Twilight Lord D'Sak is the author of one of the True Believer articles issued in Silithus as a part of the Twilight's Hammer clan's web of communication. His title implies that he is a high ranking member of the cult and its affairs.

For immediate dissemination to all Twilight Hammer members.

Given the current state of affairs in Silithus, all distribution of True Believer texts are to be made under the escort of no less than four armed Twilight Hammer personnel. Any members found in violation of this new policy will be summarily punished.

- Twilight Lord D’Sak

He can also be traced to an item known as Globe of D'sak, which can be found carried by a Spirestone Lord Magus in Blackrock Spire.

The item's description is "Glows with the power of magiskull". This is either a reference to the carrier of the item or that D'sak was an ogre mage like his Twilight predecessor Cho'gall. There are Twilight agents in Blackrock Spire, which might explain the presence of the item in the area.

If D'sak were a servitor in the old Horde, then that could also explain one of his possessions being found in Blackrock Spire amidst the Dark Horde.

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