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Alcaz island camp

The Naga are making their move.

The story so far…

Following the defeat of the Lich King the Horde and Alliance are withdrawing a large portion of their military force out of Northrend. Without the Lich King to lead them the Scourge has fractured into disparate groups under the leadership of the remaining Scourge commanders. Many of the undead have suddenly found themselves free of the Lich King’s control and have set up their own settlements or joined the Forsaken. Others however, driven mad by what they were forced to witness, have willing joined the remaining Scourge forces. The Argent Crusade and The Knights of the Ebon Blade are remaining in Northrend to deal with the aftermath.
Peace, however, is not made to last. Just a few short months after the Lich Kings defeat and the Alliance and Horde are again under attack. Water Elemental have been appearing in major cities seeming driven mad by some unknown force and in such a frenzy that the Earthen Ring have been unable to calm them. Reports of a new race of creatures called the Ebba have been reported from the coastal regions of the South Seas and Murloc numbers have increased dramatically.
Aisamar ssmap

Map of the South Seas.

Seer’s on both sides are warning of a coming cataclysm such as Azeroth has not seen in 10,000 years when the world was sundered. Sea levels are rising, large rainstorms are growing in frequency and low level area are seeing increased flooding.
And the Maelstrom is churning….

New ZonesEdit

The Assurance

The Assurance travels between Stormwind and Boralus.

Kul Tiras (78-82)Edit

The Capital of the Nation of Kul Tiras, Boralus, has asked for aid from the Alliance to combat the increased threat from Pirates, Naga and Murlocs.
The city of Drisburg fell to the Scourge during the third war. With the recent defeat of the Lich King the undead here have regained their freedom and have turned to the Forsaken for help.
The humans of Crestfall have asked for aid in combating Naga and a group of Sea Vrykul who have awoken from the caves beneath the island.

Tel Abim (78-82)Edit

Home of the Tel Abim banana, the Horde have set up their Naval Command Post on the island.
The Earthen Ring has set up a headquarters here to address the out of control elements present in the extensive cave system below the island.
The Lobster like race of Makrura have set up a settlement here as refugees from the activity of the Maelstrom.

Zandalar (81-83)Edit

Zul gurub ss2

Zandalar, Capital city of the Trolls.

Under attack from the Naga and the Ebba, a mysterious new race of Troll and Water Elemental hybrids, the Zandalar Trolls have agreed to allow both the Horde and Alliance access to their land in return for their aid.
The Naga and Ebba’s goal is to melt the snow cap of Mount Mugamba and flood the island.

Plunder Isles (81-83)Edit

Headquarters of the Bloodsail Buccaneers, heroes must earn the trust of the Bloodsail to negotiate safe passage for ships in the South Seas.
The Island of Hiji is home to a race of reptilian warriors resembling turtles who’s trust must be earned if they are to aid you in your quest.

Gillijim's Isle (82-84)Edit

The Blackwater Raiders have been employed by the Goblins stop Dr Lapidis’s experiments and are seeking to wrest control Gillijim’s Isle from the Jungle Trolls as a base of operations.
The Earthen Ring are also present in an attempt to restore order to the Water Elementals of the area.

Island of Dr Lapidis (82-84)Edit

Dr. Lapidis, a Goblin scientist formerly of the Alchemists’ Union, is experimenting in combining humanoids and elementals, namely Jungle Trolls and Water Elementals, to create the Ebba. Both the Naga and the Black Dragonflight have expressed an interest in his work.

Kezan (83-86)Edit

Sunset at Booty Bay

Bilgewater Port welcome potential customers to Kezan.

Home of the Goblins and their Capital of Undermine the tropical Island of Kezan is teeming with lucrative business opportunities. The Trade Prince rule over the Goblin race however recently the Venture Company have made many deals to increase their influence.
The venture company have moved into the business of deep sea drilling and mining as well as projects involving deep sea vents. Curiously the Naga have made no attempt to stop them.

Azshara (85-87)Edit

Largely deserted since The Sundering, Azshara has only seen small pockets of Naga in recent times searching the Ruins of Eldarath. However their pace has significantly increased recently, whatever they’re searching for must be very important. The Alliance and Horde are determined to stop them, and maybe claim the prize for themselves.

Highmountain Plateau (86-87) HordeEdit

An ancient tribe of Shamanistic Tauren have been discovered on the Plateau overlooking Thousand Needles. These Tauren hold startling information regarding Tauren History, their Shamanistic beliefs and their relationship with the elemental spirits.

Mimir's Library (86-87) AllianceEdit

Discovered within the excavation site at Bael Modan, this Titan library extends deep under the Barrens and Dustwallow Marsh. The Mechagnome who were in charge of this facility have since fallen victim to the curse of flesh and welcome their Gnomish brothers and the Alliance. This library contains many secrets including the reason for Gnome’s affinity for Arcane Magic and information regarding the Titans creation of the elemental plane.

Gilneas (86-89)Edit

Gilneas seizes the opportunity while the Horde and Alliance is distracted and the Scourge in disarray over the loss of the Lich King to claim their right to rule the lands of Lordaeron. They are preparing an invasion force to take Silverpine Forrest and Hillsbrad Foothills. Both the Horde and the Alliance are opposed to the invasion of land they consider theirs and prepare to meet the Gilnean army.

Naga comb through the ruins of Suramar.

The Broken Isles (87-90)Edit

The remains of the City of Suramar contain many secrets and dangers as the site of the Highborne’s original attempt to summon Sargeras, leader of the burning legion, into the world.

The Maelstrom (87-90)Edit

Nazjatar has been raised from the sea floor by the Naga using the artefacts recovered from Azshara, they prepare to flood the entire world.
The Makrura aid you in hit and run attacks on Naga facilities but are unequipped to mount a full scale offensive.
The Gishan Caverns are home to the sea giant, however over time they have grown lethargic and don’t believe they should provide the mortal races any aid in the coming battle.

Undermine (Sanctuary)Edit

Undermine is the capital city of the Goblins. They have rented space to the Alliance and Horde.
The Scarab Wall

The Unveiled Twilight are based in an abandoned section of Ahn’Qiraj.

The Hive (66-69)Edit

Former sections of the Quiraj city taken over by the Twilight’s Hammer Clan in their effort to resurrect the dead Old God C’Thun. After the spell backfires and instead frees a large number of twilight cultists from the control of the Old Gods by revealing their true nature this area serves as the headquarters of the Unveiled Twilight.

The Drowned Reef (90)Edit

Instanced area, level 90. Control of the area allows your mercenary group time to loot the shipwrecks. Opens up a number of dailies with higher than average rewards and allows access to mobs with improved loot tables.

New InstancesEdit

Crestfall (two 5-player wings, levels 80-82 and 90)Edit

Defend the island from the Naga who have attacked Crestfall in order to claim the islands for themselves.

Mount Mugamba (two 5-player wings, levels 81-83 and 90)Edit

The Zandalar have asked for aid in battling the Ebba who have recently allied themselves with the Naga and are attempting to melt the snow cap of Mount Mugamba.

The Island of Dr Lapidis (two 5-player wings, levels 82-84 and 83-85)Edit

The evil Dr Lapidis has been performing experiments on the native trolls and combining them with Water Elementals to create the Ebba.

Mount Kajaro (5-player, levels 84-86)Edit

The venture company is attempting a coup of Undermine, help the Trade Princes to stop them.

Ruins of Eldarath (5-player, levels 85-87)Edit

Prevent the Naga from recovering a powerful artefact.

Zul'Dare (5-player, levels 86-88)Edit

The Gilnean army is searching the troll ruins for something, find out what they want and prevent them from attaining it.

The Broken Isles (5-player, levels 88-89 and 90)Edit

A rogue group of Naga believe they can re-summon the spirit of Sargeras using the artefacts from his tomb. And Queen Azshara has ordered the study of the palace of Suramar to aid her attempts to recreate the portal which allowed for the first invasion of the Burning Legion.

The Caverns of Time: The Sundering (5-player, level 90)Edit

The infinite dragonflight are attempting to interfere with the circumstances surrounding Queen Azshara’s summoning of the Burning Legion prior to the sundering of the world. The Bronze Dragonflight have asked for your aid.


The greymane wall

The Greymane Hold.

Tol Barad (90 Raid, multi-wing single boss encounters)Edit

The prison on Tol Barad contains the most dangerous demons and rogue sorcerers, however the Naga's interference has allowed many of them to break free.

Grim Batol.

Greymane Hold (90 Raid)Edit

Discover the reasons for Gilneas's recent aggression towards the Horde and Alliance. The Horde continue to investigate Gilneas interest in the Troll Ruins at Zul’Dare and the Alliance try to warn Genn Greymane that his advisor, Lord Prestor, is a member of the Black Dragonflight. Both are surprised though when Genn Greymane says he already knows and sacrifices Lord Prestor on the troll altar at Zul’Dare which drains the dragon’s powers and transfers it to the King, giving him powers over the earth and rejuvenating his life.

Grim Batol (90 Raid)Edit

Deathwing, concerned by his numerous defeats in recent times, has decided that his diminishing power over the earth is to blame. Using the research stolen from Dr. Lapidis he creates a race of dragon/earth elemental hybrids.
Uldum entrance


Uldum (90 Raid)Edit

The Tauren, learning from the lost tribe at Highmountain Plateau, and the Gnomes, using the information stored in Mimir’s Library discover that Uldum was the base of operations for the Titans when they fought the Elemental Lord. Contained within is information on how the Titans created the elemental plane using an early version of the Emerald Dream as a template, how each of the Old gods has dominion over a type of elemental, and the true reason for the creation of the Well of Eternity which was to strengthen Azeroth’s ley lines to the point where they could hold the planet together if the Old Gods were destroyed..

Nazjatar (90 Raid)Edit

The City of the Naga. Queen Azshara and the Elemental Lord Neptulon are attempting to recreate the events leading up to the Sundering in order to free the remaining Old Gods from their prisons. Using the information gained in Uldum, Neptulon must be banished back to the Elemental Plane and the portal must be destroyed before the remaining Old Gods can escape. While the ley lines were obviously strong enough to prevent the destruction of the planet when C’thun and Yogg-Saron were defeated it is not strong enough to survive the deaths of the remaining Old Gods, assuming the races of the world survive long enough to attempt such a thing.



Onyx Mountain.

World PVPEdit

Onyx Mountain (87-90) (Outdoor PVP)Edit

Originally home to Neltharion the Earth Warder this volcano has been active since he became Deathwing. The Horde and Alliance fight over the secrets buried beneath


Drowned ReefEdit

The opposing sea forces of the Blackwater and Bloodsail Mercenaries are battling over the salvage opportunities in this area. Engage in ship based PVP activity to gain control of this area. Crews can be made up of Horde and Alliance and cross faction chat is enabled for crews in this battleground.
File:Alliance Base AC.JPG

Azshara CraterEdit

A group of Satyr have allied themselves with the Naga to hunt for Highborne artefacts in Azshara Crater. The Nearby blue dragonflight will greatly reward whichever faction stops them first.


Undermine ArenaEdit

The Goblin arena is hugely popular and lucrative if you consider how much the Goblins make in betting and sponsorship deals.

Blackwater Training GroundsEdit

The Blackwater Raiders are some of the most well trained mercenaries in the world.



The First FleetEdit

Made up of the navy of Stormwind and Darnassus with various ships from other Alliance races this faction is the main Alliance military force in the South Seas.

The Spear of LightEdit

Made up of the priest of Elune, the Hand of Argus and the Church of the Holy Light this faction is seeking to prevent the recovery of highborne artefacts and the opening of a new portal.

Gilneas BrigadeEdit

Made up of Gilnean survivors who fought in the third war and who left for Kalimdor these soldiers seek to understand the current condition of Gilneas.


The Enlightened Assembly of Arcanology, Alchemy and Engineering Sciences is a gnomish organization which seeks to combine magic, alchemy, and engineering together to help the world. The members seem very enthusiastic about their goals.


Horde Naval ForceEdit

Made up of the navy of Silvermoon and The Undercity with some Orc ships this faction is the main Horde military force in the South Seas.

Draenor’s EchoEdit

A Military splinter group of the Earthen Ring made up mainly of Orcs, but also with some Trolls and Tauren with the task of directly battling those individuals who upset the natural order to prevent Azeroth suffering a similar fate as Draenor.

Restoration SocietyEdit

A group of Forsaken and Blood Elf who wish to heal their respective races. Helping the newly free undead integrate into the Forsaken and rehabilitating those Blood Elves with a magical addiction.

The Earthcalm TribeEdit

A small group of Tauren who seek to understand more about the origin of their race.



The Makrura.

The MakruraEdit

Aid the Makrura in securing their homeland and helping their refugees.


Descended from the ancient reptilian warrior who fought in the War of the Ancients this race of humanoid sea turtles will aid adventurers if they prove their worth.

The Trade Coalition (championable)Edit

Made up of the Trade Princes of Undermine this faction represents Goblin interests around the world.

Unveiled Twilight (championable)Edit

Former members of the Twilight Cult who have vowed to exact revenge on the Elemental Lords and their masters, the Old Gods.

Gishan Giant.

Gishan Giants (championable)Edit

Sea giants who have been persuaded to aid in the battle against the Naga and Neptulon’s Water Elementals.

The Earthen Ring (championable)Edit

The Earthen Ring is the shaman organization of Azeroth. Its main goal is to maintain the balance between the world and the elementals that dwell upon it.

Mercenary FactionsEdit

Blackwater MercenariesEdit

The Blackwater Raiders are a loose affiliation of pirates, privateers, and traders, who are usually found in the employ of the Goblins as a mercenary force.

Bloodsail MercenariesEdit

Those who haven’t earned their place as true Bloodsail Buccaneers can still find work for hem as a Mercenary force.

New hero classEdit


Elementalists are spellcasters who focus on the elements, particularly their destructive powers. Elementalists study arcane elemental magic to become more like elementals. Elementalists are canny and fervent foes. Unlike shamanism however the Elementalist does not work with the elemental spirits and ask for their aid, the Elementalist subdugates the elements and bends them to his or her will.
The former Elementalists of the Twilight Hammer’s Cult have turned away from the more destructive forces of fire and lightning, and have embraced the forces of air, water and earth. Still able to wield these forces to deadly effect against their foes they are also able to use these forces for healing.
Starting at level 66 in the Twilight Hive occupied after the defeat of the Quiraj the Twillight’s Hammer Cult attempt to resurrect C’Thun, however the spell backfires and reveals the true nature of the Old Gods to the Cultists. Now immune to the influence of the Old Gods many of these Cultists now vow to prevent their escape and form the Unveiled Twilight
They are a leather or mail wearing ranged magical dps and healing class, able to use staves, daggers, 1&2 handed maces and wands. They use mana as a resource system in conjunction with ritual items they prepare before battle and can use in battle when available.
They have the talent trees Geomancy, Aeromancy and Aquamancy. Each talent tree is capable of both healing and dps.
Elementalists are also able to mind control Elementals and force them to fight for the caster. As well as absorb the energy of an elemental giving a different buff for each type.
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