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The nefarious warlock Keruptis SaDiablo, as drawn by the legendary Don Perlin.

Name: Keruptis SaDiablo
Race: Human
Class: Warlock
Faction: Alliance
Level: 60

Former Guild Leader of the Scions of Darkness

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Keruptis is one of a pair of twins born to the Archmager SaDiablo in Stormwind. He and his brother Ryvin were both intelligent, keen scholars of the arcane, and were groomed to both become mages worthy of the SaDiablo line. Whereas Ryvin excelled in magecraft, Keruptis found himself fascinated by the demonic, having stumbled across a forbidden book that had been earmarked for destruction.

Despite it being forbidden - or perhaps because of it - both brothers delved deeper into its secrets, gradually losing interest (and therefore, ability) in magery. When his father found out, they were expelled from both family and the Mage Quarter. Ryvin blamed his brother for the temptation and estrangement from all they had known, and became a hermit somewhere in Desolace.

Keruptis continued his work under Ursula Deline, becoming a powerful warlock. Through strange and esoteric ritual, he found himself able to commune with the being known only to him as "The Great Dark". Keruptis served the Darkness with a rare combination of talent and dedication, founding the order of warlocks known as the Scions of Darkness.

On November 18th 2006, Keruptis Sa'Diablo in an effort to Exterminate Griffonclaw, lured him to the Gurubashi Arena to put him to death. When Keruptis was about to deliver the death blow he was ambushed by members of the Horde. Kodar Claimed his body and burned it to ashes, his head decapitated, and his soul in limbo via a Soulstone.

Zamboozle with is Dark Magicks cursed the Soulstone to anyone who touched it to hellish nightmares and threw it to a river. The Soulstone was later found by his brother, Ryvin Sa'Diablo, Keruptis's Soul was treansferred to his brother's body.

On December 24th the process of the soulstone transferr did not succeed and his soul was returned to the Great Dark.

((on December 24th after a poll was taken and the people of Steamwheedle Cartel gave him a 10% chance to succeed, with that Keruptis came online at the steps of the Cathedral of Light and made an ingame die roll (/roll 100) in order for the process to succeed he had to roll a 10 or lower, he did not roll a 10 or lower and the process failed, his last words were "Steamwheedle Cartel... Farewell.", and then logged off))

On December 25th 2006 Keruptis Sa'Diablo is no more.

Keruptis plays on Alliance 32Server:Steamwheedle Cartel US.

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