• I live in the West Coast, US
  • I am female

Introduction and HistoryEdit

I am a Starter Account/Free-to-Play/F2P (also Vet) Twinker from Lightbringer US. I joined WoW around 4.3 in Norgannon. At first, I wasn't good at gearing my characters *coughHuntersWithIntellect*. After Mist came out, I moved to Lightbringer due to Time Zones. Since then, I've finally learned how to get around the game (even in some higher level areas) as a Level 20 and began making twinks out of what a Starter Edition Account has to offer. Despite the limitations, WoW is pretty fun. The Level 20-29 Battlegrounds are popular due Starter Accounts. Queues pop in minutes and Starter Accounts can test their skills against better geared Paid Accounts.

As of Patch 6.1, I play as a Vet. My Vet characters are stronger counterparts of their pure Starter Account characters.


Omegahunterx: Level 20 Worgen Druid. Icon-armory-18x18 Omegahunterx (Lightbringer US)
Vet Version: Xretnuhagemo: Level 20 Worgen Druid. Icon-armory-18x18 Xretnuhagemo (Lightbringer US)

One of my best twinks. A final product from trial and error by recreating similar worgen druids. He has gear both effective for all specs. Balance, Feral, Guardian, Restro. He also has 100 cooking recipes! Check the armory if you don't believe me.

Angelicstar: Level 20 Human Paladin. Icon-armory-18x18 Angelicstar (Lightbringer US)
Vet Version: Ratscilegna: Level 20 Human Paladin. Icon-armory-18x18 Ratscilegna (Lightbringer US)

Yours truly. Similar to Omegahunterx, Angelicstar underwent recreation through trial and error (because I kept losing to a holy pally). Angelicstar is mainly a retribution paladin to smack enemies with a giant sword.

Alicelestial: Level 20 Dwarf Shaman. Icon-armory-18x18 Alicelestial (Lightbringer US)
Vet Version: Laitselecila: Level 20 Dwarf Shaman Icon-armory-18x18 Laitselecila (Lightbringer US)

Because knocking people off Lumber Mill is fun. Also, makes priest shields and druid heals almost useless.

Sagittaria: Level 20 Draenei Hunter. Icon-armory-18x18 Sagittaria (Lightbringer US)
Vet Version: Airattigas: Level 20 Draenei Hunter Icon-armory-18x18 Airattigas (Lightbringer US)

One of my best twinks. Sagittaria is the strongest dps in my disposal (because hunters so are op). She's armed with the best gear a Starter Account could have and a bird to weaken heals, making sure Sagittaria kills her prey. She also carries stacks of Heavy Silk Bandages to heal her wounds so she can quickly return to combat to continue unleashing a barrage of arrows. She's staring at you, healers and rogues.

Omeganullxyz: Level 20 Draenei Warrior. Icon-armory-18x18 Omeganullxyz (Lightbringer US)
Vet Version: Zyxllunagemo: Level 20 Draenei Warrior Icon-armory-18x18 Zyxllunagemo (Lightbringer US)

Omeganull can play as a walking metallic meat shield! Other than that, he can give enemy healers a hard time to heal.

Ombrecorbeau: Level 20 Dwarf Rogue. Icon-armory-18x18 Ombrecorbeau (Lightbringer US)
Vet Version: Uaebrocerbmo: Level 20 Dwarf Rogue Icon-armory-18x18 Uaebrocerbmo (Lightbringer US)

Ombre's task is to keep Level 29s and Healers out of combat so the rest of the team can take out other enemies. Of course, Ombre likes to pick on healers.

Ombrecorbeau also means "Black Raven" in French. Je ne parle pas français.

Jillaria: Level 20 Draenei Mage. Icon-armory-18x18 Jillaria (Lightbringer US)
Vet Version: Ariallij: Level 20 Draenei Mage Icon-armory-18x18 Ariallij (Lightbringer US)

Jillaria is one the group's caster dps and also crowd controls if needed. Unfortunately being in a low level bracket makes her unfavorable against most classes who have better survivability and have heals.

Elunesive: Level 20 Night Elf Priest. Icon-armory-18x18 Elunesive (Lightbringer US)
Vet Version: Evisenule: Level 20 Night Elf Priest Icon-armory-18x18 Evisenule (Lightbringer US)

Elunesive is the group's primary healer (Angelicstar being secondary). She can hide while defending points to make it seems like the point is not guarded.

Deathalchemy: Level 20 Dwarf Warlock. Icon-armory-18x18 Deathalchemy (Lightbringer US)
Vet Version: Ymehclahtaed: Level 20 Dwarf Warlock Icon-armory-18x18 Ymehclahtaed (Lightbringer US)

Deathalchemy is one of the group's caster dps. She can "disorient" enemies by spamming Fear. She can also give friendly healers a second chance.

Ironserpent: Level 20 Draenei Monk Icon-armory-18x18 Ironserpent (Lightbringer US)
Vet Version: Tnepresnori: Level 20 Draenei Monk Icon-armory-18x18 Tnepresnori (Lightbringer US)

Ironserpent is one of my melee powerhouse and heavy AoE DPS/Tank.

Omeganulldk: Level 100 Draenei Death Knight Icon-armory-18x18 Omeganulldk (Lightbringer US)

Omeganulldk is my "main" for Lightbringer. He is to supply my lower level characters stuff that cannot be obtained by low levels such as enchants. Unfortunately Omeganulldk remains frozen most of the time due to the lack of Game Time.

Other NotesEdit

I will be editing and updating any abilities or items regarding around Level 20-29 and Starter Accounts. Join the Alliance! We got Rifle Commander's Eyepatch and Thelwater's Steelwoven Eyepatch!

I also play on PTR. You can find me on Anasterian(US) with characters of the same name above.

Do note I'm not very good at editing wikis from scratch. I often have to copy and paste from a similar article.

I have a Wowhead.

More stuff about meEdit

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