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Chapter I: The Blackheart Clan

Part One: The Rise of Al'Ghul

Al’ghul was a young orc studying the ways of the shaman on Draenor in the Blackheart Clan. He was nothing but an acolyte, yet through his steadfast demeanor and strength of will, he was able to prove himself by overcoming a rival tribal hero and became well respected within his clan. He became Shaman Majordomo to the Blackheart Master at Arms, effectively becoming third in command of the clan.

Part Two: Corruption of the Elder Spirits

The Shadow Pact between Kil'jaeden and Gul'dan spread the taint of the Burning Legion across Draenor, overcoming the orcs with the blood haze. The Blackhearts sided with Gul’dan and his Stormreaver Clan, becoming bloodthirsty warmongers bent on destruction. The peaceful shamans tapped into demonic energies, adopting the dark energy of the warlock, as instructed by Gul’dan.

Part Three: Ascendance of the Blackheart

Through the faulty leadership of the Blackhearts, most of the clan was decimated in a civil war between the corrupted orcs and the still peaceful clans who resisted the Shadow Pact. Al’ghul, demonstrating his newfound demonic power, took up leadership of the Blackhearts and led them to victory, thoroughly handicapping the peaceful orc movement. Their new ferocity made up for their diminished clan size.

Chapter II: The White Hand Templar

Part One: Mauron's Tour of Duty

Mauron Alnamis left his home of Stromgarde in his youth and ventured south to aid in the rebuilding of Stormwind after its razing by the orcs after the first war. He eventually became a Captain in the Stormwind army and was very active in repelling the orcish Horde. He was a kind man and was very benevelent to his troops. He formed a bond with his closest loyalists, whom he dubbed the White Hand Templar. Together, they fought very efficiently against the Horde all throughout the second war.

Part Two: Beyond the Dark Portal

At the end of the second war, the Alliance pushed the Horde forces back through the Dark Portal, where they decided to pursue them and rout them on their home turf of Draenor. Mauron and the White Hand Templar were a part of this raid and were a motivated force against the Horde. Before long, the Templar met in battle with the vicious orcs of the Blackheart Clan, led by the warlock Al'Ghul. Their small clan size was a handicap that allowed the Templar to thoroughly decimate their numbers. Mauron personally attacked Al'Ghul, who was surprisingly able to hold his own against the seasoned knight. In the end, Al'Ghul was no match and was mortally wounded by Mauron. However, before his dying breath, Al'Ghul plunged an enchanted dagger into Mauron's chest, lightly wounding him. As the warlock died, his very soul was secretly transferred through the dagger where it laid dormant within Mauron's body.

Part Three: The Corruption of Mauron

After the victory of the Alliance in closing the Dark Portal and their return to Azeroth, Mauron and the White Hand Templar returned to Stormwind. His troops began to worry, however, when he appeared to become ill. He paled and began to act erratically, prompting his temporary dismissal from the armed forces for recovery. He requested to his loyal troops that they accompany him to his home in Stromgarde, and they did so. There, Mauron slipped further into his erratic haze, secretly falling under the control of the consciousness of Al'Ghul that slept inside him. Before long, Mauron's mind was completely destroyed, overwritten by the knowledge and will of the warlock himself. Mauron, now half-living and half-dead, became a twisted reflection of his former self.

Chapter III: The Blackheart Templar

Part One: Descent into Darkness

After losing the last vestiges of his sanity, Mauron began to emaninate a tainted aura which corrupted all living things around him. The troops of the White Hand Templar also began to fall under the evil haze he produced and remained his loyal servants. He then redubbed his troops The Blackheart Templar, reflecting Al'Ghul's former Blackheart Clan. Mauron then tasked them with preparing Azeroth for the coming of the Burning Legion, which had been the goal of Al'Ghul's clan during the second war.

Part Two: Transcontinental Trek

After Mauron had been thoroughly corrupted and his body completely taken over by the consciousness of Al'Ghul, he gathered his troops and left Stromgarde, heading north into Lordaeron. They passed through the Wetlands, Arathi Highlands, and Hillsbrad Foothills, seeking a new home, knowing that they could no longer be allies to the human race. They finally entered Silverpine Forest, where the dark, misty woodlands appealled to them.

Part Three: The Battle of Ambermill

At the southern border of Silverpine Forest, The Blackheart Templar passed near the Ambermill stead. The local farmers there were fearful of the Templar's intent, and also fearing their ghastly appearance, attacked blindly, concerned for their safety. The farmers, however, even with the aid of the Kirin Tor mages from the nearby city of Dalaran, were no match for the death knights, and they were routed easily by the Templar forces.

Chapter IV: The Dark Hand Covenant

Part One: The Undead of Silverpine

After the battle of Ambermill, all of the farmers and mages had fallen. One such mage was Embron, a promising apprentice with a bright future. He was one of the first to fall at the hands of the Templar, and he was one of the first to rise from the dead as Mauron discovered his ability to animate the dead with his corruptive aura. Using this ability, Mauron raised all of the fallen farmers and mages from the dead, swaying them to his will, and called them The Dark Hand Covenant, his own personal undead army.

Part Two: Genocidal Subterfuge

Mauron tracked down a cave in northern Silverpine where he made a home for his forces. The cave, known as the Skittering Dark, was large enough to accomodate both his Blackheart Templar and Dark Hand Covenant troops. Over time, his aura corrupted the Templar to the point that they, too, like the Covenant, became undead. Together, the Blackheart and the Dark Hand stalked the nearby settlements of both Silverpine and Tirisfal Glades, killing villagers and passerbys, and resurrected them as undead soldiers. Mauron knew the importance of keeping their existence secret, so all actions by his troops were performed in the black of night, leaving no witnesses or survivors.

Part Three: The Banisher of Souls

At one point, a missionary expedition was heading south through Silverpine on the way to Gilneas. They were ambushed by The Dark Hand Covenant and completely annihilated and assimilated into the undead cult. The leader of the expedition was a priest who, upon his undeath, called himself Banisher, rebuking his mortal name. Banisher, being the first and only full-fledged priest in their ranks, was the only one capable of using holy magic and exorcising undead souls. He became the executioner of the Covenant, and would exorcise, or 'banish', the souls of problematic or unworthy members as a form of discipline, or even execution.

Chapter V: The Demon Heart

Part One: Mal'Jin and the Summoning at Ashenvale

As The Dark Hand Covenant grew, Mauron decided to travel the world and spread his influence. He led his first expeditions around Lordaeron, and eventually decided to cross the sea. He led an expedition into Ashenvale where he explored the eastern woodlands. There, they encountered a lone Troll shaman named Mal’Jin living in solitude, and rather than kill him, Mauron decided to make use of his abilities. He offered Mal’Jin amnesty in return for his aid in their rituals. Thus, he created a series of summoning rituals that would be able to summon an army of demons. He created a set of magic gems to act as totems that would be used in each summoning, giving Mauron several and hoarding the rest to stockpile them. Thus, Mal’Jin became a working agent of the Dark Hand Covenant. Mauron tested the gems and performed a ritual in eastern Ashenvale that summoned forth his first demon for the Burning Legion.

Part Two: The Jadefire and the Summoning at Felwood

Mauron and his expedition traveled into Felwood, prior to its corruption by the Burning Legion, where they met with the Jadefire Satyrs and their leader Xavathras, proclaiming their allegiance to the Burning Legion. They struck up an alliance and used their magic gems to perform a ritual at the Ruins of Constellas, summoning forth a band of Felguard. This squad of demons gave accolade on behalf of the Legion and granted both Mauron and Xavathras additional power.

Part Three: Iruxos and the Summoning at Desolace

Later in their expedition, Mauron and his agents traveled south through Stonetalon and entered Desolace. In the mountains bordering the north, they were contacted by the demon Iruxos who demanded they summon an ally of his. They set up a ritual site and used another gem to summon forth the demon. They then received accolades by Iruxos who granted Mauron with psychic energy and claimed his spirit would persist long after death.

Chapter VI: The History of Dalan

Part One: The Early Years

Dalangelus Blackwind was born on his family's stead near Brill, and grew up into the farm life. Early on he met a local girl named Celedine, with whom he became very close. When he reached his teens, Dalan began working at the Agamand Mills to help support his family, and while there, he met Everett, another farmhand. The two grew close and became best friends. At the end of their teenage years, Celedine left Brill to join the armed forces of Stormwind, which saddened Dalan since he never had the chance to act on his feelings for her.

Part Two: A Call to Arms

Taking a cue from Celedine, Dalan also decided to join the armed forces. However, he was unable to leave Lordaeron, so he enlisted in the army of the capital city, hoping to one day be reunited with Celedine, even if it was alongside her on the battlefield. Dalan was very efficient in his training and quickly rose to the rank of Captain, obtaining the nickname "Schwarzkrieg" for his ferocity. At one point, he was even lauded by Prince Arthas himself, during his one time encounter with the Lordaeron heir.

Part Three: Deployment into Silverpine

In the beginning days of the Third War, rumors of a mysterious plague surfaced in Lordaeron, and expeditions were sent out to investigate. One such expedition, led by Prince Arthas and Uther Lightbringer of the Silver Hand, headed eastward to investigate the source of the plague. Other batallions, however, were also sent out to other locations to surmise the effects and extent of damage that had occurred. Dalan was put in charge of one such batallion which then headed southbound into Silverpine Forest. The troops were unexpectedly ambushed by a legion of undead soldiers who thoroughly decimated their numbers. Only Dalan and a small number of survivors were able to escape, and they sought refuge inside of a cave in the north end of the forest.

Chapter VII: The Untainted Heart

Part One: Peak of the Long Vigil

Part Two: The Exiled Order

Part Three: Till Death do us Part

Chapter VIII: A Rogue's Ordeal

Part One: Landing at Theramore

Part Two: The Aristocracy

Part Three: A Killing Blow

Chapter IX: Expansion of the Covenant

Part One: The Worgen of Silverpine

Part Two: The Bleakheart Alliance

Part Three: The Disruption of Ashenvale

Chapter X: Fall of the Covenant

Part One: The Prisoner Krall

Part Two: The Betrayal of Embron

Eventually, Mauron came to recognize the strength of the growing Scourge, and since they had ties to the undead, felt that their cause would best be served in accord with them. Mauron gathered the Blackheart Templar and led a portion of the Dark Hand Covenant into the freshly corrupted Plaguelands to seek an audience with Kel'Thuzad, leader of the Scourge in Lordaeron. Embron, disagreeing with this act, used his abilities to draw the soul of Al'Ghul out of Mauron's body and entrapped it within the pages of a mystical grimoire. With Mauron lifeless and hollow and Al'Ghul's spirit banished away, Embron took control of the Templar and the Covenant and led his forces away from the Plaguelands. This act forced Embron to sacrifice a large portion of his magical ability, leaving him weak and vulnerable.

Part Three: Revolution of Will

With Mauron gone and Embron weakened, the mystical bindings of the Dark Hand Covenant began to falter, and Embron's hold over his troops failed. Among the slew to become self-aware were Dalan and Banisher, who, in cooperation with the prisoner Krall, formed an alliance within the Covenant. Before long, half of the Covenants ranks had joined with the revolution, and within the confines of the cult's cavernous home, a mutinous battle took place. One half against the other, undead soldiers and mages raged against each other in a magical battle. Banisher rose to take a stand against Embron, and the two engaged in a magical duel. Their energies clashed, creating a magical explosion that caused the cave to collapse. In the process, all of the remaining agents were either killed or put into a mystical hibernation. Dalan, Banisher, and Krall were among those put into the sleep.

Chapter XI: The New Covenant

Part One: Awakening

Part Two: Reunion

Part Three: Return to Silverpine

Chapter XII: The Blackwood Saints

Part One: Silverpine

Part Two: Tirisfal

Part Three: Plaguelands

Chapter XIII: Across the Sea

Part One: The Demons of Durotar

Part Two: The Twinblade

Part Three: The High Wilderness

Chapter XIV: The Corrupted Light

Part One: The Holy Order

Part Two: The Dark Path

Part Three: The Grimoire Unleashed

Chapter XV: Awakening of the Blackheart

Part One: Awakening of Allenhardt

Part Two: A Call to Mauron

Part Three: Gathering of the Templar

Chapter XVI:

Part One: Brandt

Brandt was nothing but a young street urchin, wandering Lordaeron, never staying anywhere permanently. At one point, he came across a dusty old grimoire which, unbeknownst to him, belonged to Embron and contained the spirit of Al'Ghul. During his transience, he headed south to Stormwind, where he was able to make some money from a warlock trainer in the Mage Quarter who bought the strange grimoire from him. Using his new wealth, though minimal, he was able to pay for a room in Andorhal where he got a job as a millhand, transporting grain from granaries to be shipped. However, on the fateful day that Arthas arrived to counter the Scourge threat, he slaughtered a large number of the living population, including Brandt.

Part Two: Scrum

Part Three: Allenhardt’s Plea

Chapter XVII: Splintered Fragments

Part One: Awakening of Briarfox

Part Two: Journey to the Plaguelands

Part Three: Seeking the Grimoire

Chapter XVIII: The Blacksaint

Part One: Briarfox acquires the Grimoire

Part Two: Emergence of Blacksaint

Part Three: The Inner Circle Reassembled

Chapter XIX: The Bleeding Oracle

Part One: Origin of Obedai

Part Two: The Demon Speaks

Part Three: The Forging of the Oracle

Chapter XX: Shadows of the Past

Part One: Thunder Axe Fortress

Part Two: The Wailing Caverns

Part Three: The Forests of Felwood

Chapter XXI: Great Mothers Promise

Part One: Bloodmaw and Drisden

Part Two: Graile

Part Three: Shaman Alliance

Chapter XXII: Great Mothers Charm

Part One: Memorativa and Hinshakar

Part Two: Ashentalia

Part Three: The Troll Exile

Chapter XXIII: Nature of the Beast

Part One: Amnesiac

Part Two: Path of the Hunter

Part Three: Revelation

Chapter XXIV: Celedine and Everett

Part One: Splinter Cell

Part Two: Reunion

Part Three: Strike Force

Chapter XXV: The Untainted Heart Revisited

Part One: Rise of Anakali

Part Two: Semblance of Mae’Tyrn

Part Three: Purification

Chapter XXVI:

Part One: Dalan and Krall enter the Plaguelands

Part Two:

Part Three: Mauron Resurrected

Chapter XXVII:

Part One: Meeting of the Splinters

Part Two:

Part Three:

Chapter XXVIII:

Part One: Raid on the Blackheart Part One

Part Two: Raid on the Blackheart Part Two

Part Three: Defeat of Mauron

Chapter XXIX:

Part One: Blacksaint's Escape

Part Two: Realms Asunder

Part Three: The Black God

Chapter XXX:

Part One: Return to Balance

Part Two: Parting of the Splinters

Part Three: Reparations

Chapter XXXI:

Part One: Way of the Warlock

Part Two: The Grimoire Unlocked

Part Three: The Blackheart Templar Reborn

Chapter XXXII:

Part One: Simon

Part Two:

Part Three:

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