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Basic Info

Name: Alliance Alabastore Ravenwing
Current Occupation: Master Leather Worker
Professions: Tribal Leatherworker.
Race: IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Night Elf
Age: Much older than he looks, damn the emerald dream. Looks to be Mid 20's, is actually around 870 years old
Class: Druid} Druid,
Sex: Male
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Gold, like all druids
Markings, Features: None on the face, but he has intricate marks along his back and arms that show themselves in the moonlight.

Server: Server:Steamwheedle Cartel US


Alabastore has considerable command over the arcane and nature based magicks practiced by druids, he also is skilled in feral combat.

Weapons of Choice: staffs

Alabastore has, at one time or another, been specialized in Healing, Balance, or Feral combat. At the moment, he focuses on feral combat to make quick work of the Outland beasts and inhabitants that get in his way.
He shows a fondness for his bear form and can be seen charging headlong into swarms of enemies while their weapons glance of his iron-like hide.
Recently, with the awakening of Darmigan, Alabastore's talents have been split between the two personalities. Alabastore has greater command of the arcane and healing arts while Darmigan commands the savagery and power of the feral forms. Drinking.


Since a time no longer remembered by any but the elves, children born with golden eyes were immediately taken to be trained in the ways of druidism. Such was the fate of Alabastore. Born in a remote village south of Darnassus he began his training at a very young age. He showed a suprising apptitude in all fields of druidism, but his talents shifted from one aspect to another. One week he excelled in the arcane, the next he was unstoppable in the various animal forms he assumed. After thirty seasons had passed, he grew weary of the unchaging world he inhabited. He was unaware however, that the Cenarion Circle would call all those who had come of age away to the desolate waste of Silithus to combat an unknown force that was wreaking havoc on the world of Azeroth. Alabastore donned his armor and hoisted his staff and went off with all the other druids for this far off land. When they reached their destination they were greeted by the swarms of the Qiraji. The druids met the oncoming hordes with tooth, claw, and arcane blasts that rent the land about them. They seemed to be on the verge of victory when massive tentacles burst from the ground and began wiping them out, one by one. When the battle had ended, a second group sent by the Circle found the bodies of Alabastore's company. They carried the bodies back to Cenarion Hold. There were three survivors, Alabastore and two other druids that were from different parts of Teldrassil. After his wounds had healed Alabastore was sent back to his village. During the journey back, he went through all the lore he knew hundreds of times, searching for some clue about what had destroyed his company and taken the lives of so many of his friends. Finding none, he decided to search the world to find his answers and one day confront the horror that lay under the sands of Ahn'Qiraj.

Alabastore has been alone for most of his life, concentrating more on perfecting his skills and seeking the long lost lore that will lead him to his eventual encounter with the terror that lurks under the sands of Silithus. He bounced from one location and guild to another before joining up with a crew of pirates known as the Dragon's Elite (See Guild section).Recently however, he has been seen in the company of a mysterious night elf rogue named [[[User:Kirinala|Kirinala]]]. Over a period of weeks, Kirinala and Alabastore were observered spending large amounts of time together. It is speculated, that the two are involved with one another although the nature of their involvement is known only to themselves.

The Return to Ahn'Qiraj

Recently, Alabastore joined a ragtag group of soldiers on a scouting mission into the ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. They made good progress, slaying the abomination known as Kurinnaxx and fighting their way to the training grounds of the insectoid warriors. Then they heard the mighty call of General Rajaxx and swarms of insects burst from an archway. The company slew all of the assailants, forcing the general himself to come out and do battle. The general proved to be too much for the small force and they only escaped due to a massive root summoning by Alabastore. The roots held long enough for the company to escape the ruins and tend to the wounded. He left the ruins with a grim smile on his face, he knew what he would be facing when he finally returned to the temple to avenge his comrades. He made his way to Stormwind to attend to some pressing buisness. He couldn't shake the feeling that whatever force lurked beneath the sands was laughing to itself at the feeble attempts to probe the secrets of Ahn'Qiraj.

Dreams and Awakening

A strange and startling change appears to be at work in Alabastore. Recently, in the presence of certain individuals he seems to take on an entirely different and incredibly dark personality. Alabastore is unaware when this other personality takes over and doesn’t realize that this second self is in fact a manifestation of himself from his time spent in the Emerald Dream. This second self, who was once known as Darmigan in the Dream, came into existence when Alabastore came into close contact with the ancient and evil force that is corrupting the Emerald Dream. Rather than being destroyed, Alabastore’s essence was split into two entities contained within one body, Alabastore who is the dominant persona, and Darmigan who only comes out when a being of power similar to the force in the Dream is in proximity.

Darmigan refers to himself in the plural. Frequently using “us” and “we” when referring to himself. He also exhibits a disturbing tendency to speak in sing song rhymes even in the midst of life-and-death combat. He also exhibits a bizarre flexibility, able to bend his body into strange and unnatural positions if the situation requires it. He is a sadist and relishes in inflicting pain, psychological or otherwise. He frequently speaks in riddles and complicated phrases when talking to other beings. Perhaps even more disturbing are his cannibalistic tendencies which developed due to the dire conditions he suffered in the Emerald Dream. He seems to feel no pain during battle although Alabastore suffers the after effects when Darmigan retreats back into Alabastore’s mind.

During a recent encounter with the being under guise of one Sephir Songblade, Darmigan took control once again. A short exchange of words and blows followed. The conflict ended with Darmigan burning Sephir with a blast of moonfire, which Sephir survived. Sephir then slit his own throat and cast himself into the waters below the bridge leading to Stormwind. This apparent death caused Alabastore to resurface and become aware of Darmigan's presence in his mind. Alabastore was able to supress the evil conscience and now searches for a way to either remove him, or permanently supress him.


His current dementia now known to him, Alabastore desperately sought answers to remove the extra persona from his being. He was faced with several options once the Elite's disbanded, should he join up with the Templar's Call or find a more seasoned group of adventurers who had already begun to plumb the dark dangerous places of the world. He ventures to Stormwind often, searching for Kirinala, not only because she is the one person who can help him maintain control of Darmigan but also because he misses his beloved companion.

Made Whole

Alabastore decided to end the threat of Darmigan once and for all. He ventured into the depths of the Scholomance, a stronghold of dark magicks. There he discovered an ancient tome that would allow him to do so. He gathered the necessary ingredients and located a suitable vessel in which to store the sadistic second persona. He ventured to the edge of Netherstorm where the boundaries between the physical world and the Twisting Nether are the thinnest and began the ritual. The magicks he invoked ripped Darmigan from his mind and body and contained him in the Nexus Claw, which Alabastore keeps with him at all times, allowing him if he chooses to assume Darmigan's personality and formidable abilities. With his own condition remedied to an extent, he devoted all his energies to finding aid for his beloved, Kirinala.


The Loyalist Days

Upon his return to the civilized world, Alabastore found the Alliance in a state of confusion. Realizing that there would be people going back and forth to remote parts of Azeroth, he set about looking for a suitable group to join. He found a group that called themselves, "The Loyalists", led by the warlock Ashiira. Ashiira had heard of the struggles in Silithus and realized that if Alabastore had been there, he would make a powerful ally indeed. Alabastore agreed to join the Loyalists and was a member of their group for several seasons. This would not last however, several of their number began to have dealings with the Horde. Alabstore sensed a dangerous tension growing in the guild. He warned Ashiira of the dangers and then left the group, not wanting to be caught up in the internal struggles that were going on. Fortunately however, the traitors in the Loyalists were found and subsequently executed and the group remains strong to this day.

The Brotherhood

Alabastore ventured alone for a time, but then he met a powerful druid named Sulibhan Stagmoon during a visit to Moonglade. Sulibhan sensed a power dwelling in Alabstore and invited him into a group of druids known as The Brotherhood of the Stag. Alabstore, never one to refuse guidance from someone as strong as Sulibahn, accepted whole heartedly. He learned much during his time with the Brotherhood, but the guild was content to stay in Teldrassil. Alabastore grew restless and his thirst for vengance burned hot within him again. He left the guild silently one night and went on with his journeying.

The Dragons Elite

Alabastore was exploring the ruins of a temple he thought to be abandoned. Little did he know that he had ventured into the ruins of the Temple of Atal'Hakkar. He crept around the temple and fought with its inhabitants for several days. The trolls were relentless in their persuit of him and he became lost in the temple's labyrinth like passages. One night, after dispatching several troll hunters, he heard voices that were distinctly not trolls. He crept silently towards them and found a group of adventurers led by a loud and boisterous fellow by the name of Vaenderos. Alabastore revealed himself to the group and asked for their assistance in escaping the temple. He joined the group and together they fought their way to the bowels of the temple and slew Jammal the Prophet and the avatar of the trolls evil god Hakkar the Soulflayer. Vaenderos, being impressed with the druid's talents and tenacity extended and invitation to Alabastore to join his crew of pirates. Alabastore was at this time still under the tutelage of Sulibhan Stagmoon and refused. However, when he left the Brotherhood, Alabastore remembered Vaenderos' offer and sent word to him that he would accept a position on the crew if it was still avaliable, after all, a ship would be a good way to get around the world and find the answers he was seeking.

During his time on the Black Dragon's Bane, Alabstore grew in power and in knowledge. He helped the Elite's in their assault on the Lower Blackrock Spire, which crumbled before thier furious onslaught. He explore the Upper Blackrock Spire with Vaenderos and Lunariana, where they learned the location of General Drakkisath, one of the key enemies of the Elites. He has also been a steadfast crew member duing the recent attacks on the Elites by The Emporer's Hand, a group that seems bent on the Elite's destruction no matter the cost.


Alabastore was formerly the Master Leatherworker for the Dragons Elite. He specializes in Tribal leatherworking but he has the ability to make sturdy mail, armor that amplifies the arcane energies of the wearer, or armor that seems to change color with the environment, making the user almost completely invisible.

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