"The Burning Legion comes and with it, comes your end!" - Doom Lord Kazzak

"Beat or be beaten, this is the way of The Legion!" - Brutallus


The Lich King has fled to the barren reaches of Northrend, removing the threat of The Scourge for now. But The Burning Legion had not forgotten their defeat at the hands of Azerothian races. Now their goal is to add Azeroth to their long list of conquests, and have their grand vengeance.

The renewed Burning Legion stroke from the summit of Mount Hyjal once again, under the command of Kil'jaeden, who was banished from Azeroth at the Sunwell a few years ago but was once again granted immense power by an avatar of Sargeras. The Night Elves were completely taken by surprise, and they were utterly defeated. The Legion dominated the Elven territory bordering Hyjal, until a combined army of The Alliance and The Horde arrived and pushed The Legion back to Hyjal and to the somewhow reactivated Well of Eternity, and eventually, back to their world of Argus. This was, in fact, exactly how Kil'jaeden and his top commanders had planned. Fighting a foe at home was easier than fighting a foe away on another planet. Now, heroes from all over Azeroth are fighting in the dark planet of Argus to prevent another Burning Crusade, but that won't be easy. The Legion was fully refresed, and with their full might they defend the Eredar homeland, and continue destroy the mightiest armies of Azeorth while they desperately tried to defeat The Legion once and for all. The Burning Legion comes once again, and a second Burning Crusade is at hand...

New World Of Argus and the Increased Level Cap of 95

The Eredar homeland of Argus is accesible after level 78 and has many new zones and dungeon to help players level to level 95 and collect the ultimate equipment to blast the forces of The Legion! Level 78+ players can enter Argus via the Third Well of Eternity, in the new zone of Mount Hyjal.

New Races for Both The Alliance and The Horde

Two new races are added to the game. High Elves for The Alliance, and Mok'Nathal (Half-Ogre Orcish race) for The Horde.

The few remaining High Elves on both Kalimdor and on Quel'Thalas had sensed The Legion before they stormed Azeroth again, and had asked the Night Elves and Blood Elves for territory and military support. None answered, so the High Elves gathered in Northern Lordaeron to the east of the Dead Scar, and claimed the land for their own, establishing their capital city in the zone. They aligned with their former ally, The Alliance and this caused a war between their Blood Elven brothers. Now the High Elves are doing the best they can to repel evil and defeat The Legion.

The members of the race Mok'Nathal were rare, but were sure to defend their orc brothers and their allies both at home and away. Many Mok'Nathal answered the call of The Horde, and established their capital in norhtern Barrens. Now they fight with The Horde in the world of Argus, and they continue prove that they are a great addition to The Horde.

Two New Hero Classes and One New class

Two new hero classes were added and are accesible after one of player's characters reach level 65. One is the agile Demon Hunter, and the other one is the shadowy Necromancer. They are available to all races.

One new normal class, Blademaster was also added. The Blademaster is available to Humans, Dwarves, High Elves, Orcs, Trolls, and Mok'Nathal.

New Combat Flying Mounts and Flying Mounts in Azeroth!

The brand new combat flying mounts are available for players above level 87 and require extreme (maximum 550 level) riding.

Also all flying mounts that provide +60% flying speed bonus are available in Azeroth, requiring extreme riding.

Many New Dungeons

Many new dungeons were added. Players are now able to storm the world of Argus and conquer new dark strongholds, castles and many more new dungeons!

A New Proffesion and Increased Profession Skill Limit

The new proffesion of Scrollcrafting is available to be able to create item and stat enchanting scrolls. Also, the maximum skill for proffesions is increased to skill 550, with the extreme proffesion level.

A New Siege-Stlye Battleground

A new siege-style battleground, Plains of Doom is available and is accesible to all players beyond level 80 and has the brackets of 80-89, 90-94, and 95.

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