"I have canceled my World of Warcraft account. It will be missed. =("
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A level 60 gnome Warrior. This user plays as a gnome warrior.
Inv misc bag cenarionherbbag.png This user prefers casual playing style and is not hardcore.
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This user HATES blood elves.
Rexxarmount.JPG This user plays on the US Mok'Nathal server.
HighElf.jpg This user wants High Elves to be a playable race.
Ogre Head.JPG This user would like Ogre to be a playable race.
Achievement goblinhead.png This user wanted the Goblin to be a playable race, and their wish came true!
Timbermaw Ally art.jpg This user would like Furbolg to be a playable race.
Trade engineering.png This user would like Tinker to be a playable class.
RuneW2.jpg This user would like Runemaster to be a playable class.
DarkRanger.gif This user would like Dark ranger to be a playable class.

Hello! I am Airiph! I am a level 68 male Gnome Warrior as well as a level 61 female Ironforge dwarf Deathknight named Sydal on the Mok'Nathal server (US). I am strongly into the Warcraft Lore! IbbertTheGnome has been a good buddy since the beginning of my character, also Nairb is a good friend,as well as Sandwichman.

Good things to know about me is I'm not the greatest speller, so please don't insult me about my spelling, in talk pages I talk almost like an instant messenger, and I often talk as if I was Airiph. I, also, over, use, commas, ya, know,

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My gnome,Magistrate Airiph J. Frazier, in TCG form made by IbbertTheGnome!

My Projects

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Group Projects

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