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I own this number! [1]

Im sort of a lore freak, got into wowwiki when i needed to find something out about warcraft for my friend. I love to play WC3 and WC3:TFT, and ofcourse World of Warcraft.

Not a fan of retcons it just makes lore really confusing (Seems blizzard loves to do that to us alot). If I find something that doesnt seem right or match lore correctly and isnt listed as speculation I usually change it (after I make sure its not correct of course.) Im still rather new but I've been playing warcraft for a long time.

Someone's been hacking my account on the game, so i offically CLOSED it, if your reading this hacker TAKE THAT JERK! :P Well, im playing on a NEW account which i will not be letting anyone know. Im still in the game baby. It'll take a while to get stuff back but its worth it cause im not gonna just let someone steal my account and let it slide.

I've been getting more and more into the new dwarves (and earthen) in Northrend, I've already made racial pages or fixed them up for the new dwarves and earthen. I've also made many pages for their members.

Feel free to leave me a message on my discussion.

Articles im expecially proud to have made/fixed up

Ulduar Earthen - Created

Frostborn - Created

Frost dwarf - Created

Iron dwarf - fixed up to a proper race page.

List of stuff i've made in my spare time

I heart taunkas
Taunkamale nopic


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