Holding place for a new page I'd like to put up, cheat notes for Hunters. The idea is that there'd be a page like this for each class/role, giving a very short reminder of things to remember for each boss fight. It's not to replace learning the fights but as a reminder if it's been a while since you did it.

The reason this is starting out on my user pages is because it will be FAR from incomplete but I hope to get it fleshed out over the next few weeks.



  • Phase 1: Put away your pet, focus on the Soul Weavers
  • Phase 2: Get your pet out, DPS on Kel, stand clear of everyone else and get out of the red Shadow Fissures.
  • Phase 3: Ignore the adds. Keep going on Kel.



  • After the pull, stand on top of the main tank. After a fear, get back to the tank again.
  • Kill the panthers, Sanctum Sentries.
  • A purple beam indicates that a Feral Defender is being summoned; kill it but avoid the void it leaves behind. It needs to be killed a number of times.
  • She also summons a swarm that you AOE down.


  • Macros: /target Flash Freeze and /target Hodir
  • Misdirect as often as possible
  • Start by freeing the NPCs from Flash Freeze. Will need to do this again during the fight.
  • Need to move to remove the Biting Cold debuff.
  • Mage NPCs create a Toasty Fire. Standing near one removes the Biting Cold debuff and adds a spell damage buff.
  • When you hear "Winds of the north consume you!" need to look for where a snowdrift will fall and move there once it has fallen. There will be two or three of these areas and they're much larger than the more common ones.
  • Snowflakes falling down and a white circle under you means, MOVE!
  • Starlight beams provide a speed buff to those standing in them.

Crusaders' ColiseumEdit

Beasts of NorthrendEdit

Phase 1: Gormok

  • Stay away, have a /target snobold macro ready to kill the adds and get out of the fire.

Phase 2: Acidmaw and Dreadscale

  • Acidmaw give Paralytic Toxin, run to tank who should have Burning Bile to remove it.
  • Stay away from players with Burning Bile otherwise.

Phase 3:Icehowl

  • Avoid being in front of Icehowl
  • Icehowl targets a random rail member to charge. Move away from where that player is, esp if it's you.
  • If Icehowl hits someone, use Tranquilizing Shot to remove his rage.
  • Otherwise he stuns himself and takes increased damage for a while.

Lord JaraxxusEdit

  • Spread out all around him. Kill the adds. Move if flames spawn underneath.
  • If you get Incinerate Flesh, help with the healing using healthstones, health potions, bandages, etc.

Faction ChampionsEdit

Nothing yet.

Twin Val'kyrEdit

  • Get the same colored orbs to touch you. Avoid opposite colored.
  • When your Twin start casting Vortex, you change to that color to avoid damage.
  • If the other Twin casts Twin's Pact, DPS that Twin's shield.


  • Avoid front
  • When he burrows, he'll chase someone. If it's you, run away until he stops. Kill scarabs and burrowers .

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