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General Info Edit

Name: Jhullienne Treyakan

Race: Forsaken

Age: Reanimated for 2 years

Re-Birthplace: Deathknell

Height: 145 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Sex: Female

Hair: Green

Eyes: Yellow

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Demonology Warlock

Guild: House Indari

Physical Description:

Jhullienne wears a long heavy robe of the darkest black cloth, and on her arms she has thick strips of black cloth wound around from elbow to wrist. On her back she wears a piece that is half cape and half cloak, with a hood and wide metal shoulders. It was all in black, hood and cape, and the shoulders are etched in shining silver. Her kneehigh boots are softsoled leather dyed black and wrapped with strips of black cloth similar to those on her arms. She has a black glove on her right hand, and on her left is what she called her Grasp. It is a black leather glove with a gemstone on the palm. The back of the glove is embroidered in gold thread and studded with small rubies and saphires. The Gemstone in the palm is the real value of the glove, though. It is mostly blue, but it is translucent as though the waters and the skies are trapped within. The gem is carved into the shape of a skull, and dark energies swirl violently within as though a tempest trapped in a bottle. Around her head she wears a black headband with a purple gemstone in it. The straps on her arms, legs, and head all have lengths of cloth beyond the knot that hang loose at her elbows, knees, and the nape of her neck.

Like most other reanimated corpses, Jhullienne is in a constant state of decay, although the process is slowed considerably by the magicks that animate her. Her flesh is a sickly mint green, and her bones, where they show through, are bleached white. Her eyes are small glowing yellow orbs sunk within her head, and her cheeks are eaten through so that one could see her teeth through them. Her finger- and toenails are long and jagged, and are considerably stronger and harder than they had been in life. They were almost claws, now, and they always manage to cut holes through her gloves and boots. Her hair is short, and the colour of pea soup, and it almost always swept up and back from her face like the headdress of some Tauren band chief.

Around her waist, Jhullienne wears a strip of black leather from which she hangs her sword and is buckled with a silver buckle shaped like a bat. The sword's blade is short, single edged, and has a recurve to it. Her sword is a shining silver, and the handle is what appears to be black onyx, its pommel a skull. Arrayed along the belt are several bags and pouches for her reagents and soulgems.

Bio Edit

Jhullienne believes in assisting the greater good. Rarely will she ignore a plea from someone whom she is capable of defending or assisting, unless she believes their motives in seeking her help are dishonourable. She has a high regard for loyalty, dedication, and honour, and although she doesn't hold any true loyalty for the grand schemes of the Horde, she will help out when she feels it necessary.

Having little memory of her life before her death, Jhullienne follows her instincts rather than any specific set of morals or rules. She believes that her 'gut feelings' are actually holdovers of a code of honour she followed when she was alive. She has an aptitude for magic and a lust for power. Following the way of the Warlock just seemed right to her.

She has since Bound to her Will six demons, the Imp Zilkin, the Shadow Elemental Jhaznuz, the Succubus Angynn, the FelHunter Bheeghun, the FelSteed Nmarrax'xdteryn, and the FelGuard Thooroon. She is also capable of calling an Infernal to aid her, should it be needed. She is currently teaching Aeyesa Indari the Art of the Warlock.

Jhullienne is the Premier of the The Conclave.

Her story is currently being chronicled in the House Indari Chronicles. Her first appearance is in the story In Search of a Mentor.

Gossip Edit

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Jhullienne lives on the Steamwheedle Cartel server.

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