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Very old picture of Andomin.

Player Information

Andomin's parents have not been recorded in any history book besides the archives at Dalaran, which were lost with the destruction of the city. His origin of birth is still under dispute, but Andomin is believed to be raised by Mages in Dalaran, because his mother and father were both believed to always be at work with the Council of Tirisfal. From the archives in Stormwind City, it's written that his name derives from Antonidas and Drenden both of the Kirin Tor. In accordance with these records, it states that Andomin has a ancestral relation with Erbag, but what type of family relation is unknown. Most records of magical families that lived in Dalaran were torched with the city's decline.

Not long ago, Andomin rose up to fight the swarms of Silithus. Although never playing a part in defeating the old god, C'thun, he did slay the Twin Emperors. After the deaths, no historical knowledge is written until he becomes a member of Conviction. Along with many friends he had there, he fought against foes like Ragnaros, Nefarian, and The Prophet Skeram. He remained the mage leader in Conviction until the time of the Burning Crusade. Not long after the re-opening of the dark portal, he parted with his allegiance to Conviction and disappeared.

According to a few scholars and archivists at Stormwind's Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences, after his departure from Conviction, he entered an era of instability and stagnation. He tried several times to make a come back, however no attempts with the new guilds took flight. This was a troublesome time for the proud mage, and this period marked his well known fall from grace.

In private, a few of the founding members of Pantheon Bloodline began laying groundwork for the new guild. They worked for nearly a month with their plans. Right before the return of a prominent leader and friend named Osirax, the guild was created, and Andomin served as one of the founding members. This relatively new powerhouse is still his home, and he has finally reclaimed all of his former fame. He's now actively working with friends and colleagues in the Isle of Quel'Danas, and has played a hand in the deaths of his foes in Sunwell Plateau.

On June 4, 2008, in a titanic battle between Kalecgos and Andomin. Kalecgos shot a spectral blast at the courageous gnome, and simultaneously he blinked, causing a rift in time to be created. The gnome was teleported to an unknown location to an unknown time. Krullaran the Prophet, a resident of Maraudon, has stated that the valiant gnome will some day return to defeat Arthas. His brother is now in control of all of Andomin's assets and worldly possessions.

Andomin plays on Alliance 32Server:Steamwheedle Cartel US.

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