List of bugs I've encountered (listed beneath the most recent version I came across the bug). Feel free to remove any fixed bugs.



3.3.3 PTR

  • Rain of Fire benefits neither from Spellstone nor from Firestone.



  • Elemental Focus' tooltip states that it decreases the mana cost of the next two spells even when there's only one charge left.


  • Acidic Strike's tooltip mentions that it reduces armor by 50%, whereas it actually reduces armor by flat 50.
  • Arcane Missiles' trigger effect (the single pack of missiles) does not benefit from Magic Attunement and hence only has a range of 30 yds, whereas the channeling effect has a range of 36 yds. This can lead to a situation where the channeling effect is still maintained but no missiles are fired. As a result, Arcane Missiles seems not to fire at ranges comparable spells normally would do when already casting (I'd say app. 40 yds, although it could be more).
  • Detect Invisibility's tooltip still mentions that it reveals "lesser" invisibility. [Example]

3.2.2 PTR (10257)



  • Steam Pump Overseer's Toughen's tooltip and combat log information differ (the first one states that it reduces damage by a flat amount whereas the second suggests a % value).





  • Capturing open PvP targets sometimes is not registered by the quest log.
    • At Crown Guard Tower in Eastern Plaguelands, standing in a specific range allows capturing of a tower, without actually giving credit for it. [Example]
    • At the Overlook in Hellfire, it is possible to not be registered by the PvP target (no bar appears), and when others cause the PvP target to be taken by your faction, you gain no credit. [Example 1] [Example 2]


  • Salia casts Cause Insanity (Mind Control) on solo players, which causes all mobs involved in the fight to get out of combat and she subsequently instantly cancels the spell. [Example]
  • Searing Totem attacks unfriendly mobs by itself.
  • Mind Flay causes additional threat, although it is not mentioned in the tooltip.


  • Shadowforge Chanter in Angor Fortress tries to sleep demon minions, even though the spell only works against humanoids.
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