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New Features and story line

  • Hero's are a lot like characters in World or Warcraft, they gain experience,and equipment.
  • Since a hero can level to 15, there is only one talent tree but with many possibilities.
  • 10 years after Wrath of the Lich king so King King Anduin Wrynn is 22 years of age.
  • The Lich King has bean defeated so many of the undead has either joined the Forsaken or become mindless "brain-eaters".
  • After the third expansion pack in World of Warcraft, Queen Azshara has been defeated making any surviving Naga clans on their own!
  • Four Factions:Alliance of Azeroth, Thralls Horde, Sentinels of Kalimdor and Forsaken of Lorderon
  • Five Heroes per faction
  • heroes can now level to 15!
  • Due to the death of Magtheridon and Illidan, Gorgonnash is now leading the Satyr in Terrokar, Naga in Zangarmarsh, Fel Orcs in Hellfire, and Broken Draenei slaves of Outland, and is creating Death Knights identical to the ones in Warcraft II in Shadowmoon naming the faction: Draenor's Legion.
  • Neutral Heroes available after certain tasks such as freeing a Broken Draenei Tribe. for an Elder Sage.


  • You can now create your very own hero from the following races: Human, Dwarf, Gnome, High Elf, Blood Elf, Night Elf, Draenei (Broken and pure) Orc (Mag'har, Green, and Fel) Troll (any Tribe) Tauren, Ogre, Goblin, Furbolg, Forsaken (Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Elf, or Orc) Naga, Man'ari eredar, Satyr, Worgen, Nerubian, and Dragon! For the Humanoid you can have a mix breed
  • This hero can train up to level 20
  • You start off starting with one class of practice: Physical, Arcane, Necromancy, Holy, Fel, Nature, Elements, Runes, Technology, Shadow, and Range! Through time you can learn another or focus on one. You can learn up to four
  • You can align yourself with a faction (Even Burning Legion) or remain neutral
  • Unless you chose a High Elf or a Fel Orc fel magic can change you to a demon
  • You can get specialties such as diplomacy
  • You can now also create your very own army from the same races as the heroes
  • They can wield any weapons from a large selection
  • They can wear any armor from a large selection

Alliance of Azeroth

  • Danath Trollbane returns from outland after the Fel Orcs destroyed Honer Hold.Stromgarde is rebuilt and lead by Prince Danath Trollbane
  • Gnomes build a port city in the unused zone north of [[Elwynn Forest.
  • Gnomes tested Nuclear weapons in Leper infested Gnomeregan, forming them into beasts- talons, fangs, and a keen sense of smell and hearing. The Gnomes did tests on the lepers and then they flew them to Fosaken towns hoping that they will kill everyone in there-instead the joined them!
  • Varian Wrynn dies from an unknown disease infecting people of Azeroth that later becomes known as Poliomyelitis.
  • The disease known as Polio causes the remaining Night Elves in "The Park" as well as many Humans to flee to Kalimdor, taking Orcish Homes. Later causing the Azeroth World War!
  • The Blood Elves of Quel'Thalas are threatened by the Forsaken to leave which causes many to either become Neutral or join the High Elves!
  • With the High Elven population up, they built a city in south-eastern Elwyn Forest
  • Draenei leave the Alliance respectfully and becomes Neutral
  • Horde wins the Warsong Gulch and the Night Elves are outraged that they didn't get any help by the Humans. So they leave the Alliance to reform the Sentinels and declare war on the Alliance
  • New Hero Unit:Steam Warrior!

Thrall's Horde

  • The Revantusk tribe permanently joins the Horde
  • The Forsaken leave the Horde by hiring the Syndicate to kill and enslave all Orcs in Alterac Mountains
  • Thrall later begins a war
  • Mysterious Humans and Night Elves invade Orcish homes, killing civilians.
  • Outraged by the past events by the Mysterious invaders, Thall suspects it is the Alliance and declares war
  • Horde wins Warsong Gulch thus Horde has eastern Ashenvale
  • By the time he declares war on the Sentinels,the first Azeroth world war begins
  • Stonemaul Ogres force other Ogres to join the Horde
  • Tauren destroy the Portal that the Night Elves used to explore the Emerald Dream, and are now kicked from the Cenarion Circle!
  • New hero Unit:Ogre Magi!

Forsaken of Lordaeron

  • Forsaken leave the Horde and hired Syndicate to enslave and kill all Orcs in Alteric
  • The Worgen disease got past the Greymane wall. infecting everybody, the Forsaken ask them to join them by bribing them with Orcish Slaves and they accept!
  • Forsaken ally the remaining Nerubians in Northrend
  • Gnomes send beastly lepers hoping that it will kill a couple Forsaken towns, but instead they join
  • The Forsaken kick the Blood Elves out of Silvermoon so that the undead High Elves can have a city, thus causing many Blood Elves to become neutral or join the alliance
  • orcs wage war on the Forsaken, as well as the Alliance
  • Forsaken take Scholomance and Stratholme
  • Since the scourge was defeated, many Death Knights join the Forsaken, forming a new order of Dread Knights
  • Necromancers begin enslaving Ghouls and Skeletons to create and army
  • Five Hero Units: Dark Ranger, Dread Knights, Dark Apothecary, Dreadlords, and Spiderlords!

Sentinels of Kalimdor

  • The Druids discover that the Nightmare in the Emerald Dream is a Diseased Dragonflight.
  • Polio hits the Eastern Kingdoms causing the Night Elves in Stormwind, as well as many Humans to run to Kalimdor
  • The Draenei leave the Alliance respectfully
  • Horde wins Warsong Gulch and the Night Elves blame the Humans, so they reform the Sentinels, leave the Alliance, and declares war on the Alliance
  • Furbolgs join the Sentinels
  • The Tauren destroy the Portal to the Emerald Dream that the Night Elves used causing the Tauren to be kicked out of the Cenerian Circle and many Druids to be trapped
  • The Night Elves take over all of Feralas
  • A tribe of Dark Trolls join the Sentinels
  • Sentinels begin to recreate the portal
  • New Hero Unit:Ursa Totemic!

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