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Started her journey as a Warlock, Angellic grew up in a Forsaken Church as the adopted daughter of Shadow Priest Allister. She mastered her skills as a warlock swiftly and completed her training. After being granted the secrets of her last demonic minion, she decided it is time to fly south and travel through the fiery core of Blackrock Mountain, where she received epic memories and weapons beyond her imagination.

One afternoon, after a long week in Blackwing Lair, she was called by her friend to help ridding the world of the Scarlet Crusade in Tyr's Hand. An ironic twist of fate made her uncover a strange power emerging from the dead Crusader Lord she had just defeated. It was the Light. She was illuminated by it...

Her curiosity possessed Angellic as she began to study it deeply but carefully. Frightened by what she had realised she has done, she finally decided to fix the error of her ways and become a Holy Priest. Her new Holy power amazed even herself and after several hard months, she mastered it altogether.

But alas, it did not last for she was the only heir of the great Allister chain. Not by heart but by soul, the Shadows cried for her to return to her father and fix what she has done to herself. Her struggle over herself lasted for weeks before she realised she has to fix what she has done.

So she went back to her home in Silverpine Forest and saught after him. Even though he was shocked at first to see her the way she is, he agreed to teach her how to become the Dark Cleric she was always destined to be.

He taught her everything he knew about the powers of the Darkness, Vampirism and the shadowed memories of the past. Angellic, swiftly getting used to her new powers, went to the Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley, where she became legendary.

Physical Appearance

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