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General Information Edit

Name: Reverend Serata Baird

Race: Human

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Age: 26

Class: Priest

Level: 60

Talents: Holy/Discipline specialized.

Professions: Skinning (310 with Finkle's Skinner) and Tailoring (300)

Guild: None

Physical Description: A reasonably tall 5'8", Serata is fairly healthy of build, though not muscular at all. Her figure is a fairly average one, and her robes are generally cut to emphasize it, even if they are often a bit rumpled. Her skin is a caramel tan colour, and the bridge of her nose has a smattering of freckles dotted across it. Her dark red hair is sun streaked, and always pulled back in a loose bun that seems to be on the verge of falling out. Strands of it constantly hang down near her face, framing it. Her bright blue eyes are nearly always seem alert and shining, and there is always a metallic flask hanging from her belt.

Personality Description: Jovial and friendly, Serata is always on the lookout for a free drink and a laugh. She genuinely likes people, but always likes them a lot more if they bring rum to the picture. She is the epitome of a priest of the people, never preaching doctrine unless she can get it into a conversation seamlessly and without offending - she just lets her jovial nature speak of the light for her.

A Short History Edit

A farmer's daughter from Westfall, Serata decided to leave for the big city at the tender age of 13. She packed up her stuff and hiked over to Stormwind, barely avoiding patrols of various creatures and nearly getting eaten by a bear on the way. Once there, she ended up joining a small gang of child thieves, all as desperate to eat as she was - she had only come with the meager four copper she had saved of her chore money, and it had gone in a single loaf of bread.

Caught by the Archbishop Benedictus a few months later with her hand in the collection plate money, Serata was given two options: Reform and join the church, where she would be fed and taken care of, or be turned in to the guards and spend some time in the stockades. It wasn't much of an option. She joined the church as a young acolyte, and has been with them since.

She discovered her now legendary weakness for rum while working as a missionary in Booty Bay, and it changed her outlook on how proper preaching should be done. She has become a much more laid-back and interesting preacher since, more a storyteller than a come-to-the-light type.

Current Activity Edit

Serata is most often wandering the streets in Stormwind, but can occastionally be found wandering just about anywhere there's a drink.

Notable Names Edit

Other Things Edit

  • Serata has a very strange penchant for naming her pets - she has a Sprite Darter Hatchling named Ted, and a horse named Steve. No one is sure why either is named what they are, but she's usually too far in the bottle to explain it anyway.
  • Despite her apparantly weak constitution otherwise, Serata has an unbelieveable tolerance for the drink. She has, in past, been known to drink entire parties of burly warriors under the table and not even appear to be drunk herself.
  • Serata's hip flask has been known to contain alcohol so strong it can melt through the flask if left there too long. She has already had to replace it twice.
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