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Dhc dalan

Dalan of the Dark Hand Covenant (prior to the Burning Crusade)

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Dalan in-flight


Dalan braving the Gates of Grim Batol

Dalan is an undead warrior and creator of The Dark Hand Covenant. Former affiliations include: <Azeroth Liberation Army>, <Shadow Gypsies>, and <Kings>.


Dalan grew up in the farmlands of Brill tending to his family small farm near Stillwater Pond. They did not make very much profit so in his teens Dalan took a job as a farmhand at Agamand Mills where he met his best friend Everett and a girl named Celedine, for whom he harbored a deep secret affection. Once Celedine came of age she left Brill to enroll in the armed forces in Stormwind and Dalan felt a deep sorrow at her departure. He eventually joined the armed forces himself but was unable to leave Lordaeron due to family obligations and enrolled in the local army of the capital instead. He hoped that he would one day be reunited with Celedine, even if it had to be beside her on the battlefield.

Military Career

Dalan trained tirelessly and within a few years rose to the rank of Captain. His first assignment was to investigate rumors that had begun to spread of a deadly plague terrorizing the lands. Agents of the Silver Hand, accompanied by Lordaeron's own Prince Arthas, were one of the several deployments sent out to investigate and had ventured into the east to search for signs of the plague, while Dalan's troops were sent to the west.

See Reign of Chaos: The Scourge of Lordaeron

Dalan led his men into Silverpine Forest where they were ambushed by a band of undead soldiers and mages. A large portion of his troops were slaughtered almost immediately, with only a handful escaping into the depths of the forest. The survivors sought refuge in the foothills but were unable to escape their pursuers and the undead confronted Dalan and his men, killing them all and raising them as agents of the dead.

Eventually there was an uprising within the ranks of the undead as many had begun to regain their free will. Craving independence, many of them--Dalan included--rebelled and overthrew their mindless captors, retaking their freedom and establishing themselves as an independent guild of undead. Dalan rose up as leader of this new guild, which he dubbed The Dark Hand Covenant.

After the rise of the Forsaken, The Covenant joined with their ranks, aligning with Sylvanas Windrunner and becoming a part of The Horde.

Gameplay Experience

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Dalan Horde 15 Ner'zhul IconSmall Undead Male Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior 70 Kings Master-at-Arms
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Talents (Arms spec) • ReputationSkills


Mining (375/375) Blacksmithing (355/375)
First Aid (375/375) Cooking (140/150)
Fishing (148/150) Riding (225/225)


Wailing Caverns Blackfathom Deeps Ragefire Chasm Maraudon
Zul'Farrak Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj -- --
Eastern Kingdoms
Shadowfang Keep Scarlet Monastery (4) Uldaman Sunken Temple
Blackrock Depths Scholomance Zul'Gurub Old Hillsbrad
Hellfire Ramparts Blood Furnace -- --

Player vs. Player

Honor: Highest Rank: Stone Guard (HK: ~6375)

Alterac Valley Arathi Basin Warsong Gulch

Arena Teams
2v2 3v3 5v5

The Dark Hand Covenant



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