The elementalist Havunth was part of the original Twilight's Hammer clan. As one of the few survivors of the disastrous events at the Tomb of Sargeras, he sought to keep alive the nihilistic traditions of his obliterated clan. He poured over the writings of Cho'gall as well as nihilistic texts by natives of Azeroth. It was in these texts that he first discovered the Old Gods; beings more powerful than even the demons. When Thrall reformed the Horde, Havunth rejected the ways of demonology, but he also rejected the path of shamanism. Instead, he turned to the worship of the Old Gods and became an elementalist. Havunth was integral in bringing the Twilight's Hammer together after disparate groups formed independently in several places. He created the cipher the cultists use, which he based on the grammatical style of the elemental language Kalimag. Havunth is keeper of one of the volumes of the Twilight Lexicon along with Twilight Keeper Exeter and Twilight Keeper Mayna. Though only in his early forties, his patchy, gray hair makes Havunth appear older.[1]

Some of the Twilight's Hammer Cult cultists carry around little papers with gibberish written on them. To decipher them, a the book is used by their scribes to encode secret messages: the Twilight Lexicon. It's such an important tool that they keep its three chapters in different locations. The officers entrusted with the Lexicon are known as Twilight Keepers. One of them is the Orc Havunth. He is guarding the third chapter of the book in the Twilight main base just Southwest of Cenarion Hold. He wrote one of the articles of the True Believer you get deciphered by Hermit Ortell.



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