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Stormwind City is often called the "last bastion" of human society left in all of the Eastern Kingdoms, and that's not too far from the truth. Stormwind has survived through three wars, and though for a time was considered lost, enough of the foundation remained to rebuild the proud city - just in time to receive a massive influx of refugees from the plagued continent of Lordaeron. Once nothing more than a keep, Stormwind is now the official capital city of the human race. Nevertheless, though its streets are safe and its people kind, there are still shadows lurking in its alleys, prisons, and even its throne room. Adventurers who dig deep enough will find corruption and unrest - and if they're not careful, their untimely end.



Stormwind has evolved from a simple keep to a massive city housing most of the surviving human race that was once spread out amongst six kingdoms

Stormwind was one of the seven great human nations when the First War began. It was also the only nation not located in Lordaeron. Situated much farther south (past the dwarven lands of Khaz Modan) and nestled in a lush forest, Stormwind was the "outpost" of the human alliance for quite some time. However, though Stormwind was indeed a human nation, Stormwind City as we know it today was little more than a cluster of cottages at the foot of a massive keep. Most of Stormwind's residents settled in many quaint forest towns throughout the continent of Azeroth. However, the unleashing of the orcish hordes on the nation devastated Stormwind. Though ruled by able kings and protected by the proud Brotherhood of the Horse, the orcs were unlike any foe Stormwind's army had ever seen or even imagined. The orcs destroyed the few human encampments in the western swamps, marched past the shadow of Karazhan, and poured into Elwynn Forest. Though the orcs faced early defeats, eventually they marched into Stormwind Keep. King Llane Wrynn himself had been assassinated shortly before the fall of the Keep.

Lord Anduin Lothar, armsman of the Brotherhood of the Horse, was distraught. During the course of the war, he had been imprisoned by ogres (who had also arrived on Azeroth through the Dark Portal) for more than a year before being rescued by Stormwind forces. After recovering, he and his men marched on their former home of Karazhan and killed the sorcerer Medivh, who had betrayed his nation by opening the portal the orcs used to arrive on Azeroth. Though Medivh had been a friend, Lothar's loyalty to his nation was absolute. The Brotherhood of the Horse was not able to reclaim Karazhan, but there would have been little point in doing so. The death of the king had sealed the fate of the nation. In a swift evacuation, Lothar sent his men out into the orc-held forests and saved as many civilians as possible from the clutches of the green-skinned barbarians. Then, with the orcs in pursuit, the humans of Stormwind set sail for the continent of Lordaeron in a mass exodus. Lothar's hasty abandonment of his home nation was initially criticized, but it was this event that saved the human race from extinction.

As the orcs arrived on Lordaeron and the Second War began in its fields, Stormwind Keep lay in ruins. Quite a few orcs remained on the continent of Azeroth, killing the occasional group of survivors and easily looting abandoned towns. The former human lands became charred, smokey, and fallow. Very few survivors lived to see the army's return to Stormwind, and even fewer had dared to venture out of their hiding places to observe the goings-on in the orc-held keep and the surrounding woods. The few accounts that exist claim that the ruins of Stormwind were held by the Twilight's Hammer, an orc clan led by a crazed ogre-mage and focused entirely on bringing about demons, the apocalypse, and bloody destruction. Most of these eyewitness accounts, scrawled in tattered journals, end with a mournful suicide note from the author.

The dark days of Stormwind came to an end with the return of the human army to the besieged continent. The orcs that had chased the fleeing humans to Lordaeron hastily retreated to the borders of the human lands, making final stands in the Swamp of Sorrows and at the base of Blackrock Spire. The army, intensely loyal to Lord Lothar, continued fighting with unmatched spirit even after their leader died during the bloody battles. When the black dust settled, the humans were the victors and nearly all of the orcish horde retreated through the Dark Portal. Retaking Stormwind Keep, the human alliance set to work routing out pockets of hidden orcs and rebuilding the nation from the ground up. Little by little, the smoke lifted from Elwynn, crops began to grow again in Westfall, and the rivers of Redridge were cleansed of spilt blood.

Though life was harsh during the rebuilding of Stormwind (which was resurrected as a city), human tenacity prevailed. Even the Ironforge dwarves, staunch allies of the humans during the Second War, travelled south to Stormwind to help with rebuilding. During the rebuilding, everything seemed to be going well. The workers were dedicated, despite the intense labor. The leaders of the human alliance spent massive amounts of gold on lumber, steel, and other materials. The army was tireless in its patrols of the reclaimed kingdom. There was a massive swell of national pride, and the human lands were once again repopulated. However, this did not last. Some master builders who contributed countless man hours demanded payment from the nobles of the human alliance. This did not sit well with many who had worked for free and were not seeking compensation for their labor. There was a massive surge of public disapproval for the demands of the Stonemasons' Guild, and in a loud clash that nearly became deadly, the guild was disbanded. This was met with applause by the people of Stormwind. Feeling betrayed and unwelcome, the guild marched out of Stormwind brashly. This earned them some supporters, but the guild never returned to the city again.

The Stonemasons' Guild, helmed by master architect Edwin Vancleef, was furious. They attempted to settle in Elwynn Forest, but the region was too thick with supporters of their exile. They instead established a base in Westfall, deep within the Deadmines (which had been Lord Lothar's prison many years prior). To fund their latest project, the guild took to stealing and pillaging. In time, they evolved into the Defias Brotherhood that currently stalks through the shadows of the human lands. Today, their crimes are much more serious - they murder, kidnap, and torture freely, and Edwin Vancleef is an architect of terror instead of masonry. Though the walls of Stormwind are more than enough to deflect any Defias wishing to enter, there is nothing that can be done about the Defias within its walls, imprisoned in the Stockade. Following news of adventurers being recruited to raid their Deadmines base, Defias prisoners revolted and broke free of their cells. Now the Stockade's gates are locked tight and Stormwind guards have set up a massive barricade, turning a portion of Stormwind into a warzone.

During these events, the Third War was raging across Lordaeron and the distant land of Kalimdor. Stormwind sent few of its forces to help, understandably busy with rebuilding its lands. By the end of the war, however, Stormwind was once again of extreme importance. The undead Scourge had ravaged most of Lordaeron. Though its southern regions remained relatively untainted by the blight, scattered orc and ogre clans as well as human bandits and brigands greedily took advantage of the chaos to claim towns and castles as bases. In a mirror of the events that had transpired years before, refugees poured through Khaz Modan into the Azerothian continent. Stormwind was still undergoing the finishing touches of reconstruction when it received wave after wave of refugees from Lordaeron's capital, the mage city of Dalaran, and the hill city of Stromgarde. Soon the city was packed to the rafters.

Today, Stormwind City is home to a wide variety of people. Aristocrats and wizards from Lordaeron rub elbows with peasants and farmworkers from Azeroth. Ironforge Dwarves have established their own borough within the city, and their allies, the Gnomes, have proven their allegiance to the Alliance by building the Deeprun Tram. This curious transport runs on rails and links the City of Ironforge to Stormwind City with a speed and convenience second only to magical teleportation. Even the Night Elves, who hail from what many call "the other side of the world" and had joined the humans of Lordaeron in their battle against the demonic Burning Legion, have a small village in the city's tranquil park.

The future of Stormwind is uncertain, but the nation has already tripled in population and is almost as prosperous as Lordaeron was in its prime. Though not the Alliance's capital city, many swear Stormwind will always be their home and will defend it to the death. The fact that even the Night Elves have travelled to Stormwind to make it their home is a testament to the beauty of the region and the attachment many have to its running rivers and peaceful glades. Though the sun did indeed set on Stormwind, plunging it into a dark and insidious night, a second dawn has broken over the towers and parapets of the city. With that dawn, the city's new defenders have risen.

Duties and Tasks


Even the city's ordinary citizens have quests for intrepid adventurers

Stormwind City is a sprawling city filled with people trying to settle back into a life without war. Nobles walk the streets discussing politics, vendors hawking their wares, soldiers keeping the peace, and beggars looking for coin. Many of Stormwind's residents are loathe to set foot outside the city or any further down the road from Goldshire- though the various towns and villages of Azeroth seem like perfectly safe havens to seasoned adventurers, to your average civilian they look like little more than unsafe outposts in hostile territory.

Adventurers that are just beginning their journey can start drumming up a good reputation with the citizens of Stormwind by completing errands for shopkeepers. For example, tailors in the Mage District often need runners to relay orders and supplies between the many tailoring shops. Adventurers weathered enough to survive in the dead fields of Westfall should speak to Baros Alexston, a respected Stormwind architect who desires a priceless heirloom he left behind in the region. Those brave (or foolish) enough to plunge deeper into Westfall should speak with the denizens of the Dwarven District, like Wilder Thistlenettle and Shoni the Shilent, who are looking for adventurers to retrieve items of value from the Defias base. Collin Mauren and Brother Paxton (in the Mage Quarter and Cathedral Square, respectively) are also seeking adventurers out, but their quests will take adventurers to the far off mountain ranges of Stonetalon and Redridge. Alliance adventurers with enough combat experience to fight off the most powerful of foes in the dangerous regions of Duskwood, the Wetlands, and Ashenvale should speak with Stormwind citizens about the Stockade before deciding to aid in the containment effort.

As adventurers journey further into the wilds, many forget to return to Stormwind. Those who do may undertake a very dangerous mission to the Alterac Mountains to retrieve the Perenolde Tiara. Those who wish to find the heirloom should speak to Count Remington Ridgewell in Stormwind Keep. Milton Sheaf of the Keep's library wants adventurers to bring any old history books found in Duskwood to him. Those who appreciate history as much as he does are often assigned to a perilous quest that will take them to Southshore in Hillsbrad. Archbishop Benedictus, head of the Cathedral of Light, will send adventurers to Razorfen Downs to Bring the Light. Mazen Mac'Nadir at the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences has use for able adventurers at around the same level of experience to venture to the Swamp of Sorrows on the behalf of one of his students.

Brohann Caskbelly of the Explorers' League is looking for adventurers nearing the pinnacle of their careers to venture to the distant Hinterlands and even into the Sunken Temple back in the Swamp of Sorrows. Even young adventurers often hear the town criers pleading for help in the scourged Plaguelands, but only those of great experience can survive (other townspeople, such as the rambling "Ol' Emma" and Royal Factor Bathrilor of the Stormwind Census, also offer quests into the plagued lands). Adventurers that have earned the right to be called heroes should speak to Highlord Bolvar Fordragon in Stormwind Keep - it is then that they will be tasked to destroy Nathanos Blightcaller, a champion of the Forsaken undead. Those who have been heroes long enough to amass great epic weapons and armor should gather immediately to kill Stormwind's greatest enemies - the dragons Onyxia and Nefarian. Victors against these dire threats should present proof of the beasts' demise to the Highlord.

Places and People


Known as the Mage's Tower to some, the Wizard's Sanctum to others, and the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences to those within, this building is now Azeroth's most prominent school of magic

Stormwind is the only livable human kingdom remaining on Azeroth. Though the Dalaran wizards of Lordaeron work to rebuild their city, and Gilneas may be safe behind the impassable Greymane Wall, only Stormwind swings its doors wide open for adventurers of the Alliance. humans, night elves, high elves, dwarves, and gnomes all have their own little niche in the capital city, making Stormwind a true melting pot of cultures.

Stormwind City's great gates tower over the treetops of Elwynn Forest. Beyond them lies the Valley of Heroes, a beautiful natural basin spanned by a majestic bridge leading to the city's Trade District. The bridge is lined with enormous statues depicting some of the greatest heroes of the Second War - the brave men, high elves, and dwarves who stepped into the Dark Portal to bring an end to the war in the scarred land of Draenor itself. These brave fighters are all the more legendary due to their inconclusive fate - did they perish behind the portal, or do they still live in the shattered lands beyond? Many who see the monuments lament the loss of these great heroes and wonder if Azeroth will ever be graced by bravery as steadfast as theirs.

The Trade District

The Trade District lies in the center of Stormwind City and is always bustling with activity. The city's bank, auction house, and inn are all located within. In addition, consumers find plenty of outlets for their coin in the various equipment shops nearby. For those with a taste for the delectable, the Trias and Gallina families run cheese and wine shops out of the Trade District as well.

Old Town

To the east of the Trade District is Old Town, the resurrected remains of the small village that was once clustered around the base of Stormwind Keep back in the days before the First War. Though quaint, this district is a bit more rough around the edges. Pickpockets, beggars, and the impoverished try to make a living in its alleys. Though all businesses are honest, their inventories can be a bit exotic - poisons, venoms, assassin's daggers, and potent alcohol are all on the menu in Old Town. Fortunately, the Stormwind guard barracks are located along the edges of Old Town, so those travelling through have little reason to worry. However, the barracks share their edifice with SI:7, a guild of assassins and rogues. Whether the Stormwind guards enjoy the presence of their neighbors is difficult to figure out.

The Mage Quarter

To the west of the Trade District is the Mage Quarter. Though Stormwind had a handful of able mages among its ranks during the Second War, the arrival of the dispossessed wizards of Dalaran signaled Stormwind's importance as the world's new center of magical study. The Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences stands proudly in the center of the district, and the tower is so packed with students that it is often on fire, encased in ice, or half-hidden behind a curtain of sparkling arcane energy. The rest of the district is filled with tailoring shops, warehouses storing magical artifacts and reagents, and bustling coffeehouses and bars filled to the brim with mages and warlocks. During the First War, Stormwind utilized the services of the mysterious conjurers, but they no longer have any presence in the city.

The Park

North of the Mage Quarter is The Park. Though there was once a time where The Park was merely a park, today it serves as the home for the biggest concentration of night elves in the Eastern Kingdoms. Though the other Alliance races have a long way to go before understanding the strange ways of the night elves, it is not a rare sight to see them all mingling in Stormwind's park.

Cathedral Square

To the north of the Trade District is Cathedral Square, the religious mecca for all followers of the Holy Light. Though Stormwind Keep is the biggest structure in Stormwind, many believe the most awe-inspiring is the Cathedral of Light. Even the druidic night elves are filled with wonder when they look upon its tall white towers and imposing architecture. Within the cathedral are the most faithful and true paladins and priests of the human race. The bishops at the cathedral are on a lifelong quest to bring the light to the darkest places on Azeroth, and all are welcome within the cathedral's walls as long as their journey is one of good and not evil. Other notable locations in the square include the city's orphanage (inhabited by many sons and daughters of families who lost their lives during the three wars) and the city census, where Stormwind's architects and researchers try to find ways to improve the quality of life in the human city.

The Dwarven District

To the east of Cathedral Square is the Dwarven District, where the dwarves and gnomes of Ironforge carve a slice of Stormwind life out for themselves. The air is thick with smoke and sparks, and the ground trembles with the pounding of every anvil, but to many it feels just like a home should. A trove of weapon and armor shops line the streets, and blacksmiths create masterpieces out of common metals in the many open-air plazas. Many adventurers pass through the Dwarven District on their way to the Deeprun Tram, a marvel of gnomish engineering and fast transport to the city of Ironforge. The massive spinning cog that frames the entrance to the tram tunnel cannot be missed.

The Canals and the Prisons

Each district is bordered by shimmering blue canals and linked by bridges spanning over them. Anglers fish from the many docks in the city, the freshwater fish within perfect quarry for the beginning fisherman. There are two fortifications that rise from the waters in Stormwind - both are prisons for the lawless and evil. The Stockade is accessible from the Mage Quarter and holds murderers, thieves, and corrupted stonemasons. Recently, riots have begun to break out within the Stockade - the most recent of which resulted in the hasty evacuation of all the Stormwind guards within. The city now actively seeks adventurers to enter the prison and end the riots by their own hand. A similar prison, The Vault, is surrounded by water on all sides and seems to be holding out fine - for now. It is unknown if the demons, mages, and undead within will one day rise up as well.

Stormwind Keep

Finally, the crown of Stormwind City remains Stormwind Keep. Rising high between the Dwarven District and Old Town, the keep is an architectural triumph for the ages. Within are many librarians, nobles, and representatives of the human peoples as well as the Battlemasters who organize adventurers of the Alliance into armies ready to march on the battlegrounds of Warsong, Alterac, and Arathi. It also is home to the child king Anduin Wrynn, who watches over the city in the stead of his father Varian Wrynn, who disappeared many months ago on a diplomatic mission to Kalimdor. Lady Katrana Prestor and Highlord Bolvar Fordragon aid the ten-year-old king in his rule, though many are critical of Stormwind's interim government. Accusations of corruption within the House of Nobles are topics of much discussion in the city, but so far the residents of Stormwind feel safe...though the same cannot be said for residents of the outlying human lands.

Things to do in Stormwind

Stormwind City, being a capital city of the Alliance, is packed with merchants and vendors. It's almost impossible to walk for more than thirty seconds without seeing some sort of store or boutique. Although this makes it much easier to find a specific vendor in Stormwind City, it makes it much harder to catalogue them all. Merchants move in and out of the city daily, making it difficult to keep track of their locations. Nevertheless, a valiant effort was made to catalogue these shops.

Trade District

The Stormwind Visitor Center serves as a guild resource center, where tabards can be designed and purchased. Trias Cheese is the city's most famous cheese warehouse and its bins are filled with delectable cheeses. Pestle's Apothecary sells reagents and arcane goods, while the nearby Everyday Merchandise store sells general and trade goods. The Gilded Rose is Stormwind's main inn, and just on the other side of the ornate plaza fountain lies the Stormwind Counting House, the city's bank. The center of the district is often the busiest part of Stormwind - not only does it contain Weller's Arsenal and the Lionheart Armory (the city's most famous equipment stores), but also the Stormwind Auction House, a noisy little trade hub. The Empty Quiver is where archers upgrade and restock their ranged weapons, but those with softer tastes may enjoy a trip to Fragrant Flowers, where adventurers may purchase beautiful bouquets and restock their herbalism supplies. Overlooking the canals are the Gallina Winery, a place for discerning tastes, and the Canal Tailor and Fit Shop. After a day of shopping, nothing is more relaxing than sitting on one of the canal's many docks and taking a fishing lesson from Arnold Leland. If you're only visiting the city, then odds are you're either taking the Deeprun Tram to Ironforge or a gryphon to more distant parts. The gryphon master Dungar Longdrink may not be the most sober man in Stormwind, but his gryphons are nothing to sneeze at. His flight platform is built into the walls of Stormwind and can be accessed from the southeast corner of the district - just look for the nesting gryphons.

Old Town

The rustic and sometimes antiquated Old Town district is where you want to go for honest bartering and no-frills training. The Pig and Whistle tavern is always overflowing with patrons and is the best place to go in Stormwind for a drink, as long as you don't mind being jostled around a bit by your neighbors. The backrooms of the tavern are always packed with aspiring cooks eager to learn from their masters and teach their students. Kendor Kabonka, one of the most famous chefs in Azeroth, teaches rare and unique recipes to anyone willing to pay a fair price. Of course, Old Town isn't all about cooking. Those with an interest in powerful and well-crafted weapons and armor should visit Heavy-Handed Weapons for their two-handed weapons, Honest Blades for their swords, Limited Immunity for their heavy armor, The Protective Hide for their leather goods and leatherworking training, Thane's Boots for their footwear, and The Silver Shield for their bucklers. To the south of Old Town are a pair of military barracks that play host to Stormwind's warriors and rogues - training can be found in each, though the rogue's shadowy SI:7 building also plays host to vendors of black-market goods and powerful poisons.

Mage Quarter

Those with an affinity for magic can find many items of interest in the Mage Quarter. Tailors, Alchemists, and Enchanters can all find training and supplies in Duncan's Textiles/Larson Clothiers, Alchemy Needs, and in a mysteriously unmarked shop along the canalside (respectively, of course). The centerpiece of the district, the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences (also known as the Wizard's Sanctum) trains mages and offers important quests to everyone. Stormwind Staves sells weapons for magic-users while Pyrotechnics sells things that often explode violently - other than orcs. Ancient Curios and Essential Components sell arcane trinkets and reagents for the mage with gold burning a hole in his or her pocket. Wind down at the Blue Recluse bar, whose chefs are willing to impart their knowledge on budding culinary artists. Another bar, The Slaughtered Lamb, is also a popular spot for a drink. However, be warned that this pub is often frequented by those with an interest in shadow magic. Though friendly folk, many find the atmosphere uncomfortable - for those who do enjoy a bit of mystery in the air at their bars, it's a fine place for a drink and its cellars play host to warlock trainers. The crypts under the bar are not to be trespassed in - the owners of the Slaughtered Lamb hold no responsibility for your actions if you descend past the cellar.

The Park

The Park is a fine place to relax and get to know the night elves of Stormwind City. The entire park is often viewed as a large open-air meeting place, thus its inn and tavern are not given definitive names. Druids and herbalists can find training in the vicinity of the glowing moonwell that marks the heart of The Park.

Cathedral Square

Though the Cathedral of Light is what draws most explorers to this area, the cathedral itself only houses trainers for priests, paladins, and those who practice first aid. The reagent vendor inside the cathedral may sell goods of use to users of magic, but the stores outside also offer useful goods. Just Maces sells mace weaponry and Righteous Plates sells robes and mail armor for priests and paladins. Make sure to visit the City Hall and Argent Dawn base to see what you can do for human society.

Dwarven District

The Dwarven District's tavern is a favorite watering hole for the Ironforge Explorers' League on their frequent trips out of Khaz Modan. A gaggle of dwarves train hunters and their pets nearby, while a similarly-sized group of gnomes instruct aspiring engineers further into the district. The Dwarven Embassy is often vacant - most heated political discussions between dwarves and humans often take place in the city's many taverns. One place to find both races working in harmony is under the many tents erected between the district's buildings - under them, you'll find human miners and dwarven blacksmiths pounding on anvils. They can spare a moment to teach students their fine art, for a price. Grimand Elmore's weapon shop can be found in the northwestern corner of the district, and those who look hard will find Thulman Flintcrag's gun store as well. If you're heading to Ironforge, seek out the huge silver cog spinning noisily around a tunnel entrance. It leads to the acclaimed Deeprun Tram, built along the path of the underground river of the same name. There's no fare to ride the gnome-engineered tram within, which is unusual considering how much money the gnomes would make off the thousands that ride the tram from Stormwind to Ironforge and vice-versa. But maybe we shouldn't give them any ideas.

Signifiance and Importance

Significance to the Alliance races


The humans are not the only race who consider Stormwind a home

To humans, Stormwind is a place of great importance. It is the only accessible and inhabitable human kingdom left on all of Azeroth, and thus it is worth defending at any cost. Nevertheless, though many live in the city, some do not call it home. There are many refugees from Lordaeron, Dalaran, Alterac, and Stromgarde in the city and they are fiercely loyal to their fallen kingdoms. However, no matter where their allegiances lie, the humans of Stormwind are proud and united against threats that encroach upon the kingdom and its capital city. Even the most loyal refugee from Stromgarde understands that Stormwind is the last bastion of human civilization in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Dwarves have a long history of alliance with the humans. In fact, an entire section of the city is devoted to the friendship between the two races. This friendship has led to victories for the Alliance, as well as the sharing of ideas and concepts - thanks to the dwarves, the humans were victorious in the Second War. Thanks to the humans, the dwarves are now allowed to become paladins of the Holy Light. Gnomes share a few nooks and crannies in the Dwarven District with their stouter friends, but their presence is much more obvious when you travel between Stormwind City and the City of Ironforge on the Deeprun Tram. Even the Night Elves have their own neighborhood in the city, preferring to remain in close proximity of the moonwell in The Park. All races in the Alliance can be seen in Stormwind, peacefully co-existing. The dwarves feel indebted to the humans, the gnomes indebted to the dwarves as well as to the mages of the Academy, and the Night Elves treasure Stormwind's moonwell (as it is one of the only two moonwells in all of the Eastern Kingdoms).

Significance to the Horde races

Today's more civilized Horde is mostly neutral towards Stormwind. Though many of their soldiers fell to its troops during the First and Second Wars, they still view it as a rebuilding city that poses no major threat. However, there are some among the Forsaken Undead who are filled with rage at Stormwind. There are those within the city who would hunt down the Forsaken as mindless minions of the Lich King instead of the independent beings they have freed themselves to become. Thus, some of the Forsaken would be happy to see Stormwind in ruins once again. Goblins are welcome in Stormwind, and there are a few who work for SI:7 as well as trade organizations based within the city.

Significance to classes

Though the city is peaceful on the surface, there are new soldiers and warriors being trained every day. Adventurers following the path of the warrior receive the honor of being trained by upstanding leaders of the Stormwind Guard, and that is something they do not take lightly. Paladins once called Lordaeron their home, but today they are based out of the Cathedral of Light. They have adapted quickly to their new surroundings and are eager to bring the Light to the dark corners of the southern Eastern Kingdoms. Priests also work out of the Cathedral of Light, some acting as healers and others as smiters of evil. Rogues are a charismatic people and are not discriminated against in Stormwind. SI:7 is open day and night, and this government-sponsored shadow organization is always looking for new recruits to train in the stealthy arts.

Mages are particularly concerned with the safety of Stormwind. The city is now home to the most prestigious magical academy in the world - the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences. Many of the mages in Stormwind, especially the mentors and trainers of the Academy, once dwelled in Lordaeron and Dalaran. With the arrival of the Scourge, most mages fled south to Stormwind. Until Dalaran is rebuilt by the mages who stayed behind, Stormwind City shall continue to serve as the home of Azeroth's finest arcane academy. Another class deeply in tune with magic, the Warlock, is not as celebrated as the mage but is still extended the same warm welcome from most of the city's denizens. Certainly more at home in Stormwind than in Ironforge or Darnassus (where they are often shunned or discriminated against), warlocks can be seen walking freely through the streets. Nevertheless, warlocks meet and commune with other warlocks and their demons in private homes or in the deep cellars under the city's many pubs and taverns.

Though humans no longer hunt as they did when they were a nomadic race, on the grasslands of Arathi, they still welcome the dwarven and night elf hunters who visit their city. Most hunters can be seen re-stringing their bows in The Park or restocking their ammo in the Dwarven District. Druids are a rare sight in Stormwind, but their numbers grow every day. They enjoy the serenity of The Park's moonwell most, but in what many would call a sign of the times, they can even be seen in the Mage Quarter despite their aversion to arcane magic.

Since the Draenei have joined the Alliance, several representatives of their noble race have come to Stormwind. One of these is Farseer Umbrua, a Draenei shaman. She explains that Emissary Taluun brought her with him to Stormwind to help teach the people of the Alliance "about the elements of this world." She can train shamans from her favored spot on a small island in the moat in the Valley of Heroes.


There is little danger on the streets of Stormwind, as they are often patrolled heavily by guards and heroes of past wars. Any direct threat to Stormwind, be it a pickpocket or a lieutenant of the Burning Legion itself, would be immediately confronted by scores of its proud defenders. There is the occasional (and extremely foolish) Horde fighter that slips into the city (often via a hijacked Deeprun Tram), but even they are quickly eliminated. Under the surface of the city are a few signs of trouble that may eventually spill over onto its streets - the riots in the Stockade are contained but continue to rage on, there are loud accusations from the city's citizens of corruption amongst the rich and powerful nobles, and there are the occasional brawls between drunk warriors and stealthy assassinations that many claim are the work of SI:7. Though all of the city's residents worry plenty about these things when they are brought up, most of the time they live a peaceful and simple life - something that had not been possible since the First War began. There are plenty in the city who would sacrifice their lives to ensure this continues.

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