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Ajinnu Edit

Yes, Ajinnu. A brainchild of my own imagination. Isn't that wonderful? Of course it is. You just wish you were a fraction as awesome as me.

 ? Edit


Kay Edit


What an imposing WoWwiki page.

But seriously folks.

About Me Edit

Well. I picked up the game in June of 2006 after trying an Orc Warrior on my visit to England on my cousin's account. Instantly falling in love with the Retina-Burning Goodness of Durotar, I decided that the game would be well worth the investment. And hey presto, I was right. 18 months, around 70 days played total, countless raids, thousands of gold, thousands of consumables, much blood and tears later, I'm a toned Restoration Shaman of exceptional capability when applied, retired from PvE, casual PvP, and professional Aman'Thul Realm Forum E-Celeb All-Rounder.

IRL? Edit

In the 'outside' I'm Andy, a near 15 year old full-time student, who enjoys long strolls on the beach, as well as vidya games, friends, movies, music, amongst other things.

Interesting, no?

Leatherworking 375
Cooking 300
First Aid 375

My Gear Edit

Armory Profile

My Progression Edit

When I used to raid (With Lnertia, BAM, Midian, Enigma and Nocturnal)

Onyxia ZG AQ20 MC BWL AQ40 Naxx Karazhan Gruul's Lair Magtheridon Serpentshrine Tempest Keep Mount Hyjal Black Temple

Other Edit

Server:Aman'Thul US

We Love Ajinnu thread

This page Edit

Waste of webspace!


Downing Lurker for the first time. I can be seen as the ninja who's saying the stuff. :)


Name Level Professions Secondaries Talent Build Guild Mounts Server Quest Area Status
Ajinnu 70 Leatherworking 375
Skinning 375| Cooking 300
First Aid 375
Fishing 300
Elemental 0
Enhancement 7
Restoration 56
Nocturnal Ability mount kodo 03 Black War Kodo
Ability mount netherdrakepurple Purple Netherwing Drake
Aman'Thul US Daily zones Yes!
Anisho 36 Herbalism
Cooking ?
First Aid ?
Fishing ?
Beast mastery All
Marksmanship 0
Survival 0
None None Aman'Thul US According zone Somewhat
Bc icon
62 Enchanting ?
Mining ?
Cooking ?
First Aid ?
Fishing ?
Holy 0
Protection Most
Retribution Some
Jesus MTed Our Sins Spell nature swiftness Summon Warhorse Caelestrasz US Zangarmarsh Yes!
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