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Auhouse, the entity of myself, is the player of Syko, the level 80 Human Paladin on the server of Llane. Syko was born on 1st of January 2005. In September 2007 Syko was moved to the Oceanic server Dath'Remar and was renamed Matisse.

I've always been a casual player playing a few days a week, picking up hours during holidays from classes and playing whenever needed for raids. As of 2009 I am completing myfinal year of studies in Robotics engineering, Mathematical and Atmospheric sciences at Monash University.

Playing StyleEdit

As a paladin.

I've never believed in Paladins being healbots relegated to the back of a raid. I've always played upfront as a tank and recently a healer, contributing to support DPS when healing is abundant or keeping up judgements. Guild leaders may object to healers being in the front lines but being a paladin, death does not come easily and if experienced, will survive being melee range.

In group roles, I'm always diligent in giving people the correct Blessings and using the correct Aura; it's rare that people have to remind me in refreshing Blessing durations. Perhaps the strangest thing people find when I group with them is the extra Judgement of Light or Wisdom that other players do not usually experience when grouping with other paladins. I'm doing it for the benefit of the group and if it isn't viable, then I won't do it.

I don't believe in using an overly-customised UI to play the game. The only UI I use are Cosmos-Archaeologist, CTRaidAssist and very small parts of the Cosmos UI suite and CTMod UI suite (less patch upgrade problems for me!). A lot of my customisations comes in the form of macros which are very light on memory usage compared to UI customisation. These macros allow me to do a lot of things much more easily - mouse-over heal in groups, right-click focus-cast blessings (such as Blessing of Sacrifice on the tank in Maiden of Virtue encounter, control+heal for down-ranking heals for mana conservation and the maligned 'Matisse Wins' macro for duels - usable only by a Holy paladin every 3 minutes.

I'm not a fan of PvP, but that's expected because I'm not the right class or spec to enjoy it to the fullest. I get the most enjoyment from helping people out, and there's no other class best suited for that job.

If you ever needed help in the game, I'm always happy to help if I'm idle.

Tips for Defeating MatisseEdit

Play a Priest or Mage. (Or any class with good gear)

WoWWiki ContributionsEdit

Current contributions to WoWWiki involve updating Paladin abilities.

Real LifeEdit

I reside in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I'm studying Robotics engineering, Atmospherical and Mathematical sciences at Monash University.


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Don't let a game control your life. When you start dropping social occasions, failing your studies, quit your job etc, you might as well quit life.

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