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Childhood & Civil War Edit


Aeslyn Shadowforge as she appeared during her time with Guild Awakened, under the name Kizma Brightstone

Born Aeslyn Shadowforge in the time before the Dwarven Clan war to a mother (Dara Brightstone) who was of the Bronzebeard Clan and a Father (Mordin Shadowforge) of the Dark Iron Clan.

As conflict grew between her paternal clans, her mother and father tried to keep Aeslyn free from the burdens and social anxieties by moving away from the capitol city and refusing to join the Dark Iron Clan in Redridge mountains. Instead, the family lived between both locations in relative peace until the leader of the Dark Iron Clan decided to make his move.

Guilted by his Clan to serve in their attempt to regain honor and respect (after all, his clan had made no previous issue of his decision not to join them) a nearly marriageable Aeslyn watched her Father march off to war ... a war from which he did not return. If he died or if he was enslaved by the fire elemental Ragnaros, she can not say.

Having no where else to go and no clan to protect her and her young daughter, Aeslyn's mother took her to Ironforge in the hopes that the Bronzebeard Clan and the Brightstone family (her mother's family) would accept them back into their fold despite old tensions created by the choice to marry outside of her clan... something Aeslyn had not really been exposed to before.

Youth in Ironforge Edit

King Magni was 'gracious' in allowing widows and children of the War of the Three Hammers such as Aeslyn to return to the Great Forge but his people would not, could not, let either forget who they were... not that Aeslyn had any desire to. Unfortunately, that was a sentiment that her mother and her did not seem to completely share and so she forced her daughter to learn a new name... a name that would become her identity for the greater portion of her life: Kizma Brightstone.

Her husband's loss was far too much for Dara Brightstone to bear and many times she insisted she wanted to forget the man completely and simply return to her family's good graces; something Kizma and she both realized would likely never happen no matter what changes they made to their lives. The wounds left by the war ran deep and with the Dark Iron's now attacking at Ragnaros' command, it seemed the whole world wanted nothing more than to make the Shadowforge name disappear.

As marriage-age came upon Kizma and prospects looked few within the Bronzebeard Clan, Kizma convinced her mother to send her off to the Wildhammer Clan to stay with a cousin for a while. Kizma's mother agreed, knowing there was little chance of a good match to be made in Ironforge for her daughter, and so packed her up and sent her on her way.

Kizma wouldn't see Aerie Peak for many long years to come, fearing another round of rejection and prejudice based on her Father's Clan... no matter what new name she carried. And so, she fled to Cold Ridge Valley to hide out and begin training in the path of Holy Priestly arts. Secretly, Kizma hoped that by embracing the brightest Priest path, she could begin making atonement for her father's Clan and perhaps the Light would one day give her power enough to heal him and bring him back home.

Training In Dalaran Edit

Kizma had also decided she would never deny who she was to those who discovered or asked the truth. It was this detail which, upon reaching the human city of Dalaran, caused her to get into the one inn-brawl that would change her life. Dodging a chair which was being used as a weapon by a fellow traveling Dwarf who wasn't very happy about her affiliations, she was saved by a beautiful human woman... a warlock.

The warlock took her to another Inn and introduced her to priests who had been living in Dalaran at that time. Kizma settled into her new 'home' and continue her training to be a priest with some of the greatest magic and faith users among the human race. As her new warlock friend informed her, it mattered little which clan she came from... here the Human's knew or cared little for dwarven politics and she would find a place to belong again, for the first time since her youth. The idea appealed greatly to Kizma. She'd lost her family in a great many ways and no matter how easily her mother embraced Ironforge as a home, to her it would always be a symbol for why her family was destroyed; because the dwarves... a smaller race than humans... would not stand as one and were instead eternally divided in their egotistical pride.

If the warlock had become a kind friend in a lonely world, her husband Astroam ... a dedicated librarian and mage, became more like a brother. The two debated faith and magic, the connection of all things, and shared their lives completely. In their entire friendship, Kizma notes only once did she ever keep something from Astroam... a secret that, sadly, that would die with Dalaran of her world. The pregnancy of his soulmate & best friend... his wife.

The Fall of Dalaran & Motherhood Edit

The disaster of Dalaran began while Kizma had been out training in the ways of Herbalism with a human priest. The journey had taken her weeks on foot and the sight that met her as she raced towards Dalaran with her teacher was utter chaos. It was Kizma's first sight of true war in action, not just it's after effects.

Kizma fought hard alongside the humans to save their home, struggling through the chaos trying to find Astroam and his wife, but the cause of saving their home was a fools-errand. When she did find Astroam at last, he was mad with grief and guilt, fighting hard in the hopes that death would take him after his beloved wife who... as she later found out... he was forced to kill.

Knocking Astroam unconscious after he refused her urgings to flee with her and the others, she tried to carry him out of the city but his weight and the sheer amount of chaos was making it impossible without further risk to their lives. Darting into the nearest building Kizma looked frantically out the windows to see if she could see a way out. It was the choice of this particular hut that was the next big change to her life...

Crying wasn't anything new that day, many were doing it, but the soft sounds of a young boy so near to her caused her to seek out the source. In the bedroom of the home she found a boy of no more than six seated on the floor next to his dying mother. The boy was unable to 'wake' his mother, as he explained it to her and begged, "help me priest please, help me and I'll do whatever you want."

Kneeling down, still a new and untested priest, she examined the wounds and found them to be beyond her abilities. Using the minor healing prayers she knew, she brought down the light upon the woman enough to let her suffer a bit more... but with a voice to say goodbye. While this was occurring, Astroam stirred in the other room and stumbled in just in time to see the woman make eye contact with her son and smile.

"Golforick," she called him... the only name Kizma would have to call him by later as she said no surname or clan, "I love you." The woman, over the din of battle, explained to her son how he had to flee and be strong... he was a man now and she could not come with him. She, as she explained, was going to be with Golforick's father in the Light. Looking to the only people in the room left for her to plead with, she begged between ragged coughs of blood for Astroam and Kizma to swear to Light-parents to her only son. In this, the Light had found a way to give Kizma her family and Astroam a cause to live for. Leaving his dead mother with the promise that he'd 'be someone important someday', Golforick took some of his father's things and fled Dalaran to Northshire with his new family.

For the youngest of Golforick's years the three stayed in Northshire, Goldshire, and Stormwind which Kizma and Astroam came to know as their own home with it's King their leige. The boy training as a warrior, Kizma as a holy priest, and Astroam abandoning his previous path for that of vengeful fire.

Omega Elite & Leaving Terenas Realm Edit

Only once Golforick was ready to adventure with his 'parents' did they leave the idea of a home behind once again and ride off to "Help where they could, earn all there was to gain, and grow together towards becoming the truly elite of Azeroth's adventurers in the hopes of reaching all of their personal goals together."

It was this idea which grew to become Omega Elite. Azeroth was full of many who came to admire the unity between the 'family' whose legend was steadily growing and so... one by one... what had been three grew to be over 100 and the little Dwarven Holy Priest who grew up shielded from conflict... became a Light-Wielding Priest-General in the great war against the Hoard & the Burning Legion's allies.

For nearly a year Omega Elite stormed places high and low to fight the evil that plagued their world but the ghosts of the past still followed Kizma, Golforick and Astroam where-ever they went. Each preparing to face their own demons ... Astro to make his stand in Outlands against the minions of Shadow who had consumed his beloved wife, Kizma to go into the fiery depths and see if her father waited to face her there and to end the fire elemental once and for all, and Golforick to avenge his father's death in the hopes of one day having a life of his own; but none expected their journey would take them to the place they ended up.

A brilliant gnome of some repute had devised a contraption which, allegedly, might have the power to send them back in time to right what once had gone so wrong. The trip could have been fatal, it might have done nothing at all... or, it could do something (which in the end it did) unexpected. Allegedly, it would only take a moment to try. If it worked they would have the chance to stop the Dark Iron Dwarves from their folly, to stop the fall of Dalaran... saving both Astroam's wife and Goforick's family.

Ever the brave, foolish and desperate heroes... the three took the chance never knowing that somewhere else in the world, at that very same moment... the caverns of time were awakening. The device went horribly awry. Inside the three could hear the gnome screaming in horror and pain, visions of people they didn't yet know (some who they would meet later, like Spennig and Cartographer) greeted them, for all their fears in that moment ... they could not have anticipated what happened next.

The machine simply stopped.

Loss, Love, Awakened, & The Shadow Path Edit

It was as if nothing happened at all! Stepping out into the world they found it just as they'd left it except now there was no Omega Elite and people they knew... or rather, people who looked like people they knew... didn't remember them at all.

Somehow, it seemed, they'd come to a world like their own but not. Here, in this place, the world has suffered just as greatly as their own. Wars have happened and nothing they hoped to effect could ever really be changed.

Wandering a while calling themselves "Omega Elite Mercenary Services" the three made money helping people do things they'd done dozens of times before in their old world.... laughing at how similar the two places seemed. Secretly each searched for people and places they knew but only a few were there to be found. Home seemed, again, lost to them all.

That's when the three met Spennig and Awakened. Rising quickly through the Awakened ranks the three were taken into the folds of leadership and lead assaults on locations such as Karazhan. It's here that Kizma found love for the first time in the arms of a human rogue by the name of Kyas. Kyas suffered a terrible affliction, however, that was slowly causing him to rot away and die... a curse that traditional healing could not destroy. This did not stop Kizma from sharing time with Kyas and from trying to find a way to save him, even if it meant embracing the darker side of the priestly ways; something she chose after (in a fit of desperation and fury) torturing and murdering a well known warlock in Stormwind City who tried to blackmail her with a cure for Kyas. It is a crime she was later cleared of with the help of her guildmates, who always suspected she had been guilty. This caused no small amount of tensions between her and her friends and the underlings who followed her. Not everyone wanted to follow Kizma the murdering dark iron dwarf... even if she did kill a warlock. Few could reconcile that her choice to embrace the other half of life's energies with the person she had been before that life altering event. And so it was that Kizma was not to stay with Awakened forever.

Knights of Dalaran & The Great Sleep Edit

The opertunity to forge her own path in this new world came after meeting with Lady Jaina Proudmoore in Theramore. Kizma, Golforick and Astroam shared their story with the powerful mage and learned that she not only believed them but thought their experience could help the newly returned city of Dalanarn in Northrend. With heavy hearts they took their leave of Awakened and formed the Knights of Dalaran and faced what foes Dalaran commanded they face down. Yet, tragedy was just around the corner again for the three friends and Kizma.

During a fight against the mighty Gruul Kizma suffered a terrible wound to her head and fell into a deep sleep from which even the greatest of Priests in Azeroth seemed unable to awaken her. Her friends grieved her loss and left her in the protective hands of the Stormwind Cathedral as they traveled to Northrend to face the Wrath of the Lich King.

Reawakening & Reclaiming of Identity Edit

Recently Kizma has awoken to find the world changed. Death Knights walk the streets of Stormwind, the Knights of Dalaran have fallen, Golforick is a mighty hero of the Alliance and Astroam has mysteriously disappeared. Kyas, from all Kizma could find, is dead and the woman in this world who was her mother... is dead in the destruction caused by Death Wing's return.

Kizma returned to Ironforge to visit her mother's grave and there she researched her family line with renewed vigor, no longer afraid of the stigma her desire to know her father's clan might bring on her mother. During this research she learned the Bronzebeard clan renamed her upon taking her mother into their fold and that Kizma was never her real name any more than Brightstone was.

Making an oath to once again turn the world's eyes to the plight of her clanmates, Kizma shed her old name and took the name of her birth: Aeslyn Shadowforge of the Dark Iron Clan. She has now rejoined the fight against the Lich King and the great aspect of Death in the hopes that eventually her leige, the King of Stormwind, to direct some of his army's forces back to Ragnaros where she knows Magani (if he ever is freed of his curse) & the other dwarves, probably never will.

Exaggerations, Rumors & Lies Edit

  • Aeslyn is going to forsake her King, tired of his blind hate of the horde, and swear to the newly returned Dwarven Princess.
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