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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

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Birthplace: Gnomeregan North Hospital, room 2,876 B

current home With relatives in Valgarde, Howling Fjord.

Likes: Gnomes, and Healers (if he didn't he`d be dead),Elven women, Maricia

dislikes: Troggs, Blood Elves, Undead, Demon, Naga, necromancy, and Giants

Current Age: 38.

Weight: 56 pounds

Height: 3'5"

Languages: Gnomish, Common

Accent: American/Irish

Alignment: Chaotic Good

History Edit

Beginning History Edit

Airiph was born in a northern Gnomeregan hospital. He lived with his parents, Grandfather, and a sister and had aunts, uncles and cousins across the hall. They lived in a poor section of the city. When Airiph was older he and his friends would sneak out and steal a yacht to sail around the gulf.

At the age of 22 he joined the military. Only 2 years later he climbed up to commander rank. He eventually went to the navy and earned a small boat. One day he and his friends were on that boat and were attacked by Syndicate pirates. Only 5 of them escaped.

10 years past and Airiph was with his family for his grandfathers birthday. They began eating dinner when the alarm went off. The alarm went off about 2 hours late due to lack of drills. Troggs where everywhere! Airiph and a few of the others in the apartment where able to grab a weapon, but there wasn't enough to defend everyone else.

By the time the Troggs got in half of the city became lepers. They defended as much as they could but the odds were stacked against them. Eventually Airiph was forced to, escape which even now he regrets escaping. Outside the city he met what was left of his squad. He asked if anyone from his building escaped. They took him to his cousin and sister, the last members of his family.

The Brothers of Gnomeregan Edit

Later he moved to Stormwind. His stay was only a few days for he was forced to the Stormwind army since the third was hasn't ended. Luckily all he had to do was guard the borders of the forest.

A few months afterwords he met another Gnome named Ibbert Shadowgear and Gyff told me his family was in Gnomeregan during the tragedy. He became a good friend. Later we met more people such as Nevin. We traveled to Ironforge in search of more Gnomes. We eventually formed a small guild called Brothers of Gnomeregan.

After a year and a half we gathered in a valley 4 miles of Gnomeregan. By then we had about 3,000 members, the most we ever had and ever will have. We sent scouts (Which included me) and we found many unguarded doorways. Then we went to the High Tinker and he sent us more troops, as did the Thane of Ironforge. There our first and only raid on Gnomeregan began.

We eventually made it to what was once the Warlock quarter. There Gyff met one of his classmates. (who was irradiated) That classmate was one who Gyff had a violent history with. They had a skirmish which seamed to have lasted hours. Eventually Gyff couldn't hold up. We tried desperately to save him but it wouldn't work and they had to move on.

The raid didn't get much further and then had to retreat. They set off a bomb so they can get an escape rout and that wall happened to be the water supply. That explosion stopped the toxins from getting in Ironforge's water supply.

End of the Brothers Edit

After the failed attack our guild lost a major amount of reputation. It became so small that the Thane of Ironforge disbanded us. Then one day in Stormwind Airiph came across a Night Elven rogue. He was a member of the Defias until he was back stabbed by Basil Thread. He eventually quit and turned Basil in to the Stormwind police. That Elf had a guild called the Divine Syndicate. He invited me and I invited Ibbert and Nevin. We eventually climbed to the Magistrate rank (Which was the highest rank ignoring Overlord) along with some of the strongest warriors, Mages, and Rangers or Azeroth.

Years later, their guild broke down and they spit up. Tyv, Airiph, and Ibbert went to Cataclysmic and many others went elsewhere. Then that guild was sold out by greedy Goblins within months. Tyv went to Kalimdor to help a militia. Airiph and Ibbert were out of guild, waiting for Tyv's return from an unknown militia.

As a slave Edit

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Realms of Ice Edit

Present day Edit

Today Airiph lives in an inn in Valgarde with his sister and his cousin. Airiph appears older, with black hair and a beard. He is training recruits to the Alliance Vanguard.

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