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Class Hierarchy, API, And Derivatives Edit

For class hierarchy and method listing, see main listing here: Widget API Slider.

Construction Edit

 local MySlider = CreateFrame("Slider", "MySliderGlobalName", ParentFrame, "OptionsSliderTemplate")

Width, Height, Orientation, And Position Edit

Width and height are handled the same as any other widget:


To set your slider to a vertical orientation:


Or for a horizontal slider:


Special Global Objects Created By Template During Initialization Edit

Some special objects are created when using the "OptionsSliderTemplate" template during initialization (CreateFrame). You can access these objects using the LUA getglobal function, as outlined below:

 MySlider.tooltipText = 'This is the Tooltip hint' --Creates a tooltip on mouseover.
 getglobal(MySlider:GetName() .. 'Low'):SetText('1'); --Sets the left-side slider text (default is "Low").
 getglobal(MySlider:GetName() .. 'High'):SetText('100'); --Sets the right-side slider text (default is "High").
 getglobal(MySlider:GetName() .. 'Text'):SetText('5'); --Sets the "title" text (top-centre of slider).

These are useful shortcuts in lieu of having to manually define font strings.

Conclusion Edit

After all that you can show your slider using:

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