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Physical Description Edit

Long golden, natural curly hair, normally kept tight in a bun that seem to match perfectly with her bronze tan skin. Aaren’s eyes are a piercing Cerulean blue framed by wolf shaped dark lashes. No scar, mole or freckle is seen on what skin she shows. Aaren stands at five feet, eight inches tall. Her body is lean and tone and defined from years of training with a shield and sword. She’s often times seen with a beautiful, bright and merry smile. Over her armor, she normally wears a hand embroidered white and gold tabard with the symbol of a golden crown. Written in small, stitched gold inside the crown reads: “Honor, Love, Respect, Courage.”

Brief History Edit

Aaren and her brother Danagan both grew up in the Arathi Highlands. Her Father, Killus Bloodbourne and her mother, Kitanya "kit" Dabyrie Bloodbourne, were at one time Mayor and Mistress in Stromgarde before its occupation, under the rule of the Trollbane family. Danagan and Killus were called to war, leaving a young Aaren and her mother at the city where Aaren was training to be a priestess. a couple years later, after the news of her fathers death, Stromgarde was forced to relinquish control of the city. At this time, Kitanya, weakened and sick, fled the city with Aaren to the small farm of her Uncle, Fardel Dabyrie, where she was later laid to rest. Aaren continued her education in sword play with guards stationed near this farm for a couple more years before making the trip to Southshore, where she caught a boat to Stormwind to train as a paladin. Aaren aspires to one day help what remains of her mothers family take back Stromgarde.

As of today, Danagan and Aaren are the last two known survivors of the Bloodbourne family. Danagan, being Kits real son, is blood related to the Dabyrie's and is listed on the line to inherit some of the lands once the war in the area is over.

A little About Aaren Edit

Referred to as the "Golden One," Aaren currently serves as a knight of Stormwind, patrolling areas around the city. Her favorite spot is The Blue Recluse Pub where she is often times seen ordering tea. Aaren has a cheerful and innocent demeanor, making her sometimes easily embarrassed. Some people see Aaren’s sweet behavior as a sign she is naïve but Aaren has proven many times to be very wise and clever.

Its common knowledge that Aaren values the old teachings of the Silver Hand over the new church of Stormwind, which she believes is becoming corrupt. It is also common knowledge that Aaren has sworn a vow of chastity, charity and truth, donating most of her money and free time to the orphans of the war as well as being forbidden to tell lies.

Aaren’s main goal is to help bring hope to the downtrodden survivors of the war and defend the last great city of the human kingdoms.

Because Aaren saw many horrors from the scourge in her past, she tends to panic at the thought of a forsaken near any major human city or town, fearing a new spread of the plague that killed her mother. Because of constant events agents her, Aaren has also developed a well founded hatred for demons.

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