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Current Projects

By improving the format I'm not refering to the layout but more to the code behind the layout.
I think I would like to add in the price that vendors sell and buy the item for as well as a link to the item listing on Allakhazam & Thottbot
Take a look at my ItemUse example to see what this might look like when used on a quest page.

Future Projects

  • Work on makeing the Warrior section look a bit cleaner
    • Expand the information about Abilites and Talents
    • Updating The information and layout of the Warrior Sets
  • Take a look at the Blacksmithing and Mining section
    • Make a list of what you can make with Blacksmiting and where to find the recipie
    • List what metals you an mine in what area and what skill level you need
  • Rework the Blacksmithing Plans secton to something a little nicer looking.
  • Update this with page Artisan Armorsmith with Horde info
  • Maybe try and do something with Category:Blacksmithing
  • Talk about over linking to a page...Paper doll...let's clean this down a bit.

Completed Projects

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