Underfoot is a neutral level 5 housecat who is seen chasing Spike around the Blacksmith area in the Inv misc map02 Arathi Basin. Underfoot and Spike appear only when the Horde claims the Blacksmith area for the Defilers.

The Alliance counterpart of Underfoot is Lady who is seen chasing Cleo around when the League of Arathor controls the Blacksmith area.

His Grave can also be seen on the right hand side of Donni Anthania's house directly outside of northshire.


  • Underfoot is named after a Blizzard game designer's real life cat.[citation needed]
  • Underfoot could also be a reference to A Song of Ice and Fire. Arya Stark is nicknamed both "Cat" and "Underfoot" at various times in the novels. Sansa, Arya's sister, owns a direwolf named "Lady", lending credence that Lady and Underfoot are references.

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