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General Info

Name: Merazzarai of the Darkspears

Race: Jungle Troll

Age: 38

Birthplace: Shadowprey Village

Height: 210 cm

Weight: 95 kg

Sex: Male

Hair: Purple/pink

Eyes: Red

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Class: Enhancement Shaman

Guild: House Indari

Physical Description:

He has long tusks that jutted straight forward from his jaw. His vibrant purple/pink hair is short, and usually circls his head in disarray.

He is dressed in Shamanistic clothing: a leather vest and kilt hung with shrunken heads and herb pouches. He has brown leather straps around his ankles and wrists, and two wide straps that went over his shoulders to attach firmly into his vest with hard iron rivets. He wears a pair of goggles over his eyes that, he says, allow him to see the currents and eddies of energy. He carries a long staff made of pure white wood, the top of which is shaped into a claw. From the toes on the claw are suspended shamanistic charms: a worg foot, a herb pouch, and some kind of dried out eyeball, all at the ends of short leather ties.

At his belt he carries a simple dagger, and hangs several bags and pouches. A Shaman always has need of little knickknacks and other reagents for his rituals, and those pouches are stuffed full.


As an apprentice shaman, Merazzara was taught all about the spiritual and elemental side of nature. To him, though, it was merely another route through which he could exercise his Will and impose it on others. Meraz believes that the weak are deserving of that which comes to them, and that the strong are destined to rule them. He doesn't hold loyalty to any particular land or government, though, because his lust for power is not one that can be quenched with armies and nations. He seeks to rule the minds of those around him and to inflict pain and suffering on those he encounters. That is, of course, only if they cannot adequately defend themselves against him. He lives for the struggle of Wills, and so far, has only met three that could match or better him.

He met up with Jhullienne Treyakan when, as instructed to by the Spirits, he travelled to the Tirisfal Glades and was ambushed by a squad of Scarlet Crusaders. Jhullienne Treyakan came to his aid and they have been companions ever since.

His story is currently being chronicled in the House Indari Chronicles. His first appearance is in the story In Search of a Mentor.


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Merazzarai lives on the Steamwheedle Cartel server.

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