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Basic Information

Bazkoare is a Frost Mage on the server Steamwheedle Cartel, and very friendly. His arrogance is not genuine.

Name: Alliance 15 Bazkoare
Nicknames: Baz, Bazzy, Bazooka, Fishface
Current Occupation: Frostbolt, for the Thunderbrew Guard
Professions: Rich Thorium Vein, Explosive Sheep
Race: IconSmall Human Male Human
Age: Strapping, verile
Class: Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Mage (14/0/37)
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown

"Jumping increases killing power."

"Mmm, Grey Meat."


Bazkoare's career begain in Northshire Abbey. Not particularly pious, he attributes this to liquor consumption and being Shanghai'd. His early days were spent slaughtering Kobolds and local wildlife in Elwynn Forest.

Recently... the Thunderbrew Guard, with the assistance of Council members, assaulted Zul'Gurub and successfully vanquished the God Hakkar. Bazkoare wept for joy briefly, before digging in to the sweet, sweet meat of birdsnake. Most of the other parties involved were not hungry, to his surprise, so for once... Bazkoare got his fill. Unfortunately, due to birdsnake overdose, Bazkoare did not remember to recover his Magister's Crown, which is probably just as well... it was obviously torn asunder and stained horribly.

Beloved Allies

Bazkoare is almost invariably found alongside a stunningly attractive "Bare Durid (or MOONKIN idk)" named Tirlana. They probably have some kind of unspeakably yiffy [1] relationship.

Izh was the Head Brewer of the Thunderbrew Guard for a time being, and often follows Bazkoare around like a lost puppy, healing him and drinking his sweet juice. Izh is well respected by Bazkoare, in no small part due to a song purportedly written in Bazkoare's honor. Not Perseus'.

To be added to Bazkoare's Beloved Allies, please let Baz know you'd like to be!

Mortal Enemies


Hakkar the Soulflayer

Hakkar the Soulflayer has stolen Bazkoare's Magister's Crown, and is stretching it out terribly. Bazkoare has accepted that when it is eventually recovered, it will likely be very smelly and irreparably stretched out.

Bazkoare finds Booty Bay Bruiser particularly offensive, but has gone to lengths to avoid angering the Steamwheedle Cartel, as they control a large portion of the Azerothian economy. Bazkoare has worked out a tenuous balance, as the denizens of Booty Bay seem satisfied so long as he kills approximately two hundred members of the Venture Trading Company for every Booty Bay Bruiser he slays.

If you would like to be one of Bazkoare's mortal enemies, that's okay too!


(Please feel free to add your own information about Baz, even if it's completely false.)

  • "Bazkoare has occasionaly given reason to believe that he is not human but rather a robot devised by insane gnomish engineers. His beeping, in particular, gives him away." -- Izh
  • Baz is also secretly Leroy Jerkins in a flesh mask
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