Neutral 64Ramkahen 64 The following NPCs can be found in Uldum. Quest givers are especially dependent upon phasing.

Questgivers Quest Avail 16x16Edit

Akhenet Fields
Arsad Trade Post
Chamber of the Moon
Chamber of the Stars
Cradle of the Ancients
Khartut's Tomb
Lost City of the Tol'vir (uninstanced)
Neferset City Outskirts
Oasis of Vir'sar
Obelisk of the Moon
Obelisk of the Stars
Obelisk of the Sun
Pilgrim's Precipice
Ramkahen Legion Outpost
Schnottz's Hostel
Schnottz's Landing
Seal of the Sun King
Sullah's Sideshow
Sunwatcher's Ridge
Surveyor's Outpost
Temple of Uldum
Tahret Grounds
Vir'naal Dam

Class trainers MiniIcon ClassTrainerEdit

There are no class trainers in Uldum.

Profession (Tradeskill) trainers TrainergossipiconEdit

There are no profession trainers in Uldum.

Merchants Npc bag on 16x16Edit

  • Neutral 15 IconSmall Tolvir Husani <Butcher>
  • Neutral 15 IconSmall Tolvir Umi <Produce>
  • Neutral 15 IconSmall Tolvir Hanbal <Inscription & Tailoring Supplies>
  • Neutral 15 IconSmall Tolvir Samaki <Fishing Supplies>
  • Neutral 15 IconSmall Tolvir Tabat <Water Vendor>
  • Neutral 15 IconSmall Tolvir Chuma <Trade Supplies>
  • Neutral 15 IconSmall Tolvir Ishaq <Bags>
  • Neutral 15 IconSmall Tolvir Mosegi <Tailoring Supplies>
Oasis of Vir'sar
Schnottz's Hostel

Services MiniIcon FlightMasterInngossipiconMiniIcon StableMasterEdit

Oasis of Vir'sar
Schnottz's Hostel

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