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General Information Edit

Name: April Jeanette Owens

Race: Human

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Age: 25

Class: Rogue

Level: 70

Professions: Skinning (375) and Elemental Leatherworking (360)

Guild: Ladies of Destiny

Physical Description: April is only a couple of inches shy of a full 6 feet in height. While her figure is slender it is also somewhat muscular, she has occasionally been described as having "a martial artist's physique". She has shoulder length dark red hair, impish blue eyes and a mouth too smart for its own good.

Personality Description: Sly, cheerful, sarcastic, lively. All words that have been used to describe her. Occasionally she might get morose or wistfull but most of the time she greets each sunrise with a grin and a taunt.

Where I come from. Edit

Wow, the story of me, huh?

Okay. Well, 20 odd years ago I was born to parents unknown. Within days of my birth I was left on the doorsteps of the Stormwind Orphanage with naught but my blankets and a piece of parchemnt acting as a name tag. Nice of them huh?

I grew up there learning to read and write. And how to fight. Odd, I guess, but there you go. I learnt to sneak around to avoid my chores and some of the more boring lessons. The then Matron decided that while I was talented with blade and book I lacked discipline and so sent for tutors from the Cathedral of Light to eventually have me squired to a paladin and possibly have me become one myself.

Uh, no.

I ran away and lived on the street instead.

A few years passed and my skills grew. I got way too cocky and tried to pickpocket a recruiter for the Alliance forces. Yeah, that really didn't work. Luckily he just sent me off to Northshire Abbey rather than throw me into jail.

A few months after that I met the Ladies of Destiny adventuring guild as well as my darling wife. And, yeah, that's me.

((April occasionally posts her diary entries at The SWCRP Archives. Many thanks to Griffonclaw for hosting them! ))

My time. Edit

Sheesh, I'm usually running around all over the place! Of course Stormwind City is my home so that's where I'll come back to after I'm done doing whatever I need to do. These days I'll be in Outland doing my bit to help, or hanging around with my friends.

Notable Names Edit

  • Scottius Charles Owens. April's father who she has never met. April recently found out from breaking into Undercity's hall of records that her father is now one of the Forsaken.
  • Jeanette Marie Owens. April's mother who she has never met. She shares her beloved husband's fate in undeath. April has absolutely no idea what she would do if they were ever to meet.
  • Rhonny Lee Owens. April's beloved wife. Rhonny is one of those few paladins that neither judges nor preaches. She and April were wed in a beautiful ceremony in Darnassus at 8:30 PM on the 29th of July. Recently Rhonny & April separated not having been able to keep their marriage alive. April belives this occurred due to their relationship progressing too quickly.
  • Marrae. Rhonny's adoptive mother. Has been a nurturing influence on both girls in times of trouble.

Other Things Edit

  • April admires hunters and wishes that she could forge the same rapport with animals that they do. April is an ardent cat person.
  • April loathes the Scourge and as such gladly travels to the Plaguelands to aid the Argent Dawn despite the fact that the corruption within the Plaguelands makes her sick to her stomach.
  • After a month of pain and sorrow April briefly fell into despair and insanity. With the help of her friends and loved ones she was able to claw her way back to sanity.
  • Recently April has been spending a lot of time with her friends Salha & Kiv.
  • April, Salha & Kiv have openly begun dating.
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