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|style="background: #333;"|[[Shadowfang Keep]]
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|style="background: #333;"|[[Uldaman]]
|style="background: #333;"|[[Uldaman]]
|style="background: #333;"|[[Sunken Temple]]
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Dhc dalan

Dalan of the Dark Hand Covenant

Dalan comment02

Dalan in-flight


Dalan braving the Gates of Grim Batol

Dalan is an undead warrior on the Ner'zhul Pacific PvP server and Master-at-Arms and co-leader of The Dark Hand Covenant and is currently a member of <Kings>. He was created the day after the North American launch of World of Warcraft, and was also used in the Beta testing and Stress test of the game prior. Former guilds include: <Azeroth Liberation Army> and <Shadow Gypsies>.


Born Dalangelus Blackwind, Dalan grew up in the farmlands of Brill tending to his family's small farm near Stillwater Pond. They did not make very much profit off of their crops, so in his teens, Dalan took a job as a farmhand at Agamand Mills. He worked there with another young man named Everett, and the two quickly became best friends. Dalan had another friend that he had known since childhood, a girl named Celedine. He harbored a deep affection for the girl, but never drew up the confidence to act on it. Once she came of age, she left Dalan's life and moved away from Brill to travel to Stormwind where she enrolled in the armed forces. Dalan felt deep sorrow from her departure and decided to join the armed forces himself. However, he was unable to leave Lordaeron due to his family and joined the local army of the capital city instead. He hoped that he would one day be reunited with Celedine, even if it had to be beside her on the battlefield.

Military Career

Dalan trained tirelessly and within a few years rose to become a Captain in the guard. He was given his own troops to lead and was nicknamed "Schwarzkrieg" for his ferocity in battle. By the age of twenty-two, he was given his first assignment as Captain. Rumors had begun to spread of a deadly plague terrorizing the lands. Agents of the Silver Hand, accompanied by Lordaeron's own Prince Arthas, were one of the several deployments sent out to investigate, and had ventured into the east to search for signs of the plague, while Dalan's troops were sent to the west.

See the Reign of Chaos Human Campaign

Dalan led his troops southbound into Silverpine Forest where they were ambushed by a band of undead soldiers and mages. A large portion of his troops were slaughtered almost immediately, and only a handful survived, escaping into the depths of the forest. They retreated along the foothills and eventually came to a cave. Thinking they could hide, they ventured inside, becoming lost within the twisting tunnels. Before long, Dalan and his troops stumbled across a pair of beings who appeared to be similar to their former High Elf allies, but were of a race they had not seen before. They were a pair of Night Elves and introduced themselves as Alexandreta and Dartain. They were with a Druidic expedition on the way to Dalaran to warn the Alliance of the coming Scourge threat, but were ambushed by the undead and forced to hide away.

Dalan took the Night Elves into his care and they bided their time, waiting for the opportunity to sneak away to safety. Before long, the caves were overrun with the undead, and the survivors soon realized that it was not a normal cave they were hiding in, but the secret hideaway of these undead soldiers. The undead confronted Dalan and his allies, and a mage approached them, identifying himself as Embron, second in command of their cult, The Dark Hand Covenant. He observed that they were strong survivors and would make good additions to their ranks. The soldiers then attacked Dalan and his allies, killing them all.

Dalan was the only one to leave behind a corpse viable for resurrection, and was soon raised as an undead. He was mindless and loyal only to his new master, leader of The Dark Hand Covenant, the Death Knight Mauron Alnamis.

It was not long before the betrayal of the cults second in command, Embron, led to the banishment of Mauron. Without their leader's will to control them, several members of the Covenant began to become independent and develop their own free will. Dalan, being one such member, conspired to overthrow the cult, and, with his fellow conspirators, succeeded in doing so. He now leads the New Dark Hand Covenant alongside Krall, traveling the land to revert all the rituals that the cult had previously performed.

Goals of the Future to Purify the Past

After destroying the demonic cult that the Dark Hand Covenant used to be and reestablishing it as a force of good for the existence of life on Azeroth, Dalan and Krall splintered away from their new associates, Blacksaint, Felexandria, Darklance, and Shadowscythe, and ventured across all of the lands in search of the festering remnants of demonic corruption left behind by their former slavers, knowing full well that, if left unchecked, the process already set in motion could very well bring the Burning Legion back into the world. Dalan first found evidence of this threat in Desolace, while battling the Burning Blade at Thunder Axe Fortress. While retrieving the Demon Hand, he encountered the demon Iruxos, who had previously been associated with the Dark Hand Covenant and its leader, Mauron. Before being cut down, he informed Dalan that the spirit of Mauron still lived on, imprisoned, but still alive, and his return was imminent. It was from this point that Dalan found his first clues, which led him and Krall into Felwood where they discovered the first signs of the Dark Hand Covenant at the Ruins of Constellas.

From Felwood, Dalan and Krall were led to the Plaguelands, where the dark energies are the strongest. It is there that they hope to find the remains of Mauron and end the threat he poses once and for all.

End of Ends

After tracking down a revived Mauron and fending against the reassembled Blackheart Templar, Dalan and Krall were finally able to destroy their former leader along with the help of the Shadow Gypsies. A warlock ally was able to extract a corrupted soul shard from Mauron's body, which was fragmented into two pieces, one going to Dalan, the other to Krall.

With their long quest for purification at an end, and the final remnants of the old Dark Hand Covenant finally gone, Dalan and Krall then ventured into Outland to begin their adventures anew and further their attempts at the full eradication of all demonic forces.

Gameplay Experience

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Dalan Horde 15 Ner'zhul IconSmall Undead Male Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior 70 Kings Master-at-Arms
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Talents (Arms spec) • ReputationSkills


Mining (375/375) Blacksmithing (355/375)
First Aid (375/375) Cooking (140/150)
Fishing (148/150) Riding (225/225)


Wailing Caverns Blackfathom Deeps Ragefire Chasm Maraudon
Zul'Farrak Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj -- --
Eastern Kingdoms
Shadowfang Keep Scarlet Monastery (4) Uldaman Sunken Temple
Blackrock Depths Scholomance Zul'Gurub Old Hillsbrad
Hellfire Ramparts Blood Furnace -- --

Player vs. Player

Honor: Highest Rank: Stone Guard (HK: ~6375)

Alterac Valley Arathi Basin Warsong Gulch

Arena Teams
2v2 3v3 5v5

The Dark Hand Covenant



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