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General Info Edit

Name: Ahab Close
Nicknames: Uhm, sweetypie?
Current Occupation: Businessman
Professions: Tailoring & Enchanter
Race: Human
Age: 29
Class: Warlock
Sex: Male
Skin: Tan
Height:6 feet 4 inches

Physical Description:
Ahab stands 6'4" tall giving average Night Elves a run for there money. He is very fit taking time to ensure that he stays in shape. On his right forearm is a tattoo of a dragon that changes colors depending on his mood.

Ahab is always neat and groomed well. He dresses with a slight err of success, a habit left over from his upbringing

Personality Description:
Ahab is a very cautious person by nature. Hiding the emotional scares of being alone from childhood he shelters himself from other by displaying a facade of overconfidence at times.

Ahab would give anything to those he likes and would lay his life down for those who he loves.

His personality has begun to change after he met his true love and soul mate. Lealah and Ahab have found each other through fate. For the first time in Ahab's life he knows love and has found a person he can be completely honest with.

Bio Edit

Ahab’s parents where out on the town yet one more night. It was not uncommon for him to be left alone in their large lavish house with only the servants who did not think it was there job to look after a young boy. Night after night Ahab sat upstairs feeling no love or connection with those who where supposed to be his parents.

Ahab’s father was a wealthy businessman who married Ahab’s mother for her family’s wealth. Ahab had been an accident of sorts. Neither of them wanted a child but where pressured into having one. Everyone knew that affluent people had wonderful families, or at least that is what they say.

There was only one person in Ahab’s young life that showed him any love at all. During one summer his great aunt came to visit. Aunt Lisa was a well-respected priestess and could see the pain in Ahab when she would come and visit. She wanted to rescue him from the lack of a loving home so much that she offered to take him home with her one summer and allow him to go to school near her house. His parents denied her request, what would all there friends say if there little trophy had been removed from there shelf? Ahab’s anticipation of living with his aunt was dashed like the thousands of other dreams that his parents simply killed because they where to busy for him. Ahab would not see his aunt again after this visit. But before she left she took him in her arms and hugged the young boy very tight. He could feel her love for him and taste the sorrow of her salty tear as it fell on his face. Before she let him go she uttered some words that he did not understand and soon felt something strange deep within his being. As she left for good she turned and told him that he would suffer much but one day he would find the love and happiness that he never has known.

One night he left. He simply ran away and in his travels he found himself being drawn into the darkness.

Update: Ahab Close met his maker in the Barrens one day and was subsequently buried. The Scions of Darkness held a Memorial Service for Ahab at the Eastvale Cemetery.

Little Known Info

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