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General Info Edit


Aeyesa Indari as drawn by Zamboozle

Name: Aeyesa Indari, High Seat of House Indari and member of the New Convocation of Silvermoon

Race: Sin'Dorei

Age: ~17

Birthplace: Quel'thalas

Height: 195 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Sex: Female

Hair: Silver/Blonde

Eyes: Purple

Alignment: Pure Neutral

Class: Affliction Warlock

Guild: House Indari

Physical Description:

She is lithe and slender of hip and bust and pert of face and form. She wears a short skirt of brushed red velvet and high boots of a matching material. She keeps two matching daggers tucked into her boottops whose handles are thin and wrapped in blue cloth. Her top is a bustier made of red velvety cloth and reinforced with thin strips of black leather. It is small, leaving her midriff bare from sternum to navel. On her back she wears a red cape with rigid shoulders settled around her neck that drapes nearly to her ankles. She wears a necklace that is tight around her throat but dangles a large pendant on the end of a silver chain in her cleavage. Her skin is fair and flawless and accented in several places with tattoos, the designs intricate and weaving. They weren't actual pictures of anything, but rather were lines that followed one another around the contours of her body.

Her eyes are violet, glow faintly, and seem to 'mist', like purple smoke wafting from her head. Her voice is melodious, almost like she is always singing. It is like the tinkling of bells, but it also has an imperious tone to it, like she expects everything she says to carry great weight and every order to be obeyed.

Bio Edit

Born in the city of Quel'thalas, nestled within the great Eversong Forest, Aeyesa started life as a happy child of a small and modest Noble House. Then Arthas and the Scourge came, and destroyed all that she knew. Her father, Lord Aerlon Indari, the High Seat of House Indari, lead the Family's meager forces to fight with the Army of the King. With him he took his two sons, Aetheryl and Aekyanas, leaving Aeyesa behind at the mansion. The King's forces were defeated, and most of the Indari armsmen were killed, making Aeyesa the High Seat of the Family. Her cousins Aeyanahrue, Aelehyana, and Aeyerryn Indari, were raised to the Lesser Seats, and currently run the House in her absence. She has since taken training as a warlock under the mentorship of Jhullienne Treyakan. Her story is currently being chronicled in the House Indari Chronicles. Her first appearance is in the story In Search of a Mentor.

Gossip Edit

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Aeyesa lives on the Steamwheedle Cartel server.

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