Ursal the Mauler is a level 12 furbolg found in Gnarlpine Hold in Teldrassil.


Ursal was the furbolg who led the others of his kind to meddle with the sleeping druids, putting them in danger of eternal sleep. Unfortunately for Ursal, the only way to complete the ritual of wakening is to kill the one responsible for the curse in the first place — which is him.

  • Upon Ursal's death, the enslaved Druids of the Talon, which are sleeping near one of Teldrassils branches in gnarlpine hold, awaken and fly away.


The Universe was created by the one above all- The Beginner Oruthras. He thought his creation was too strong so he devised a plan to destroy it. However Ursal, the greatest of all great, thought the Universe deserved a chance.  After a short battle Oruthras lost and was banished from all Multiverses.


Because of his infinite power he was sent to Teldrassil. This couldn't stop him as he used dark Ursalish magic to plant hints into the land. In Ban'ethil den he created a gateway between Multiverses. This is where the two adventurers Apexprimsimus and Canadensis discovered his prophecy. There laid priceless information about the fate of Azeroth!


Since the Horde realised what is hiding in Teldrasiil there are rumours they might burn the tree down. However none may clench the might of Ursal!

Objective of

Athridas Bearmantle wants Ursal killed for the quest Alliance 15 [12] Ursal the Mauler, to complete the ritual of wakening and save the druids.

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