Depiction of a unicorn on an Elven Destroyer's sail.

The unicorn is a species of horse-like creature living on Azeroth, but, unlike horses, they have a horn growing out of their head. The horns and their bright white color comes from alteration from the Well of Eternity, when a herd of horses was grazing near it before the Sundering.

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Zhevra Runner

A zhevra.

Zhevras are found throughout the Barrens, as they have a horn in their head, they may be a subspecies of unicorn.

  • Unicorn

The basic unicorn subspecies, usually depicted as white. They can be summoned by druids and elven rangers using a spell, Summon Nature's Ally IV.[3]

  • Celestial charger unicorn

Celestial charger unicorns are a more powerful subspecies of unicorn. They can be summoned by druids using a spell, Summon Nature's Ally IX.[3]

Note: They are said to be stronger as they are summoned with a higher Summon Nature's Ally level than the normal unicorn.
  • Hornsaw unicorn

Manual of Monsters Appendix Three describes another subspecies of unicorn, the hornsaw unicorn, however, the validity of the source is disputed.

In World of Warcraft

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The Unicorn is possibly one of the oldest and most recognized mythical creatures in the world. The traditional European Unicorn looks similar to a horse, save for cloven hooves, a goat beard, and a lion-like tail. Unicorns are known for their healing powers and their solitary nature.

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