Tanaris. After which, he never bothered with them again.
  • Bloodsail Buccaneers: When Bhiggo spent time in Booty Bay, in his living and undead years, he was paid to fight the Bloodsail Pirates. He really liked the way they built their ships, and their choice of clothing. But still, gotta do what you gotta do. After he was finished in Stranglethorn, he never bothered the Bloodsails again.

Weapons Edit

Being a gnomish engineer, Bhiggo has designed a number of weapons and gadgets. There are some he had in life that he transformed into something painful and lethal at the same time.

Negative Ion Death Ray - Bhiggo's oldest weapon. In his life, it was simply deadly. A single bolt of energy would eliminate a target.

Barbed Wire Net-o-Matic - This weapon is as dangerous to himself as it is to the target. The net is made of barbed wire that is electrified by the projector itself. There is a chance of the target getting cut with the net and electrified. A messy end.

The Slimer - A reference to the movie/cartoon character of the same name, the Slimer consists of a large pack strapped to the back, a spray gun that looks a lot like Don Santos' Famous Hunting Rifle and a large tube connecting the two (again, another homage to the film Ghostbusters.) The pack preserves the toxins stored within. Two knobs on the sprayer can either heat up the toxins (and cause an acid effect) or chill them (and cause an unpleasant effect.)

Exploding Androids Very rarely used. These are golems packed with explosives that, from a distance, look like normal humanoids. However, on closer inspection, the signs indicate that it's not a humanoid at all: it drips oil behind it, makes buzzing noises, and speaks in a broken vocabulary (like a botter with Diarrhea and Muscle Spasms.) Bhiggo only used the Exploding Android once, and that was to destroy the Hillsbrad town hall.

Gyrorockets Often referred to as "Flying Bombs." Gyrorockets have become Bhiggo's "Trademark" so to speak. Smaller Gyrorockets are sometimes used for assaults on groups of infantry and larger gyrorockets are often used against buildings. Just like real life SCUD missiles, different warheads can be attached to the top. An Incendiary Warhead (to burn things) or a Toxic Warhead (to poison large groups of infantry)

Goblin Chainsaw A gritty, unstable reference to real life chainsaws. The blade is rusty and tends to wobble a bit. Tiny chunks of flesh are often seen in the blade's "teeth." The motor makes a loud popping noise, and the small vents in the side spew out thick black smoke. The chainsaw is used rarely for combat, given it's instability. It is, however, used for intimidation and Torture. Contrary to belief, Bhiggo did not create this device himself. In his living years, he stole it from a Venture Co. Goblin in Windshear Crag. Used to slice the reanimated corpse of Alek Er'ando in half at his defeat.

Mechanical Arms/legs To blend in with Forsaken Society, Bhiggo uses mechanical prosthetics to increase his size. The limbs are very hard to detach, often requiring a socket wrench, a screwdriver, an Arclight Spanner and other gnomish tools to remove them.

Gyronuclear Kaboominator A reference to the Dirty Bomb, the Gyronuclear Kaboominator is a high powered explosive that spreads Irradiation (similar to at Gnomeregan) and some shrapnel. They are thankfully very small, and it will be a number of years until Bhiggo can create one big enough to wipe out an entire city.

Bhiggo's arms and legs through the levels:

  • 1-10 Copper Arms and Legs. Poor Quality. Wiring is exposed, and there is very little armor.
  • 10-20 Bronze Arms and Legs. Lesser Quality. The wrist is somewhat armored, but there is still some wiring exposed.
  • 20-30 Iron Arms and Legs. Fully armored, but still able to be rusted.
  • 30-40 Mithril Arms and Legs. Better Quality. Fully armored.
  • 40-50 Thorium Arms and Legs. Superior Quality. Armor Plated.
  • 50-60 Dark Iron Arms and Legs. Excellent Quality. Armor plated, complete with blades in the hands and a small saw blade. Feet have "Head Spikes" that can be deployed to finish off a fallen enemy.
  • 60-70 Fel Iron Arms and Legs. Made of Fel Iron, complete with two retractable 20mm long blades on back of each hand and buzz saw. Feet have same "Head Spikes" as Dark Iron ones.
  • 70+ A full felsteel body. Fully armored, complete with retractable 20mm long blades on the back of each hand and a buzz saw. Feet have "Head Spikes" as well as additional weight of the feet. Chest cavity comes with a storage compartment (Like Bender)
    • The Jester Suit The Felsteel Body was found to be little more than simply very strong iron painted green. It melted in battle with a mage. Recently, however, Bhiggo has obtained a new body that makes him look like, as the player behind Bhiggo puts it, "a freak accident between a Court Jester and one of those skeleton robot thingies from Terminator." The Jester suit has one of those goofy collar thingies that the court jesters used to wear. The torso also opens up to a sort of storage compartment. This compartment takes the shape of a face. One half of the face grins, the other half scowls. Bhiggo's head can also de-attach with the help of a small device in the neck that sprouts eight metal legs (which the player calls the "Head-spider")
    • The Acrobat Suit During a death match with Alek Er'ando, the jester suit was destroyed. A new body was fashioned soon after, this one was more mobile, with rounded joints.
    • Imperial Suit The Acrobat suit was torn to shreds by a druid, so a new one was fashioned. This one featured long purple robes and long clawed hands. It too was destroyed by the same druid...
    • Slaughter Suit This is by far the most terrifying body he has ever made. Crafted from assorted metals of Outland, and special primals not ordinarily found (by right-minded individuals anyway) the body resembles a bulging fleshy torso mounted on a flesh-covered Steam Tank tread. The hands are metal stubs, allowing Bhiggo to graft assorted weapons onto his hands. His back can be mounted with a stolen cannon, Gatling gun, or toxin tank (allowing him to spew poisons onto his enemies with the poison sprayer hands.) His chest bears a demonic face, with sharp teeth and red goggles. There are numerous saw blades on both shoulders, all of which continuously spin. The suit is still being improved, which makes it even more frightening.

Slaughter Suit WeaponsEdit

Grafted on HandsEdit

  • Axe
  • Bazooka
  • Chainsaw
  • Chemical Hose
  • Chemical Injector
  • Circular Saw
  • Claw
  • Death Ray
  • Drill
  • Hand
  • Mace
  • Machine Gun
  • Sword
  • Vice (spiked)
  • Mini gun

On BackEdit

  • Alliance Cannon a navy cannon stolen from an alliance warship. Fires simple cannon balls.
  • Gatling Gun a large Gatling gun with seven barrels. Fires shells that are about the size of an index finger. Ideal for airborne targets.
  • Toxin Tank Two glass tanks and four hoses. Hooked to the Slaughter Suit's back. Both tanks hold a gallon. Bhiggo may sometimes mix toxins for added effects.


Jaws of Death: Alliance adventurers going into gnomeregan have reported seeing Bhiggo's new slaughter suit with a new attachment. A metal likeness of a demonic face. The jaw of which opens, reaches out with an adamantine cable ending with a claw of the same material on the end which drags things (or people, as said adventurers learned) into the mouth. It is not known if those dragged into the mouth are taken prisoner or simply chopped up.

Sludge Pump The demonic engine in his body creates a considerate amount of grease, sludge, and other bile. If not expelled from the engine, Bhiggo becomes immobilized. pipes spew the sludge out from behind (if he just wants to get rid of it) or from the front (if he wants to use it as a weapon.) The grease from the engine is commonly used as a weapon as it is very hot.


The GluttonEdit

Not to be confused with the Abomination of the same name, the Glutton was a massive purple-skinned demonic construct, closely resembling a fat giant with no legs. Originally it was an accident, and Bhiggo was going to dispose of it until he found that it would eat anything. Upon seeing this, Bhiggo relocated the monster to the Soulgrinder's Barrow where it would feast on anything it could get it's hands on.


Bhiggo does not know how he made the Glutton: it was created completely by accident. In an attempt to make fifteen tons of Primal Pain (demonic engineering equivalent of Primals) Bhiggo added too much Primal Flesh (and another demonic primal that he did not know about) into the Spewing Vat. The result was a purple flesh creature about six feet tall weighing 6,120 pounds with no legs.

Thinking this a failure, he ordered an ogre to kill it with an axe... but when the creature ate the axe and the ogre, then spewed out acidic blood, Bhiggo realized that this might have been his single greatest creation.

With the help of six fully grown black dragons, Bhiggo managed to move the creature to the Soulgrinder's Barrow, where he would feed and care for his new unholy creation.


The inside of the glutton is so wide that humanoids can literally walk around inside of it. However being in the stomach of the monster is even more dangerous than being in it's jaws, as the numerous search teams sent inside it's stomach learned.

The Glutton has three stomachs, one stomach full of acid, one filled with razor sharp teeth, and one full of "drooling maws." The heart is jet black and hard enough to withstand even the strongest blows. The brain is green and there are no bones in the creature's body.

Uses as a WeaponEdit

The glutton's attack is simply eating, hence the name "glutton." It can literally eat anything, even stone. It's three stomachs break down whatever it eats and provides nutrients for the fat cells throughout it's flesh and expanding it's stomachs. After a full day of average feeding, it grows between six to thirteen feet.

If one of these gluttons were created in a capital city and start gorging, the whole city would be consumed in a week tops. Fortunately, Bhiggo has little idea how the creature was made to begin with, so the chances of him creating another one is unlikely.


The Glutton was destroyed when it ate Kargrim Gro-Hogwash, who survived inside the monster's stomachs for two days (one day spent in the creature's brain, trying to figure out how to get out.) Finally, Kargrim managed to escape by planting a "Molotov Kegger" in the center of the creature's brain and blowing it's head up, allowing him to safely climb out.

After becoming king of the ogres, Kargrim ordered that the monster be skinned, rather than just letting 6,120 lbs of Demonic Fat reek up the whole mountain range. The Glutton had approximately thirteen layers of skin, and it took a number of days to completely strip it bare.

Kargrim was originally going to use the glutton's flesh for a garden, but it was quickly eaten by hungry black dragons.

Other notes about Bhiggo. Edit

Bhiggo's Anger toward the Venture Company

In addition to Thermaplugg and Thaurissan, Bhiggo also hated (and still does) the Venture Trading Company for having stolen his 10,000 gold worth of Kalimdor assets after they were attacked by the tauren, including the Boulderlode Mine and Sludge Fen Oil Rig in the Barrens, and the lumber mill and Oil Rig in Stonetalon Mountains (which would not have done nearly as much damage as the Venture Co. in such a short period of time.) While Bhiggo likely has yet to destroy the Venture Company entirely, he will likely never rest until he has skinned Mogul Razdunk Alive.


In addition to delving into the powers of destruction, it is rumored that the living Bhiggo is attempting to become a necromancer through researching items from the Scholomance, such as the "Compendiums of Zombies." These attempts have recently ended in miserable failure, since his zombie hordes always explode on him for some reason. All of these failed attempts have resulted in Bhiggo being the laughing stock of the Cult of the Damned and any Undead Scourge entity that can actually feel.

In fact, his necromancy skill is so horrible that his name is often considered a punch line itself among the Cult of the Damned, even if they forget the line to a joke.

  • "A Paladin and a Warlock walk into a bar... Bhiggo Rottingbum!"
  • "Why did the duck cross the road? Bhiggo Rottingbum!"
  • "Knock Knock, who's there? Bhiggo Rottingbum!"

Bhiggo had once tried to take Darkshire with an army of the undead... with disastrous results. He has given up on Necromancy since.


Bhiggo's constant attacks on the Dark Iron Dwarves has attracted the attention of the Black Dragonflight. Appreciative for his assistance (although it is just out of revenge,) they gave him a gift: a 1-week-old dark whelpling that Bhiggo named Hunger, due to it's tendency to eat Dark Iron Dwarf Flesh. Bhiggo has been trying to teach him to talk, but so far the only words hunger can say are "Happy" "Kill" and "Awkward."

This whelpling has since thought that Bhiggo was crazy and went to live with a blood elf named Thelynissa.

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